Light shaping at Light Magic!

Light shaping at Light Magic!

Thanks to Ben of Team Digital, a set of new Flash Light Shapers will premiere at the Light Magic workshop in mid-October.

Perhaps a little explanation is in order to those of you scratching your heads (I may be getting ahead of the story in my excitement!).

Light Magic is a two-day workshop which I’m running with my co-conspirator in things photographic, Bruce Jorgensen. It takes place on the weekend of October 17-18 at Up on High Studio in Fremantle. The workshop is aimed at new photographers who wish to learn about studio and location portraiture, lighting and digital post-production from picture capture to print.

What better place for introducing a new slew of strobing gadgets than a workshop that has, at its heart, the strobing phenomenon!

Flash Light Shapers are attachments that will fit most external flashes (aka speedlights), and which, as their name implies, will shape the quality of light emitted by the flash.

Shapers that will premiere at Light Magic include:

  • The mini beauty dish: an attachable beauty dish that sits on your speedlight.
  • The barndoor set: an attachable set of barn doors which goes on your speedlight for absolute lighting control.
  • The snoot reflector: a mini-snoot you can attach to your speedlight, turning it into a mini hair light.

Also featuring in Light Magic is the Ezybox Hotshoe, which converts your flashgun into a softbox strobe, giving softer, diffused light perfect for that glamour shoot you’ve been planning for a while. The Ezybos Hotshoe is available in two sizes: 38cm X 38cm, and 60 cm X 60cm.

Our thanks to Team Digital for the provision of these nifty lighting shapers and modifiers. We can’t wait to put them to the test. Participants of Light Magic are in for a treat!

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