Masterpiece Portrait Series

Masterpiece Portrait Series

You may remember a show on the telly some time ago, hosted by Rolf Harris, where two portrait artists were asked to paint the same subject. Each artist’s unique vision led to the creation of often dramatically different portraits of the same sitter.

The same concept is set to take place in Perth in November, with three professional photographers set to interpret the same portrait subject.

Entitled The Masterpiece Portrait Series, this is a very rare opportunity to see three of Western Australia’s best portrait photographers undertaking an actual shoot, and post-production of the image afterwards.

The Photographers are Stef King (fashion) , Garry Sarre (fine art), and Ric Syme (WAPPA/AIPP Master Photographer).

In the morning, these photographers will shoot the same sitter with the same selection of studio lighting and in the afternoon they will process the images on a big screen, revealing the finished, printed images at the end of the day.

Seeing how the different photographers handle the sitter and the approach they take on lighting the subject gives an insight into how the photographer works to get the image from capture to print.

This promises one of the most interactive, informative and enjoyable workshops seen in Western Australia.The Masterpiece Portrait Series will be held at The Subiaco Art Centre 180 Hamersley Rd Subiaco on the 4th November starting at 8.45am

Cost: $ 99.00 non members, $ 80.00 AIPP members, $ 60.00 students.
Book Early limited numbers email : jenny [at] teamdigital.com.au; AIPP members book online

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