Photo Inspo Festival 2021

Supercharge your photography
at the Photo Inspo Festival 2021!

Dates: 8am, Saturday 16 October – 5pm, Sunday 17 October
Venue: Team Digital (5 Coolgardie Terrace, East Perth) and select venues.
Price: $285

Enjoy an amazing weekend of photographic inspiration that will spark your imagination and inspire you to explore new aspects of photography and take your image making to fresh, new levels!

  • Two action-packed days of photographic learning!
  • Nine sensational speakers to inspire and teach you!
  • Great photowalks, featuring street, urban, landscapes, nature and night photography.
  • Special guest star, Steve Huddy, all the way from South Australia!
  • A splendid sundowner with nibbles and drinks.


Speaker sessions are hosted at The Bunker Gallery in Team Digital, East Perth. Sessions include a light lunch and tea/coffee.

Alex Cearns OAM – Why Photography is Magic

Join one of the most beloved photographers in and outside town, Alex Cearns OAM, for a journey of re-discovery as you find out why photography is magic! Alex will be sharing her incredible photographic experiences and dispensing advice on how you can discover or re-discover the magic in photography!

Brett Canet-Gibson – Engaged, Connected, Emotive Portraits of Strangers

Well known for his multi award-winning portraits of everyday people, Brett will share with you how you can shoot and create engaged, connected people portraits. Brett pounds the pavements of Perth in search of people and faces that are immortalised in beautiful, poetic and emotive portraits.

Diana Andersen – The Art of Wildlife Photography

How do you turn your wildlife or nature photographs into something more than just a specimen shot? With a lifetime experience of working with wildlife, Diana Andersen will show you how to create riveting wildlife images that spark curiosity and engage the viewer. Learn how to use moment, light and composition to capture and create great animal images.

Nigel Gaunt – Exhibiting your own Work

Every photographer dreams of having an exhibition of their own work. Well, dream no more as fine art photographer, Nigel Gaunt, shows you the ins and outs of organising your own photography exhibition. You will learn about the processes of putting an exhibition together, from the curation process to tips on venue selection and hanging your work.

Nathan Dobbie – Landscapes from High Above (landscape image making with drones)

How do you take landscape photographs (and video) with a drone? Join Landscape and Nature photographer, Nathan Dobbie (Nature by Nathan) and learn how you can create arresting, dynamic and beautiful landscapes from the air!

Kirsten Graham – Rediscovering your Mojo through Personal Work

What happens when your photography hobby turns into a full-time job? What if your work/family/life commitments mean that you don’t have much time to pursue your love of photography? What if you lose your mojo? Don’t despair! Join Master Photographer, Kirsten Graham, and discover how you can re-ignite the spark and fall in love again with photography by pursuing personal work.

Dale Neill – Real People. Real Photographs: stripping away the make-up and revealing the magic

A lifetime in portrait photography has equipped Master Photographer (and world famous Fremantle raconteur), Dale Neill, with the ability to take portraits of people that are authentic and beautiful. Join Dale and learn how you can strip away the mask and the make-up and photograph the real person!

Steve Huddy – Planning your next Photography Adventure

Steve Huddy is no stranger to photographic adventure: he has traveled, shot and organised Canon Collective events and tours to places near and far. In this session, Steve will show you the tools you can use to help plan your next shoot. You’ll learn how to use PhotoPills, The Photographers’ Ephemeris and other apps to make sure you get to the right place at the right time!

Tammy Gibbs, Yuri Verbaan and Amanda Blanksby – Breathless Images: The Incredible World of Underwater Photography

Enter a world of mystery, magic and marvel as three of Perth’s most passionate and dedicated underwater photographers share their journey into the dream like depths of the ocean. You’ll be blown-away by their images and their stories, and perhaps you’ll even be inspired to explore the underwater world with your photography.


Riverside East Perth with Steve Huddy and Seng Mah

East Perth Grunge with Mark Brierley

Long Exposures and the Art of Movement with Steve Huddy

Guildford Morning Photowalk with Sean Breadsell

Birdlife and Nature Photowalk with Craig Franke

Streets of Northbridge with Lynn Gail

Time Lapse Photography with Steve Huddy


Festival tickets are $285 each and gives you full access to all photowalks and speaker sessions. Included in your ticket is the Sundowner on Saturday afternoon, along with a light lunch on both days of the festival.

Grab your ticket by clicking the booking button below!


Should the running of the Festival be impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic (eg. a snap lockdown or social restrictions in Perth), we will look into an alternative date for the Festival later this year or early in 2022. Note that the programme may change depending on the availability of speakers. If you purchase a ticket for this festival, you will have the option of requesting refund (minus any non-refundable costs such as booking fees) or to retain your ticket as credit towards the re-scheduled festival.