Beer weather

Beer weather

Perth has been absolutely baking under a heatwave – we’ve had days on end where nighttime temps have not dropped below 20C, and daytime temps… well, let’s just say they’re in the 32C – 37C range, with the occasional peaking at 41C. It’s weather like this that makes a stubby of cold beer feel like heaven. Or, in this case depicted, a stubby of cider.

Why am I writing a blog post about beer (or cider)? Because I wanted to show what you can achieve by breaking the rules and being really creative in your photography. This shot was taken indoors, shooting directly into the sun streaming in through the window. Using the bottle to only partly obscure the sun creates an interesting lens flare effect which reminds me of light streaming through stained glass windows in a church. Cool, huh?

Try it next time – point your camera towards the sun (not at mid-day though!) and place something within the frame just slightly obscuring the sun. Then click the shutter button. See how you go!

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