Photo Inspo Festival 2020

Photo Inspo Festival 2020 Programme

18 – 26 July 2020

Photo Inspo Festival 2020

Supercharge your photography at the Photo Inspo Festival 2020!

  • Join 10 inspiring webinars online via Zoom!
  • City / Urban photowalks!
  • Nature photography photowalks!
  • Coastal and riverside photowalks!
  • Sunrise and sunset shoots!
  • Lighting demos and shoots!
  • “Touch and try” sessions with lighting, lenses and more!



All webinars are recorded, so if you can’t attend some of them, you will get a link after the festival where you can view the webinars online. All Webinar times are Australian Western Standard Time (AWST), so if you are joining the webinars from outside Western Australia, please note the time difference between your location and Western Australia.


10.00am – 3.00pm: Portrait lighting event with Steve Wise and Seng Mah
Venue: Team Digital

Join us at Team Digital for a sensational lighting and portrait photography demonstration. Pick up tips on lighting techniques and then try your hand at portrait photography using a combination of LED lighting and studio lighting! Join Seng Mah and Steve Wise for two sessions of learning about light and try your hand at some portrait photography!

3.30pm – 5pm: Urban landscapes and urban photowalk with Mark Brierley
Join multi-awarded urban landscape photographer, Mark Brierley, and Ben Walton of Team Digital for a session on how to create award-winning Urban Landscapes, followed by a photowalk in East Perth. Discover alleys, lanes and mine the potential for great images in an urban environment and get your images for the next Golden Shopping Trolley Award for Urban Landscapes!

7pm – 8pm: Jordan Cantelo – “Chasing Storms” (Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

Storm chasing demands a certain bravado, hardiness and patience from the photographer. This is your opportunity to learn from one of the best practitioners in this field — Jordan Cantelo. Discover the ins and outs of storm photography in Western Australia, why Jordan is drawn to sit under thunderous skies, how he plans for his chases, what gear is in his bag, and what settings he uses to nail that elusive lightning image.


10am – 12noon: Civic Gardens Photo Walk, Touch and Try event with Geoff Temple
Venue: Civic Gardens, Cannington & Digidirect Cannington

Explore the Civic Gardens in Cannington at this event where you’ll have the opportunity to test out a range of photographic products including Tamron lenses, Three-Legged Thing tripods, Peak Design bags and more! This photowalk is then followed by a portrait shooting experience session at Digidirect Cannington.

2pm – 3pm: Belle Verdiglione – “From Potential to Potent: Portraits that make you go Oooh!” (Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

Being a visionary in 2020 means more than just expressing the heart of your work. If you really want to change the world, you’ve got to be willing to expose the workings of your heart. Join visual visionary, Belle Verdiglione, on a journey into photography of the raw and real, the fierce and fiery, the wild and untamed, the soft and strong, the dark and deep. Discover how to bring your whole self into your work and the wonder that you can create by being emotionally embodied in your photography.

4pm – 5pm: Northbridge Photowalk with Julie Kerbel
Take on a photo challenge at this urban photowalk with award-winning photographer, Julie Kerbel. Hone your ability to find visual interest in an urban setting.

7pm – 8pm: Chris Dark & Chris Saunders – “Purpose, Projects and Print” (Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

Join multi-award winning photographers Chris Dark and Chris Saunders as they take you through the reasons why they choose to shoot in the style they do: from the middle of an expansive salt lake, or from 2000 feet in a small aircraft. Both Chris and Chris will give an insight into their thought process and how their visionary collaborative project “Head East and Turn Right” was created. You’ll be inspired to push your own visual boundaries and explore new photographic opportunities.


7pm – 8pm: Brodie Butler – “Off-camera Flash Lighting” (Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

Brodie Butler needs no introduction — he’s a master of creating slick, commercial images using off-camera lighting. Join the master of OCF for an “enlightening” session that covers his thinking, planning, setting up and shooting with off-camera flash lighting to create stunning portraits and product imagery!


7pm – 8pm: Simone Addison – “Crafting the Creative Portrait” (Photoshop Demo and Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

Join award-winning fine art portrait and wedding photographer, Simone Addison, for a session that’s all about crafting a creative portrait in Photoshop. Pick up valuable portrait editing techniques and discover the whys and wherefores of portraiture editing!


7pm – 8pm: Steve Huddy – “Stop Motion and Time Lapse Photography” (Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

Steve Huddy joins the Festival to get you thinking of photography in a way that moves beyond the single, still image. Learn how to leverage the power in your cameras to create stop motion movies and time lapses that will take viewers deeper into your images and engage them in ways that stimulate the imagination.


7pm – 8pm: Seng Mah – Lens on India (Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

Join Seng Mah for a webinar on the photographic opportunities that is available in India, and how to shoot for authentic travel images. This webinar may feature Kolkata-based photographer, Shivam Pandey, who is a professional photographer and photo tour guide.


4pm – 5pm: Scarborough Beach Photowalk
Join the very creative (and much awarded) Johannes Reinhart for a memorable photowalk at Scarborough Beach!

7pm – 8pm: Johannes Reinhart – “Jumpstarting Personal Photography Projects” (Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

There’s something very special and rewarding in pursuing a personal photographic project. It’s the culmination of your passion and your vision, and Master Photographer, Johannes Reinhart, will show you how to get started, stay motivated and finish your project. From the nuts and bolts of starting one, to the various paths you can tread while working on it, and finding publishing and exhibition opportunities for your work, this session will stich on your desire to craft a photographic project close to your heart.


6.45am – 8am: Claisebrook Cove sunrise shoot with Rob Gillman: Claisebrook Cove, East Perth
Shoot the rising sun at East Perth’s Claisebrook Cove with urban and architecture photographer, Rob Gillman.

9am – 10am: Nature Photography photowalk with Craig Franke
Venue: Wireless Hill, Booragoon

Uncover the secrets of our WA bush on a nature photowalk with wildlife and macro photographer, Craig Franke.

11am – 12noon: Beth Baker – “An Environmental Bouquet” (Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

Find the beauty in your own backyard and great outdoors by joining Beth Baker on a journey into the photography of Australian flora and fauna. You’ll be surprised by the fragile and unique beauty that is to be found in the Australian bush.

2.30pm – 3.30pm: Midland Workshops photowalk with Sean Breadsell
Explore the environment at the Midland Workshops in a photowalk with street photographer, Sean Breadsell.

4.30pm – 5.30pm: Burns Beach sunset shoot with Lynn Gail
Join travel photographer, Lynn Gail, for an exhilarating sunset shoot at Burns Beach.

7pm – 8pm: Etienne Bossot – “Stay Inspired: Keeping Travel Photography Real” (Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

For lovers of travel and photography, join travel photographer Etienne Bossot who is joining us all the way from Hoi An in Vietnam, to share his thoughts and approaches on making your travel photographs authentic and real and to keep evolving your travel photography style.


6.45am – 8am: Mandurah Marina sunrise shoot with Steve Eagland.
Take a wander around Mandurah Marina and catch the sunrise with Mandurah-based photographer, Steve Eagland.

9.30am – 10.30am: Guildford photowalk with Sean Breadsell
Explore historic Guildford on a photowalk with street photographer, Sean Breadsell.

2.30pm – 3.30pm: Kent Street Weir photowalk with Seng Mah
Explore the environments around the Kent Street Weir in this nature-themed photowalk with Seng Mah.

5pm – 6pm: Claisebrook Cove sunset shoot with Rob Gillman
Shoot the sunset at East Perth’s Claisebrook Cove with urban and architecture photographer, Rob Gillman.

7pm – 8pm: Aaron Dowling – Making a Step-Change in Photography (Webinar)
Venue: Online via Zoom

If you’ve ever felt that your photography is in need of evolution or reinvigoration, then join Master Landscape Photographer, Aaron Dowling on exploring the changes you can make to your own photographic journey by examining your own images, reasons for shooting and how you can continue to create fresh, new, meaningful work. Find out how you can find new inspiration to drive your photography forward.


Tickets are $195 for full festival access (all events) | $165 for Webinars access only.
You can purchase your ticket by clicking the button below. Please note that ticket sales are managed through Eventbrite.