FREO SHOTS Photowalks and Workshops

Explore Fremantle with your camera in these fun and exciting photowalks and mini-workshops with some of Perth’s most awesome professional photographers!


Freo Shots

FREO SHOTS is all about getting you out shooting, learning and trying something new! Run as part of the SHOTS Exhibition in Fremantle, these events focus on exploring different aspects of Freo while trying out new things in your photography.

The FREO SHOTS events run on weekends, from Saturday 21 November to Saturday 5 December. They’re suitable for photographers of all levels, including beginners!


Freo Black and White

3pm – 4pm: FREO BLACK AND WHITE with Seng Mah ($25) – SOLD OUT
Arm yourself with your camera, two feet and a heartbeat, and take to the streets of Fremantle with travel/documentary photographer, Seng Mah, as you discover how to look at the world in black and white. It’s all about light and contrast, depth and tones, and you’ll never see the world the same way again!

Freo Abstracts

4.30pm – 5.30pm: FREO ABSTRACTS with Mark Brierley ($25) – SOLD OUT
Join urban landscape photography guru, Mark Brierley, for an hour of exploration in Freo, hunting abstracts! You’ll find them in the geometry of buildings and walls, on pavements and lanes, and in the most surprising places!


Re-Freo-sh your vision

3pm – 4pm: RE-FREO-SH YOUR VISION with Julie Kerbel ($25) – SOLD OUT
If you find yourself taking the same tired and trite images, then it’s time to refresh your vision! Join professional photographer, Julie Kerbel, and learn new ways to change the way you see and shoot. You’ll discover a more creative side to shooting that will have you capture unique and quirky moments and scenes!

Light, life and locality

4.30pm – 5.30pm: FREO LIGHT, LIFE & LOCALITY with Lynn Gail ($25) – SOLD OUT
Learn how to tell stories about a place or people through photography. Travel photographer, Lynn Gail, will guide you with tips on how you can use photography to create and develop a story about a particular place or setting. From shooting across a range of subjects and angles, to using different focal lengths to highlight particular aspects and elements of place.


Phone photography

4pm – 5pm: FREO PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY with Michelle Power ($25)
If your phone photography is limited to just snaps that lack life, vibrance and creativity, then join phone photographer extraordinaire, Michelle Power, for a delightful afternoon of discovery! Learn how to capture great images with your phone: it’s all to do with timing, angles, composition and light! And Michelle will be there to share her top tips and approaches on how you can level up with your phone photography!


Freo Motion Blur

1.30pm – 2.30pm: FREO MOTION BLUR with Johannes Reinhart ($25) – SOLD OUT
Tap into your artistic side in this very special photo walk and workshop that will have you discovering how to capture the soul and spirit of place! Join fine art photographer, Johannes Reinhart, and learn how you can use your camera in creative ways to create and capture mood, emotion and vibe through intentional camera movement. It’s going to be different, unique and a whole lot of fun!

Freo Industrial Chic

3pm – 4pm: FREO INDUSTRIAL CHIC with Mark Brierley ($25)
Away from the tourist hotspots in Fremantle are places of great photogenic grit and grunge! Join much accoladed urban landscape guru, Mark Brierley, for an enlightening and educational photowalk into the industrial side of Fremantle. Explore the old Fremantle sheds and old lanes while you look to capture great compositions!