Studio maternity portraiture – a Studio Stay-and-Play session

Studio maternity portraiture – a Studio Stay-and-Play session

We held a very special Studio Stay-and-Play session on Sunday afternoon, with a maternity shoot for Michelle and Matt Hort.

Family friend, David Winch, a keen photographer, has been photographing Michelle’s maternity journey over the last few months, and wanted to give the couple a special photo shoot as Michelle nears her term.

The Studio Stay-and-Play session allowed David and the Horts to work in a relaxed and intimate setting. We went with three different studio set ups for the Horts: a fairly traditional setup with two lights, a low-key shoot against a black backdrop, and a high-key shoot to inject a bit of fun and energy into the sitting.

David was able to bring his experience of photographing Michelle at various stages of her pregnancy to bear in this studio sitting. Being able to work with lights gave him greater flexibility in setting up each shot, ensuring that lighting was pitch perfect for the image he had in mind.

There was tremendous energy during the session, with a number of costume changes, the introduction of an exercise ball into the shoot, and some maternity glamour, courtesy of a diaphanous white sheet and a fan!

If you’re a photographer keen to get some studio photography experience, check out Studio Stay-and-Play for more information.

Here are some of David’s picks from the Studio Stay-and-Play session.

All photographs in this post are (c) David Winch.

  • aedita

    08/06/2010 at 8:41 am

    Hey Seng! These shoots look like so much fun, I bet both the subjects and photographer are wrapped with these!

  • seng

    09/06/2010 at 6:57 pm

    Yes – they were indeed. We also set up some very artistic low key maternity portraits which worked a treat!

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