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How I Shot This: Bali Village Girl

I've started a new feature in the "Venture Horizons" monthly newsletter that we send to our customers and friends (you can sign up for the newsletter by filling in the form on the right-hand sidebar). In this feature I provide the back story and thinking...


Thinking of getting a new lens?

Not long ago, I wrote an article for people who are looking to buy their first "serious photography" camera, entitled "Thinking of getting a camera?" Since then, I've often been asked by new photographers, "What lens should I get next?" It's a bit of a...


Thinking of getting a camera?

Note: This is what you'd call a "living article" in that its content will be regularly updated as new cameras become available. The following recommendations are made at time of writing (September 2019).   I'm often asked by those looking to get into photography about the most...