Creating Connections: The Travel Portrait

Creating Connections: The Travel Portrait


Time: 6.00pm – 8.00pm, Thursday 27 September 2018
Venue: The Epson Print Gallery, Team Digital – 268 Lord St, East Perth
Cost: $35

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One of the most enriching rewards of travel is the connections we make with people from local communities and cultures and the value that we gain from that connection . For photographers, especially, this connection can be a powerful experience in self-discovery that can lead the remarkable opportunities in travel portraiture.

Nico Marino, an adventurer, story teller, nomad and photographer, has spent the last 22 years of his life traveling through 88 countries and thousands of cities, towns and villages. He has lived with local communities in remote areas, accessible only by foot or by bicycle, which is Nico’s mode of transport during his travels.

Nicolas Marino

    “I am out there to engage people who are sometimes so radically different from the way I was brought up that the more I engage them, the more I learn to see the world from a different perspective. It keeps both my heart and mind fresh, open and alive.”


Join Nico for an evening of stories of adventure and human connection, where he shares his belief in the way photography can help portray the human condition in a dignifying, human way. Learn from his experiences and hear his tips and recommendations for how you too can form meaningful connections with the people you meet in your travels and use your photography to capture their soul, their stories and their humanity. This seminar is perfect for photographers who enjoy travel and yearn to be able to gain the confidence to connect with people during their travel and to take their portraits in a way that deepens the experience of travel and human connection.

    “I seek to portray the human condition, the people and the environment they live in, in the uttermost dignifying way, because behind every single person in this world there is an underlying dignity, there is humanity, there is something inside every one that intrinsically links them to me and links me to them.”


Places in this exclusive event are strictly limited. Come and be part of an evening of discovery and wonder, as Nico shows you how to capture the soul of the earth.


This event has SOLD OUT. If you would like to be informed in the case of a late cancellation, please contact us.