Wedding Photography Essentials

Wedding Photography Essentials

Greg Perry presented “Wedding Photography Essentials” as part of the Spring Workshops Programme on Sunday.

That man is amazing! I’ve never known a workshop presenter who is so generous with his material, time and advise. Of course, he’s presenting as part of my Workshops in a SNAP! Spring Programme, so I may be biased. But it does consolidate for me the wisdom of having a photographer, tutor and trainer such as him on board.

Six of Greg’s main tips for successful wedding photography:

1. Discuss with your clients all the formal wedding shots and do a practice run at the pre-wedding shoot. Just as some couples may rehearse their wedding, you should also rehearse the shots you intend to take on that day at the site visit + pre-wedding shoot. And communicate all shots to the couple prior to the wedding so that, on that day, all you’re doing is reminding them of the actions, poses and stances, and taking the already rehearsed shots.

2. Clearly outline exactly what the clients will receive for their money. Set out a contract detailing their expectations of you, and your expectations of them. Itemise exactly what they will receive and include your fees for attendance and provision of photographs.

3. Avoid providing high-resolution digital images for your clients to print. This may be a common practice amongst more budget-level wedding photographers, but if you do this, you lose control of the quality of the prints. You may have provided stunning digital images but if your clients use a cheap and nasty printer (such as a mini-lab) and the colours and contrast of the images on the print are compromised because of this, then your name and reputation is on the line.

4. Keep shooting – especially during moments which are laden with emotion. Don’t preview your images – just shoot and make sure you are recording these moments for posterity.

5. Shoot in Aperture Priority and Auto ISO. Let the camera decide on the best shutter speed and ISO required for the shot. You’re focusing on capturing the moment and you don’t want to miss those moments by being distracted with manual controls on your camera!

6. Stay hydrated during the shoot and be aware of your energy levels. Take breaks during the quieter moments, and eat snacks to keep your energy levels up.

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  • Julian

    30/09/2009 at 4:36 pm

    Great post. Thanks for sharing tips on successful wedding photography. Love it.