Creative Photography Weekend: Portraiture, Flash and Photo Road Trip

Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Dates: Friday 24 June – Sunday 26 June
Cost: $797 for three workshops (Creative Natural Light Portraiture, Creative Flash Bootcamp & Creative Photo Road Trip). Workshops also available separately at $299 each.
Instructors: Glynn Lavender and Seng Mah
Location: Venture Workshops Studio @ Suite 3 (Level 1), 133 High Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
Maximum participants: 12 per workshop.


Creative Photo Weekend 2016


It’s back for 2016! The Creative Photo Weekend with Glynn and Seng was a sold-out event in 2015 and we’re bringing Glynn back to Perth for a weekend full of learning, shooting and, above all, a great deal of fun. And, this time, we’re running it across 3 days! This will be an action-packed weekend of photography designed for lovers of creative photography and creative lighting!

The three workshops are:

  • Creative Natural Light Portraiture – Friday 24 June, 10.30am-4.30pm
  • Creative Flash Bootcamp – Saturday 25 June, 10.30am – 4.30pm
  • Creative Photo Road Trip – Sunday 26 June, 9.30am – 3.30pm

You can book in for all three workshops and experience a weekend that will see you ramp up your portraiture, lighting and photography skills.



Creative Natural Light Portraiture workshop

Individual workshop price: $299
Date: Friday 24 June, 10.30am – 4.30pm
2 places available

Natural Window Light PortraitGreat portraits are everywhere; you just have to learn to see the world of light, contrast and colour that is all around us and this workshop is all about learning to see that world.

Great portraits need fabulous light, an understanding of how to shape and sculpt with it and, most importantly, an understanding of how to get your camera to produce the images you have in your minds eye. Whether you want to capture great photos of your children just for yourself, or to improve your portrait photography business our Natural Light Portrait Workshop will literally change the way you look at the world around you.

You’ll shoot some of the best portraits you have taken in this workshop and learn how to catch dramatic, beautiful portraits anywhere, anytime with simple, easy to understand lessons.

Book Creative Natural Light Portraiture:


Creative Flash Bootcamp

Individual workshop price: $299
Date: Saturday 25 June, 10.30am – 4.30pm
SOLD OUT: Please contact us if you’d like to be on the wait list in the event of a late cancellation.

Off-camera flashOne of the frustrating elements of using flash is not being able to get the shots looking the way you want. This Creative Flash Bootcamp will teach you how to take studio quality portraits with your flash ON camera. You’ll learn how to make Fill Flash shots look the way you want.

Finally, we take our flash off camera for some of the best lighting effects you can produce in-camera: you’ll learn how to create amazing, dynamic images anywhere with just your camera and flash!

Come and join us for a day that will change the way you think of flash forever.


Creative Photo Road Trip

Individual workshop price: $299
Date: Sunday 26 June, 9.30am – 3.30pm
SOLD OUT: Please contact us if you’d like to be on the wait list in the event of a late cancellation.

Creative Photo Road TripJoin Glynn and Seng for a road trip on a bus with two models, off-camera lighting and lots of shooting opportunities. We’ll be heading into the great outdoors and shooting at a number of locations in the South West and any other settings we come across that catch out fancy. It’s a great way to consolidate what you have learned in the creative natural light and creative flash workshops, and to come home with stunning images of our models on location.

This workshop is more of an opportunity to gain field experience in lighting and shooting, and be supported by Seng and Glynn in your shooting. The price includes travel in a bus, drinks and snacks en route and shooting with two models. We will also stop off for a group lunch (lunch is at your own cost) in our travels in the South West.

Learn to take great portrait images in natural light, or to maximise the use of location lighting with off-camera flash lighting! Join us and have an amazing day of shooting, fun and lots of laughter!


About Glynn


Glynn Lavender, owner of Creative Photo Workshops in Melbourne, is one of Australia’s most energetic, engaging and beloved photography instructors. His workshops in Australia, New Zealand and the US have been received with rave reviews and much excitement.

Glynn’s goal is to cut through the technical jargon of photography and get to the heart of what’s important: capturing great images everywhere we go and every time we pick up our camera.

With more than 30 years in the photography industry and more than 1000 workshops under his belt, Glynn’s ability to share his knowledge and help photographers reach their goals has led to him becoming one of the most respected photography mentors in Australia and the US. Glynn’s approach to workshops is that there are no “trade secrets” and he is happy to share everything with you to help you become a stronger photographer.

When he is not running workshops or working as the VP of the Digital Imaging Marketing Association, Glynn enjoys dragging his two daughters in front of his camera and creating stunning portraits of his girls.