Urban Twilight Photo Walk – Competition Winner

Urban Twilight Photo Walk – Competition Winner

If you’ve had a look at the entries for the Urban Twilight Photo Walk Competition, you’ll realise that it’s pretty hard to pick a winner. After much deliberation, it came down to two very strong entries and, thus, two winners!

Paean Ng

Image by Paean Ng


Ray Ross

Image by Ray Ross


Both images show a moment in time frozen for eternity — their subjects are unmistakable, a human being drawn to something that has wholly captured their thoughts and imagination. Paean’s photograph makes use of the soft, diffused light that comes with twilight, while Ray makes use of contrasty backlight to draw attention to the subject by clever use of shadows and framing (the sunburst also gives the image further strength, counter-balancing the placement of the human subject in the lower half of the frame).

Both are strong images that tell very human stories.

Paean wins a copy of “The New Street Photography Manifesto” by Tanya Nagar.

Ray wins a copy of “Digital Photography Masterclass” by Tom Ang.

Congratulations to Paean and Ray!

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