Cape-to-Cape Photo Safari

Instructors: Seng Mah and Graeme Marsh
Level: Intermediate
Dates: Starts 4pm, Friday May 24 – 11.30am Sunday May 26 (Workshop); Saturday June 1, 10.00am (Post-processing session)
Cost*: $549 (with twin share accommodation); Single supplement + $135
Location: Dunsborough, Augusta. Post-processing session in Fremantle (with Bunbury option available for participants living in the South West).
Maximum participants: SOLD OUT!

* Please note that price includes tuition and accommodation. Workshop price does not include meals. If you would like to attend but have your own accommodation at Dunsborough and Augusta, please contact us for a “tuition only” price.

NOTE: This workshop has now SOLD OUT. If you’d like to be placed on the wait list in the event of a late cancellation, please contact us.

Cape to Cape Photo Safari - Landscape Photography Workshop


If you have a hankering for landscape photography and want to push your skills towards fine art landscape photography, then join us as we venture from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin, shooting at some of the most spectacular locations in the South West!

With the magnificent landscapes of the South West for inspiration, you will be exploring rugged coastlines and delving into karri forests as you develop your landscape photography skills under the guidance of Seng and Graeme.

You’ll learn how to light, compose, expose and shoot landscapes, including shooting for panoramic stitching and for creating high dynamic range images (HDR) using your camera’s auto-bracketing function. You’ll also learn how to shoot long exposure night landscapes under the light of the full moon!

Then, a week later, on Saturday June 1, we will re-convene for a session on digital post production with Lightroom, Photoshop and Photomatix, where you’ll learn how to use these industry standard applications to turn your photographs into fine art landscapes ready for printing! (This session is included in the fee – there is no extra cost).


Some of the places you will shoot at the Cape to Cape Photo Safari


Highlights of the Safari:

  • Shoot long exposures in daylight and sunset at Quindalup Boat Ramp near Dunsborough.
  • Visit Sugarloaf Rock under the light of a full moon and learn how to shoot extreme long exposures (5-15 minutes) under moonlight.
  • Photograph Sugarloaf Rock at dawn and sunrise from a different vantage point that includes rock pools.
  • Shoot daylight long exposures at Canal Rocks to blur the motion of waves.
  • Explore the karri forest at Boranup with your camera and learn how to shoot wide angle and for panoramic stitching.
  • Photograph the rugged coastline of Cape Leeuwin at sunset and dusk, shooting at the Cape and at the Waterwheel.
  • Photograph sunrise at the Whaling Memorial at Augusta.

What you will learn:

  • Camera settings for landscape photography (aperture, shutter speed, ISO)
  • Lenses and focal lengths for landscape photography.
  • Creative and artistic composition in landscape photography (you’ll learn the rules and then learn to break them).
  • Using Manual Exposure and exposure metering modes in landscape photography.
  • Shooting in RAW picture format.
  • Using Live View for composition and focusing.
  • Using hyperfocal distance and depth of field calculators to ensure depth of field and sharpness.
  • Using filters (ND8, ND400) to create long exposures.
  • Shooting in Bulb mode for extreme long exposures of moonlit landscapes.
  • Bracketing exposures using your camera’s auto-exposure bracketing (AEB) function.
  • Shooting for panoramic stitching.
  • Shooting for focus stacking.
  • Processing your RAW images using Lightroom.
  • Panoramic stitching using Photoshop and Automerge.
  • Using Photoshop in focus stacking.
  • Manually blending exposures in Photoshop using Layer Masks.
  • Using Photomatix to create high dynamic range (HDR) images.


Some of the places you will shoot at the Cape to Cape Photo Safari


What you will need:

  • Your digital camera (we recommend a DSLR).
  • Lenses with focal range covering about 15mm to 150mm.
  • A sturdy tripod (we recommend tripods with thick, sturdy legs and with heads that allow you to tilt and pan easily for panorama shooting).
  • A remote shutter release (we recommend using a cable release instead of a wireless release).
  • Neutral density (ND) filters: ND8 and ND400 (we recommend Hoya HMC filters).
  • A sturdy camera bag that is easy to carry around (backpack or a sling bag).
  • Spare batteries, battery charger, spare camera cards.
  • A large plastic bag to protect your camera gear from moisture, drizzle or sea spray.
  • Warm, weatherproof clothing.
  • Sturdy, comfortable shoes suitable for walking on uneven and wet surface.
  • Laptop, notebook or tablet if you would like to download and view your images during the trip (recommended).

The fine print (please read):

  • The price for this weekend workshop includes accommodation (twin share). A Single Supplement is available on request. The Single Supplement will be charged if no twin share accommodation can be arranged for you (we will try to match you with a roommate of the same gender).
  • You will need to organise your own travel to and from the photographic locations. This workshop begins in Dunsborough at 4pm on Friday 24 May and finishes in Augusta at 11.30am on Sunday 26 May.
  • You will need to cover the cost of your own meals and refreshments.
  • The workshop organisers reserve the right to change sessions, venue and locations during the workshop (subject to weather, access and availability).
  • This is an Intermediate level workshop. It assumes that you are able to adjust your aperture, shutter speed and ISO in Manual Exposure mode on your camera.

Safety points (please read):

  • You are fully responsible for your own safety and the safety of your equipment during the workshop, and should always observe your own health and safety first.
  • Some photographic excursions may require physical travel on uneven or even wet surfaces such as trails and across rocky and sometimes slippery surfaces. You will need a good level of mobility and fitness in order to participate in this workshop.
  • Each participant will be required to sign a standard waiver at the beginning of the workshop.



NOTE: This workshop has now SOLD OUT. If you’d like to be placed on the wait list in the event of a late cancellation, please contact us.