Gun’s Up! Portrait Series: The Bowler Boys

Gun’s Up! Portrait Series: The Bowler Boys

For some families, rowing is in the blood. The Bowlers is one such clan, an intrinsic part of the WA surf-rowing scene since almost forever. The love of surf rowing cuts across generations with the Bowlers.

Steve and Shane now sweep and row the “Stephen Slattery”, City Beach’s newest and brightest vessel – the bright Red Rocket that saw them take the grand prize in their division at the 2010 State Championships.

When they speak of their sport, it is with verve and passion: there is so much love for the discipline, for the competition, for the camaraderie that surf rowing engenders. It builds bonds: between friends, between father and sons, between brothers.

Thanks to Shane and Steve for organising the Bowler boys for this shoot for the Gun’s Up! book. Joining them in this shoot is Shane’s son, Kai, a third generation Bowler who may yet take up the oars and wait for that great cry “Gun’s Up!”

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