In the Photo Biz Seminar

“Inspiration and practical advice for starting your own photography business from six of Perth’s most talented and creative professional photographers!”


In the Photo Biz

Time: Saturday 15 June, 9.30am – 4.00pm
Venue: Team Digital – 5 Coolgardie Terrace, East Perth
Price: $160
Presenters: Julie Kerbel, Alex Cearns, Lynn Gail, Erica Serena, Ryan Ammon and David Winch


How do you start a photography business? What are the challenges? The rewards? How do you market effectively? What can you do to push your business further and gain new customers?

Join us for “In the Photo Biz”, a day of seminars designed to educate, inspire and motivate photographers who want to learn how to effectively start and run a photography business!

Six creative and talented professional photographers will share their journey in crafting and creating their very own unique photography businesses. They will give you an insight into the practicalities of starting a business and, more importantly, will share their own personal experiences in developing a business that’s sustainable in the long-term.

Learn the important elements that shape a business in its first few years, and the strategies that can help you maintain your business into the future. Find out how important it is to set up a business vision, to develop short- and long-term goals and to provide a great service to customers, bringing back repeat customers and word of mouth sales.

Our speakers come from a range of different photographic backgrounds and experiences. Each specialises in a different area of professional photography and their experiences range from those who have been in the business since forever, to photographers who have made the switch to a full time business in the last few years.

If you’re thinking of starting your own photography business, or if you’ve been in the biz for a while but want to learn more about what you can do to keep things fresh and exciting for you, then you can’t miss “In the Photo Biz”!


Julie Kerbel is a freelance photographer who has been in business since 2008. Julie will share her story about developing a business as a freelance photographer who is able to shoot a range of genres and subjects – from portraits, to events, weddings and sports — and how she has managed to develop a focus in her business that focus on her passion: sports photography.

Lynn Gail is a travel photographer and travel writer who has been published in a range of magazines including Silver Kris (Singapore Airlines in-flight magazine), Get Up and Go, Get Lost, The Safari Guide Magazine and more. Lynn will speak about how pitching articles to publishers, key aspects of shooting a travel assignment, and monetising your images through stock photo libraries and similar channels.

Alex Cearns is a celebrated animal photographer and business coach who has been a working professional photographer for over a decade. One of the most successful animal photographers in Australia, she has consistently booked 500+ paid photo sessions a year for the past 8 years and has built up a loyal and engaged client base who return time and time again and who choose not to go anywhere else, regardless of price. Alex will share the decision-making process she went through when she transitioned from hobbyist photographer to professional, as well what clients are really seeking from their photographer and their photo session experience. She will provide insight into easy ways to exceed client expectations and will discuss the three truths of business – communication, negotiation and putting out fires.

Ryan Ammon is the owner and managing director of Ammon Creative, a boutique photography business specialising in commercial/advertising, events and wedding photography. His clients includes Woolworths, Optus Stadium, Tradelink , CQ University and more. Ryan will be speaking about his experiences in developing his business from woe to go — starting out as a graduate photography student and building a vibrant and successful business over the years. What are the pitfalls and common mistakes that new professionals make and how do you learn from them? How do you structure and run your business to make it as effective, efficient and streamlined as possible? Join Ryan as he shares his experiences, insights and advice with you!

David Winch transitioned from working as a lawyer to a commercial and portrait photographer specialising in unconventional school portraits, family portraits and corporate headshots. He has been running David Peter Photography for the last three years and will share his experiences in developing his business: the challenges, the rewards and his personal reasons for making the change to self-employment as a professional photographer.

Erica Serena has been a wedding photographer for more than 16 years and established her business when she was only 20. She will be speaking about her experiences in growing a wedding photography business, and sharing advice for those starting out and those who intend to make wedding photography the focus of their business. Erica is also a multi-award winning photographer and will discuss the role of awards in marketing our business.
This event includes complimentary morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

There are only 35 seats available for this event, so make sure you book early to avoid missing out!



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