1-on-1 Photography Workshop

If you prefer a personalised learning experience with all content and learning activities tailored to your needs and equipment, or if you cannot attend any of our small group sessions due to other commitments, we have 1-on-1 workshops available just for you!

Instructor: Seng Mah
Duration: 2 hours
Price: $399 inc GST
Venue: Various

Beginner’s Photography 1-on-1 Workshop

View down High Street in Fremantle

Are you a beginner and would like to get off shooting in “Auto”? This workshop will teach you how to use your camera, its functions and settings so that you can achieve greater creative control over your photography. It is tailored specifically to your camera brand and model and includes a set of reference notes to help you work through the key concepts covered.

Key topics covered include:

  • Understanding your camera interface
  • Shooting in different lighting
  • ISO, White balance, Aperture and Shutter Speed
  • Taking control of focus
  • Shooting moving subjects
  • Creating shallow and deep depths of field in your images
  • Freezing and blurring movement
  • Controlling exposure
  • Composition guidelines
  • And more…

Typically, the beginner’s 1-on-1 workshop runs in Fremantle, but it can also be run at a location that suits you best (a travel supplement may apply).

Portrait Photography 1-on-1 Workshop

Two young women sitting on a boardwalk.

If you enjoy portrait photography and would like to get better at it, our 1-on-1 Portrait Photography Workshop will show you how to shoot and capture better, more evocative, stunning portraits.

This workshop covers the equipment and techniques used — such as the best lenses for portrait photography, the role of focal length, depth of field, exposure and metering. But it also covers using natural light on location (outdoors and/or indoors), as well as using lighting accessories such as a reflector and/or a flash speedlight.

This workshop is suitable for you if you are skill up on shooting portraits on location, whether outdoors or indoors or both.

Flash Photography 1-on-1 Workshop

Off camera flash lit portrait of a young man standing at the facade of an office block.

If you have a flash speedlight and would like to learn how to use it properly and creatively, then this 1-on-1 workshop is for you.

This workshop covers the use of the flash speedlight primarily for people photography — whether you’re shooting events or portraits, indoors and out. It also covers the use of lighting modifiers for speedlights. Finally, we also look at off-camera flash use for more creative lighting in your portraits.

This workshop is suitable for photographers who currently work primarily with natural light, but would like to learn how to leverage the use of a flash speedlight to enhance and expand their photography.

Studio Lighting 1-on-1 Workshop

Studio portrait of a young woman.

Our 1-on-1 Studio Lighting workshop is aimed at portrait photographers who want to learn about shooting in a studio environment using studio strobes (studio flash lighting).

The focus of this workshop is the development of your understanding of lighting for studio portraiture. It’s easy to learn the technical aspects of studio lighting; the real challenge is understanding how best to use lights creatively to bring your vision to life. You’ll look at a range of different lighting techniques, from type of lighting, angle of lighting, lighting modifiers, hard light vs soft light, and the effect of lighting in shaping faces and bodies.

It’s a hands-on, learn-by-doing course that will show you how to set up, use and shoot with studio lights to create beautiful and eye-catching portraits. More importantly, it covers key lighting techniques that can be the difference between an average studio portrait and a GREAT one!

This workshop runs either at Digidirect Cannington, or at Team Digital in East Perth.

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