Perth Tattoo Carnival – Faces of the Carnival

Perth Tattoo Carnival – Faces of the Carnival

Sunday found me back at the Perth Tattoo Carnival, shooting for Tattoo Revival and LoveInk.

With most formalities and competitions done by Saturday, I wanted to focus on the general buzz: the artists, visitors and vibe of the Carnival. This is a first for Perth, and the Carnival has generated a great deal of excitement!

What made this such an interesting gig was that punters were more than happy to have photos of them taken (there was only one incident where one vendor clearly didn’t want a photo taken – despite having several trophies on display at their table, which I thought would make a good picture — ah well, you get that).

On display today were some awe-inspiring inks: one fellow was having a detailed scorpion curled around the side of his torso; another had intricate ink work  drawn from neck to nave. These will no doubt feature in competitions at next year’s Tattoo Carnival!

Enjoy these photos from the third and last day of Perth’s inaugural Tattoo Carnival! Big thumbs up to organisers from the WA PTAA branch for putting on a great expo!

[svgallery name=”tattoocarnival2″]

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