Getting Started in Photography (BUNBURY)

Level: Beginner
Duration: 10.30am to 4.30pm
Date: Sunday, 16 August 2015
Cost: $270 inc GST
Instructors: Graeme Marsh
Location: Suite 1/2 Victoria St, Bunbury.
Maximum participants: SOLD OUT!

This workshop is suitable for digital cameras with manual controls (P, A/Av, S/Tv and M modes) including DSLRs, Micro Four Third cameras, mirrorless cameras and advanced compact cameras. Workshop notes are provided.


Our Bunbury beginner’s photography workshop is back. Join Graeme Marsh for a one-day hands-on workshop that will have you shooting with more creative control and confidence. If you have been shooting on “Auto” modes for a while, now is the time to get off “Auto” and explore the full potential of your digital camera!

“Getting Started in Photography” will show you how to get off that “Auto” mode and start using your camera more creatively. It’s the perfect starting point if you’re brand new to photography!

Because this is a workshop for absolute beginners, we start at the very beginning – by looking at:

  • Top tips for camera operation
  • Controlling White Balance to get correct colours in your photograph
  • Lenses and focal length (what the numbers on the zoom ring of your lens mean)
  • Choosing what you want in focus: how to use autofocus creatively and effectively
  • Using autofocus tracking to shoot sharp images of moving subjects
  • Using continuous shooting or drive mode to take rapid-fire action shots

Then, we look at more advanced camera operations, to give you creative control over your photography:

  • How to achieve shallow and deep depths of field using aperture control
  • Shooting movement: freezing and blurring motion using shutter speed
  • Working in low light: how controlling ISO can help
  • How exposure works: the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • Checking your exposure: how to read the histogram to make sure you have nailed the right exposure
  • Using Exposure Compensation to correct for over- or under-exposure
  • Shooting in Manual Exposure mode and taking control of creative exposure
  • Shooting in JPEG picture format vs shooting in RAW picture format: what’s the difference?

This workshop includes an in-the-field shoot in Bunbury with a model — where you’ll be able to put what you have learned into practice, and be guided in your photography by Graeme.


What you’ll need:

  • Your camera
  • Your lens/es
  • The manual for your camera
  • Workshop notes are provided, but please bring a pen if you’d like to make additional notes.

You don’t need to bring a tripod to this workshop.



Hi Graeme, Firstly I want to thank you for conducting such a great course! Taking me from auto to manual! Yippy!! I found you patient and informative and that is greatly appreciated! (Sonja Neubauer)

Great day Sunday moving out of my comfort zone into manual mode and into portrait photography. Playing with different settings to see what works… Thanks Graeme. Now to drive the dog and grandchildren mad while I master motion!!!! (Anne Jeffery)

Today I did a photo shoot for the last day of a course I did with Graeme Marshhhh! Can not recommend it enough throughly enjoyed myself and learnt a great deal! And here’s some of my results CC would greatly be appreciated cheers!! And thanks you so much Graeme! (Deonne Kirk)

The course covered everything I needed to know about getting off “Auto” and using my camera more effectively. The course instructors delivered the information in a clear and fun way, and were always happy to provide some one on one help. I will definitely be booking in for another course in the near future! (Erica Tonkin)

I had been learning by YouTube which gave me some good background knowledge however this course enabled me to fill in the gaps and give me understanding to it all. It was great to interact with other like minded people. Potentially this course may have saved me some significant $ as I am likely to opt for a different lens purchase. One that suits my actual needs and not what I perceive. Thank you for sharing their knowledge and experience. Strongly recommended. (David Harley)

I wanted to thank you for a very worthwhile workshop Previously I was too nervous to fiddle around with any settings on my camera as I really had no idea what they all did. Now, thanks to your class and assistance, I’m pleased to say that I do have a better understanding of things and will definitely be experimenting and playing around in manual in the future to see what I can achieve. I came straight home and immediately downloaded my pictures onto the computer. I must say that there were a number of pictures of Sarah that I was pretty proud of – I can’t believe that I actually took them. But maybe some of the credit should go to her, as she was an excellent and very photogenic model! (Cindy Reinders)

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This workshop has SOLD OUT! Keep an eye out for the next one or contact us to be informed when the next Bunbury “Getting Started in Photography” workshop is announced.


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