1-on-1 Wildlife / Macro Photography

Instructor: Craig Franke
Level: All
Venue: On location
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $299 inc GST


Do you enjoy wildlife photography and would like to gain a greater understanding and skill in this genre of photography? Are you a macro photography enthusiast who wants to get more out of use of your macro lens and macro photography techniques?

Then let our resident wildlife/macro photography expert, Craig Franke, show you how to get better at it in our exclusive 1-on-1 Wildlife/Macro Photography workshop!


This workshop can be customised to your level as a photographer, so it's suitable for you, whether you're a beginner wanting to gain a better understanding of shooting macro or wildlife, or if you're a fairly experienced enthusiast who is looking to refine your technique and vision.

Craig can show you how to get the most out of your camera and lenses, and show you the "tricks of the trade" in wildlife or macro photography -- from understanding the behaviour of your wild subjects to coming to grips with lighting, focus and being able to "nail that shot".

Jumping wren

Your 1-on-1 workshop will be conducted on location, so it's all very hands-on, where you will learn by shooting.

Take your first steps, or advance your journey, into wildlife/macro photography with Craig in this 1-on-1 workshop.

Peacock jumping spider


Craig Franke - Wildlife/Macro Photography Instructor




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