LightPlay: Chiaroscuro

Enter the Dark to find the Light

LightPlay: Chiaroscuro

Instructor: Seng Mah
Level: Intermediate
Location: Trinity Room, Rosie O’Grady’s Fremantle & Up on High Studio, Fremantle.
Duration: 10.30am to 6.30pm
Date: Sunday July 15, 2012
Cost: $380 ($350 if you are a regular workshop customer – please use online booking form if you are booking as a regular customer)
Maximum participants: 10
Includes lunch and refreshments

Join us for an action-packed one-day photography workshop that will show you how to balance light and shadow to create evocative and dramatic images. Explore the interplay of light and shadow and unleash your dark side in LightPlay: Chiaroscuro.

In this workshop, you will participate in three themed photo shoots, each designed to show you how to use chiaroscuro for visual and emotive impact. Through your participation, you will learn how to creatively use natural light, studio strobes and speedlights to evoke mood and create drama.

Each shoot has been specially designed to make use of location and lighting. Learn how to pose your model with respect to the light, control subject to background exposure, use studio and off-camera flash strobes for dramatic lighting, and to light for post-production. When we’re done, you will have images that you’d be proud to display in your portfolio, and will be armed with the skills and knowledge to amp up your photography!


The LightPlay: Chiaroscuro themed photo shoots:

  1. Natural Light Burlesque: We’ll be shooting in the stately Trinity Room on the first floor of Rosie O’Grady’s Irish pub in Fremantle. Using window light and reflectors, you will work with a burlesque-styled model to create dramatic vintage-punk images by balancing subject to light and background exposure.
  2. Spartans in the Studio: Learn how to achieve the dramatic lighting seen in flicks such as “300” and “Spartacus” in Up on High Studio. You will work with two models kitted up in swords, shields and sashes, and learn how to use multiple lights to create low-key images and to light for post-production.
  3. Hard Boiled Film Noir: When it gets dark, we’ll take the action outdoors. Armed with speedlights, you will learn how to use and shoot with off-camera flashes. Shoot our hard boiled Detective and Dame in Distress and learn how to use and control hard light to create the film-noir look.


What you will need:

  • Your DSLR and manual
  • Lenses covering focal length ranges from 24mm to 135mm. Lenses that can open to fairly wide apertures – at least f4.0 at full zoom – are a plus!
  • Spare batteries and spare memory cards
  • Sony DSLR users please note: the hotshoe on Sony DSLR cameras do not conform to the standard ISO-518 design used by the remote triggers at this workshop. You will need to get a hotshoe adaptor if you would like to take photographs at the workshop with our studio lights. Adaptors can be purchased from local camera stores.



LightPlay is a workshop for intermediate-level photographers. To make the most of the workshop, you need to possess a basic understanding of concepts such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation. Some familiarity with shooting in Manual Exposure will be helpful, as will a basic understanding of the different metering modes available on your DSLR.





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