phoTALKgraphy Video Sessions

phoTALKgraphy video sessions are recordings of previous phoTALKgraphy events and webinars, available for you to access and view, either for free, or for a nominal fee (for the paid webinars). Browse through the sessions below and click on the links to view them on YouTube (the videos will open in a new tab or window).

For paid webinar sessions, simply order the webinars you would like to view and a link will be sent to you that you can use to view these webinars.

Live Lightroom Edits (Free)

These videos feature recording from our “Live Lightroom Classic Edit” sessions, where I demonstrate the development of a couple of images per session using Lightroom Classic.


Free Webinar: Crafting the Image

These videos feature recording from our free webinar, “Crafting the Image”, which is in two parts:


Live reviews

Fujifilm X-T4 Live Review

Feature Webinars (Paid)

Our series of educational webinars focus on a range of photographic genres and styles and often feature a guest presenter who is a master in their field of practice. Each webinar is only AUD$25 to access. To order webinars, just use the form below to order your webinars and pay via PayPal or credit card.

    The Art of Portraiture. Join Seng Mah for a session that is dedicated to improving your portrait photography vision and skills. Learn about how to tell stories and evoke emotion in your portraits, along with the different styles of lighting and how depth of field, composition, framing and posing impacts of the messages that portraits can convey.

    Wilderness and Landscape Photography with Cam Blake. Join Tasmanian wilderness/landscape photographer, Cam Blake, as he shares his approach to shooting and creating stunning images for fine art prints and use by travel and tourism organisations. Learn how to deal with weather conditions, along with the compositional tips, tools and settings used to capture amazing landscapes!

    Performance Photography Demystified. Johannes Reinhart has been shooting performers at the Perth Fringe Festival for years. He shares his ideas, tips and techniques for photographing high octane performances, shows and circuses in low light.

    Building Blocks – Photographing Architecture and Urban Landscapes with Mark Brierley. Urban and architectural photographs are consistent award winners in a range of competitions because they offer a very different way of visualising our environment and distill the image into the purity of lines, shapes, colour and geometry. Join multi-accoladed commercial photographer, Mark Brierley, and discover the beauty of the built environment and how to shoot it with impact!

    Landscape Tips and Q&A with Cam Blake and Seng Mah. Join Seng and Cam for a whopping expose of the main tips, techniques and settings for shooting landscapes. This very substantial webinar (nearly 3 hours) packs a lot – from the gear you need to tips for shooting different kinds of landscapes (waterfalls, forests, coastal seascapes, snow, mountains, astrophotography, the Southern Aurora and more) to how to do focus stacking, control depth of field, edit in black and white and sell your prints!

    Getting More from Your EOS DSLR. If you have a Canon EOS DSLR, this webinar will show you some of the secret settings and techniques to make your photography more intuitive and to customise your camera to better shoot your shooting style. This session will show you how you can leverage the features and settings of your Canon camera for a whole range of different kinds of photography: landscapes, wildlife, sports, action, street and portraits…



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