Meet the Mitchells – Studio Stay-and-Play photo session

Meet the Mitchells – Studio Stay-and-Play photo session

Earlier today, I posted about a Studio Stay-and-Play session with the Mitchells: Brad (Dad), SallyAnne (Mum) and seven-year old Thomas.

The Studio Stay-and-Play session is part workshop and part fun shoot, allowing photographers of all levels to participate in their very own studio shoot, taking portraits of their family, mates and better halves! The Mitchells’ session was geared around the Mitchells taking photos of each other, and even I stepped in and snapped a few frames of the whole family as I found out that they have never had a family portrait done before.

If you’re a photographer keen to get some studio photography experience, check out Studio Stay-and-Play for more information.

Here are the photographs from their session — thanks to Brad, SallyAnne and Thomas for sharing these pics with me!

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