Supporting Photography Groups/Clubs

Photography groups and camera clubs play an important role in the development of photography beginners and enthusiasts in the community. As we share the same mission and goals with many clubs, we’re delighted to support local (Perth metropolitan area) photography groups and clubs in a number of ways:


Competition Night Judging

Seng is always happy to judge at club competition nights (and has done for the last four years). If you’d like to ask Seng to judge, just contact us with details of your competition night eg. potential date, subject topic, start time and so on.


Education Night Presentations

We have a number of presentations about different aspects of photography that will interest club members. These include:

  • 10 steps to becoming a better photographer: Where we explore 10 things that can help you improve as a photographer.
  • Shooting the Wild: An engaging seminar that explores the equipment, techniques, approaches and tips for wildlife photography.
  • The Raw Workflow: Tips and techniques for shooting in Raw, followed by a demonstration of a complete Lightroom workflow from image import to final export.

If you’d like us to be involved in your education night, just contact us with details about the presentation you’d like and information about the night (date, time, number of people attending etc).


Online video tutorials

We’re building a library of instructional videos that focus on the use of post-production software such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for digital photo editing. Check out what’s available below.

If there are other ways in which we can support your photography group’s or club’s activities, please contact us.