Nightshades: Location Portraiture at Night

Evocative, moody, dramatic! Unveil the mystery of photographing portraits at night!

Nightshades: Night Portraiture Banner

Level: Intermediate
Date: Saturday 28 October 2023
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Cost: $199
Instructor: Seng Mah
Location: West End, Fremantle
Maximum participants: 8

Here is something different for photographers looking for more unique opportunities to capture evocative portraits! Join us for an evening that is all about lighting for mood, feeling and story. “Nightshades” will show you how to set up and light location-based portrait at night. You’ll discover how to make use of elements in a setting, to use available light for back and rim lighting, and how to leverage your portable light source to create a range of different lighting looks on your portrait subject!

We’ll be running with LED lights in this workshop, and shooting across a number of locations at the West End of the historical port of Fremantle!

One of the key things you’ll learn in this workshop is shooting with spot-metering on Manual Exposure, and compensating for skin tones and lighting intensity. You’ll also learn about how to use the Monochrome / Black and White settings on your camera to create B&W images in-camera.

You’ll capture great portraits that you’ll be proud to feature in your portfolio, but you’ll also learn professional lighting techniques that you can use in your future shoots!

This workshop is limited to 8 photographers. Don’t miss out!


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