Perth Print Swap 2020

Perth Print Swap Goes Black and White for Round 3!

Perth Print Swap Black and White

Welcome to Round 3 of the Perth Print Swap! The theme this round is Black and White Prints, so if you’re keen to join in, then select a Black and White photograph to submit!

Submissions are now open until Sunday 3 May. Use the web form below to submit (instructions on how to submit are below).

What is the Perth Print Swap?

Bring a smile to your dial and that of another Perth photographer, by taking part in this awesome PRINT SWAP that is being run by Perth Pro Lab. In these times of social restrictions and social isolation, print swaps are a great way to get some new photographic artwork for your home and to share your favourite image with another!

What’s a Print Swap?

A print swap is where photographers exchange a print of their favourite image with each other. In this print swap, your print can be up to A4 in size and will be sent to another person who is selected randomly from the other participants of this print swap.

It costs only $17 (which includes professional printing of your image and postage of your print to its recipient) and it’s easy to participate.

Simply register your interest in participating using the form below. You will then be contacted via email by Paul Jarvis of Perth Pro Lab about submitting your print digitally via email.

You will also be sent an invoice from Perth Pro Lab with credit card payment details.

Prepare your image for printing (see below for instructions) and email it as an attachment to Perth Pro Lab.

Perth Pro Lab will organise the printing and mailing of your print to the recipient.

Preparing your digital image for printing
  • Your print can be up to A4 size (210mm x 297mm) if it’s rectangular. This is the print without any borders.
  • If it’s a square print, then size it to 210mm x 210mm. This is the print without any borders.
  • If you want to include a border for your image, then you need to make your image slightly smaller — 190mm x 277mm — in order to have a 1cm border around the print. For square prints, it needs to be 190mm x 190mm.
  • Your print can be sRGB or AdobeRGB colour space.
  • PPI resolution doesn’t matter — you can set it to 300ppi if you wish.
  • We recommend including a subtle watermark (or digitised signature) of your name in the image.

Once you have prepared your image for printing, simply email it to Perth Pro Lab when you pay the invoice.

Registration form

Complete the form below to register for Round 3 of the Perth Print Swap. You have the option to include a short message to the recipient of your print — which will be included when the print is mailed out to its recipient. Please note that submissions close on Sunday 3 May, with all images to be emailed in by Tuesday 5 May.