Photo Inspo Day 2024

Don’t let the Winter Blues get in the way of your creativity and photography! Get INSPIRED at Photo Inspo Day 2024!

The Photo Inspo Day is a day all about giving you the opportunity to think fresh and try new things in photography. This year, our theme is about Photography and the World, and is dedicated to photographers who strive to capture the multi-faceted aspects of the world, whether it be about people, societies, nature or culture!

We have FOUR great and inspiring speakers lined up: Fiona Birt, Aaron Brown, Lidia D’Opera and Johannes Reinhart, plus TWO optional hands on shoots that you can also register for in addition to the speaker sessions! 

10.45am – 3pm, Team Digital. $190 includes a light lunch (vegetarian and gluten-free options available).

Join us for an inspiring series of seminars featuring four great photographers who are experts in their genres! With our theme of Photography and the World, each speaker will be presenting about how they use photography to connect with aspects of the world today — whether it be travel, street, nature or portraits!

Our great line up of speakers include:

Fiona Birt – “Capturing Reality: Authentic Documentary Photography”

Delve into the powerful realm of documentary photography, a genre that seeks to capture unscripted moments in life in an authentic way. Explore its definition, historical significance, and its impact on society. Through a dynamic blend of visual examples and practical insights from the bustling streets to wedding photography, Fiona will unpack what makes a strong image, and how to observe, frame, and immortalise a moment in time in a compelling way. She will also discuss how documentary photography serves as a powerful tool for storytelling and social change and the challenges and rewards of working on a personal project.

Aaron Brown – “Finding the Creative in Nature”

Aaron is a wildlife and nature photographer with a keen eye for documenting the behaviours of animals and their relationships with the natural world. He loves to get creative with natural light in order to add extra atmosphere to his photos, taking his images much further than a typical snapshot. In this presentation, join Aaron as he shares his approach to creatively photographing a wide range of wildlife. You will learn key tips and tricks regarding recommended gear and settings, wildlife ethics and how to shoot creatively with light and composition.

Lidia D’Opera – “The Magic of the Moment: Street Photography Demystified”

Lidia has been a street photographer for over 10 years and  has developed a unique style in street and editorial photography. She uses simple equipment which enables her to work discretely, close to her subject matter and barely noticed.  This technique results in reflections of whimsical, enchanting, moments which reflect lifestyles from around the world. On other occasions she engages with people producing compelling, natural, portraits of characters in their environment. She is also known for her often amusing pictures of street cats and dogs. Her print on demand book ‘Lidia D’Opera’s New York’, won the Travel Book of the Year award at Head On Photo Festival in 2012. Join Lidia as she shares her philosophy, approach and techniques in capturing moments of the street in Perth and around the world!

Johannes Reinhart – “Stranger Portraits”

How do you capture portraits of strangers and use your photography to connect with people in the streets of your city? Johannes will reveal his simple, yet heart-warming techniques to create connection and interaction, and to use the environment and light in photographing people he meets on the streets, turning strangers into momentary friends and collaborators. This session will inspire you, invoke curiosity and perhaps give you the motivation to try capturing some street portraits of your own!


Biker Blokes: Portraits with Long Lenses – Guided by Seng Mah

9am – 10.15am, East Perth (Gladstone Street Reserve), $49

Join Seng for a workshop that focuses on using the compressing features of long telephoto lenses to create great street portraits of bikers! We will have two biker blokes with big motorcycles, and photograph them in the streets and lanes of East Perth. You’ll discover how compression works, techniques to get shallow depth of fields, and making use of location lights. All you need is your camera with a long telephoto lens (minimum 70-200mm) which can open as wide as f/5.6 at its longest end. 


Street Photography with Lidia D’Opera

4pm – 5.15pm, Northbridge, $35

After being inspired in street photography by Lidia D’Opera, join her and learn how to shoot street in Northbridge. Lidia will lead you on a street photography adventure, discussing timing, technique, outlook and light as you learn how to find unique moments in the urban environment to capture! You’ll need your camera and lens that can cover a 24-70mm range (prime lenses in 28mm, 35mm and 50mm are also suitable), and a good pair of walking shoes as you hit the pavement with Lidia!

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