Models for the Practical Portraiture Workshop

Models for the Practical Portraiture Workshop

I’m pleased to announce that, fresh from their stint at the Yellagonga Park shoot, Goyder and Kat will be our models for the Practical Portraiture photography workshop.

Both Kat and Goyder have an infectious easygoing and relaxed manner about them that make them terrific subjects for portrait photography. They work fantastically with the camera and have amazing chemistry with each other (and no wonder, they’re engaged to be married!).

The Practical Portraiture workshop, scheduled for Sunday May 2, is an all-day photo workshop that aims to give new photographers the confidence to take great portraits. It covers all aspects of portraiture, from clothing and pose, to interacting with your sitters, to using both natural and flash light in portraiture.

The May workshop is fully booked, but you can register your interest in a future workshop by contacting me.

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