010110 – A binary start to the year

010110 – A binary start to the year

Happy New Year!

The 1st of January is traditionally a day of recovery — from the celebratory excesses of the night before. It is also a day for new resolutions, and the resolve to keep them in the year ahead.

If you’re a bit strapped for resolutions, how about trying some of these for size?

  1. Aim to be kinder, more compassionate and generous to those in need.
  2. Strive to live in the moment — don’t let your thoughts, priorities and urgencies distract you from what you are experiencing now.
  3. Look for what is unique in your everyday living: find something special in the routine and mundane.
  4. Be good to your parents.
  5. Focus on reducing negative, critical or condemnatory thinking.
  6. Take more photographs – because photography is a way of helping us record the moment for posterity.

May 2010 bring you and yours good health, prosperity and happiness!

May your eye never fail you and your shutter finger always strike true!

Best wishes from the Snapshooter!

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