Portraiture Inspo Day

Love portrait photography? Come and be inspired, thrilled and educated!

Date: Saturday 7 August 2021 (new date)
Time: 11.00am – 4.00pm
Venue: Team Digital (15 Coolgardie Terrace, East Perth)
Price: $190

Note: Due to the snap lockdown in Perth-Peel (29 June – 3 July), this event is now re-scheduled to run Saturday 7 August 2021. Places available for this new date.

Portraiture Inspo Day poster featuring samples of portraits by Seng Mah, Johannes Reinhart and Lauren Crooke


Do you love portraiture or are keen to get inspired and motivated to level up your portrait photography?

The “Portraiture Inspo Day” is all about inspiring you to take your portrait photography to new and creative levels! This event also includes the opportunity for you to try your hand at creative portrait photography, working with our portrait sitters and trying out a range of lighting equipment and techniques!

The Day kicks off at 11am with your arrival and registration. Then, it’s action stations!


Seng Mah – “The Portrait Photographer’s Palette”

Explore the gamut of lighting tools and techniques with Seng Mah. You’ll discover how Seng conceptualises the lighting for his portrait shoots and how he lights to evoke mood, drama, emotion and mystery. The techniques you learn in this presentation will have practical application in the hands-on shoots later in the day.

Lauren Crooke (Crooked Images) – “Everyone is Beautiful”

Lauren Crooke is a professional photographer who specialises in inspiring positive body images through her boudoir photography. Join Lauren as she shares her inspiration and philosophy about creating experiences for women (cis, trans and non-binary) through her photography.

PORTRAIT SHOOT CHALLENGE featuring Johannes Reinhart

We are challenging multi-awarded photographer and all round super-talented artist, Johannes Reinhart, to shoot, edit and create a portrait within 45 minutes… with a portrait sitter and using lights that he will only find out on the day! Talk about a surprise! Find out how a professional photographer performs under pressure to create his unique portrait vision!


Finally, it’s your turn to try your hand at portrait photography. There will be shooting stations set up with our portrait sitters, so that you can try your hand at portrait lighting and photography. So, make sure you bring your camera and portrait lens. It’s a great way to see how lighting works first hand and grab some great captures for your portrait portfolio! 

COVID-19 Policy

Should this event be affected by Covid-19 (for instance, a lockdown or institution of social isolation), then all tickets will be refunded (less Eventbrite’s booking fee, which is built into the overall price of this ticket). 

You will need to make sure that you register using the SafeWA app on arrival at Team Digital for the seminars. At the Shoot events, you will need to manually register using the provided registration form.

You are expected to observe and follow all Covid-19 safety policies and laws while attending this event. This may include social distancing, use of hand sanitisers, face masks etc.


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