Intro to Lightroom (Fremantle)

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 10.30am – 4.00pm
Date: 14 June 2014
Cost: $240 inc GST (includes a light lunch)
Instructors: Seng Mah
Location: Venture Studio, Suite 3 (Upstairs), 133 High Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
Maximum participants: 10


Lightroom Library Module

Adobe Lightroom is perhaps the most popular and widely used digital cataloguing and Raw post-production software for photographers. If you’re brand new to Lightroom and would like to learn how to use this powerful system, this hands-on workshop will show you, step-by-step, how to get started with Lightroom.

It’s the perfect jump-on point if you’d like to learn how to use Lightroom or if you have just started dabbling in it. You’ll learn how Lightroom works to set up and manage your catalogue of digital images and how to use Lightroom’s range of post-processing tools to bring your photographic vision to fruition.

What you will learn:

  • Importing your images into your Lightroom catalogue
  • Key wording and meta tagging
  • Using the Library Module tools to view, search for and rate your images
  • Using Collections to group your images
  • Using the Develop Module to post-process your Raw images
  • Correcting for lens distortion and other aberrations
  • Using the Crop and Straighten tool in Lightroom
  • Making spot adjustments in Lightroom
  • Using Lightroom Develop Presets
  • Improving your workflow using the Synchronisation function
  • Creating Virtual Copies to let you create different versions of the same image
  • Noise reduction in Lightroom
  • Sharpening your images in Lightroom
  • Creating digital black and white images in Lightroom
  • Exporting your images for Web and Print – image size, resolution, file format and colour space
  • Watermarking your images using Lightroom
Lightroom Develop Module
The power of Lightroom’s Develop Module – Before and After of the same image


This is a hands-on workshop, so you’ll need to have a working laptop with you along with a selection of Raw format images you have shot recently. We’ll also provide you with a selection of Raw images to work from so that you see just how powerful and effective Lightroom is as a digital post-production tool.

You’ll need to bring the following items to the workshop:

  • A laptop with Lightroom 5 installed (You can also use Lightroom 4). If you don’t have Lightroom, you can download a Trial version from Adobe here.
  • A mouse or tablet.
  • Around 15-20 Raw images from a recent shoot you have done. These images can be stored on your laptop or on an external hard drive. NOTE: These must be Raw format images. JPEG images are not suitable.
  • Your laptop charger.

    Pre-requisite knowledge:

    You’ll need basic computing skills to make the most of this workshop. These include:

    • Using your computer’s files/folder management system to create folders and copy files to a folder.
    • Using your mouse effectively ie. being able to initiate left click and right click on the mouse and setting your mouse sensitivity to your desired level.
    • Connecting an external hard drive or USB drive to your computer and accessing that drive via your computer.



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