A great street photographer: Lukas Vasilikos

A great street photographer: Lukas Vasilikos

I’ve been following the work of Athens-based street photographer, Lukas Vasilikos since my early days of photo-sharing on Flickr. Thus, I was delighted to find that Lukas has been interviewed by Eric Kim in his Kim’s Street Photography blog.

Photograph by Lukas Vasilikos
Photograph by Lukas Vasilikos


Vasilikos’s work resonate with narrative (story telling) and emotion. His street photographs are more than mere incidental snaps of quirky aspects of life unraveling in the streets. They’re condensed dioramas that make you swear that each incident that he has photographed has to be staged. But they’re not. And therein lies his mastery.

Have a read of Vasilikos’s approach to street photography in his interview on Kim’s blog. Most telling is this bit of advice:

1. First, I find a background and wait for something to happen, something that is surreal or strange.
2. Then I wait for the right elements, people, things, animals, whatever, to walk into my frame.

If you enjoyed Kim’s interview with Vasilikos, then make sure you also check out Lukas’s body of work on Flickr.

Do you shoot street photography? What do you think of the advice from Vasilikos?

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