Olympus OMD: Light Trails with Live Composite

Discover the creativity of the OMD Live Composite feature and have fun shooting light trails!

Olympus OMD Light Trails with Live Composite

Level: All OMD users
Date: Saturday 23 April
Duration: 6.15pm – 7.45pm
Cost: $38.50
Location: Point Walter

We’re running another event for OMD photographers in Perth and it’s a doozy!

Come and join Seng, Beau and light-trail spinner Stuart, for an evening of shooting creative light trails using the OMD’s Live Composite feature.

Live Composite takes the guess work out of shooting long exposure light trails. It lets you see the long exposure build as its being shot, so you can time your shot and finish when you need to!

If you haven’t used Live Composite before, this is a great way to learn how to. And if you have, then here is an opportunity to try it out while shooting light trails!

This event takes place after sunset. We kick off with an overview of Live Composite and how to set it up. Then Stuart will do his light trail magic and we will shoot!

What you will need:

  • Your OMD camera and a wide-angle lens.
  • Tripod.
  • Shoes, water, clothing for the weather.

It’s a good idea to also turn your OMD’s Image Stabilisation off for this event.

Inclement Weather Policy

If this event cannot run because of inclement weather, it will be re-scheduled. Your payment will be reserved as credit to be put forward to the re-scheduled workshop (or to be used as credit towards one of our other events/workshops at Venture Photography Workshops and Tours).

Covid-19 Policy Compliance

We follow government health mandates when it comes to implementing Covid-19 safe practices at this event. If government mandates require the wearing of masks, you will need to wear a mask for the duration of this workshop. To ensure the health and safety of all customers and models, we will also only accept bookings from photographers who have had their full vaccination (digital vaccination certificate will be viewed on attendance). If this event cannot run due to government imposed restrictions, it will be re-scheduled for another date.


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