Getting Started in Photography

"The perfect jump-on point for beginners!"



Level: Beginners
Date: Saturday 23 June 2018
Duration: 10.30am to 4.30pm
Cost: $280 - includes a light lunch and shoot with a model
Instructors: Seng Mah
Location: Venture Studio @ Suite 5, 133 High Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
Maximum participants: 15 (4 seats available)
Have you recently purchased a digital camera with manual controls, or have had one for some time, but you never take it off the "Auto" mode because you're not sure how to control your camera?

"Getting Started in Photography" will show you how to get off that "Auto" mode and start using your camera more creatively. It's the perfect starting point if you're brand new to photography!


"Yesterday I completed the 'Getting Started in Photography Workshop', I loved it! Seng is amazing, he equips you with so much information. Say goodbye to the auto function feature on your DSLR. At no time did i feel my questions were too basic. Seng and Russell are very knowledgeable and very encouraging of everyone. I went into the day with no clue on what to do with my new camera and come out very confident." (Liz Conlan)


What you will learn:

Because this is a workshop for absolute beginners, we start at the very beginning - by looking at:

  • Top tips for camera operation
  • Picture Quality: Shooting in JPEG picture format vs shooting in RAW picture format: what's the difference?
  • Controlling White Balance to get correct colours in your photograph
  • Working in low light: how controlling ISO can help
  • Lenses and focal length (what the numbers on the zoom ring of your lens mean)
  • Choosing what you want in focus: how to use autofocus creatively and effectively
  • Using autofocus tracking to shoot sharp images of moving subjects
  • Using continuous shooting or drive mode to take rapid-fire action shots

Then, we look at more advanced camera operations, to give you creative control over your photography:

  • How to achieve shallow and deep depths of field using aperture control
  • Shooting movement and action: freezing and blurring motion using shutter speed
  • How exposure works: the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • Checking your exposure: how to read the histogram to make sure you have nailed the right exposure
  • Using Exposure Compensation to correct for over- or under-exposure
  • Shooting in Manual Exposure mode and taking control of creative exposure

This workshop includes an in-the-field shoot in Fremantle -- where you'll be able to put what you have learned into practice, and be guided in your photography by your instructor.


What you'll need:
  • Your camera
  • Your lens/es
  • The manual for your camera
  • Workshop notes are provided, but please bring a pen if you'd like to make additional notes.

You don't need to bring a tripod to this workshop.

This workshop is suitable for digital cameras with manual controls (P, A/Av, S/Tv and M modes) including DSLRs, Micro Four Third cameras, mirrorless cameras and advanced compact cameras. Workshop notes are provided.



I just want to say a huge thank you to you and Julie for an amazing day yesterday. I've learnt so much and can't wait to put it all into practice! Will definitely be back to attend more of your courses, especially your night time ones. Very happy I managed to squeeze into the group. Thanks again for what you do - you're awesome!! (Elaine Goh)

Thank you for today’s workshop. It’s exactly what I’d hoped for and it has filled in ALL the gaps for me! I’ve attended quite a few photographic workshops this year around Perth and you’re by far the best. You make it so clear and easy to understand. (Nancye Miles-Tweedie)

I would thoroughly recommend Seng's Workshop. He was clear and concise and made everything easy to understand. We put everything we learned into practice at the end of the day, which was fun as well as instructive. Thank you Seng and Russell. (Pat Swallow)

Great presentation. Seng explains in everyday language and this makes everything easy to comprehend. The day was very hands on and he ensured that everyone was able to grasp each area before we moved on. The photo walk with the model was a fabulous ending as we practiced all the aspects from the day. I would recommend all beginners and those with a little knowledge to attend this presentation. Thanks Seng (Sally Bayley)

Thanks so much to Seng and Russell for a great workshop on Saturday. Very hands on and full of practical information, which I loved. Would recommend it to anyone who is a true beginner or someone who needs a recap. (Brenda Tilley)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the workshop on Saturday. I found the workshop really informative and will hopefully now be able to use my DSLR to the best of its ability! I enjoyed the fact that the workshop was practical and very hands-on but also the fun and related to the style of teaching you offered, this made it easy to stay focussed all day and learn in detail. I will definitely be recommending Venture in future. (Kaisha Pember)

Thanks so much for a really great day! I feel way more confident in handling my DSLR and Penelope and I are busily planning when we are going to get together to practice the skills we've learnt. I really appreciated all the support and advice from you and Russ. Lay Yin was exceptionally patient and I found it really made a difference in actually having a model to practice shooting. I'm sure I will see you again for another workshop in the future. (Marie Yau)

Really enjoyable day. A great way to learn the basics of photography and get inspired. Thanks Seng and Russell. (James Teare)

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write back and say thank you for the course on Saturday, I really enjoyed it and felt I learnt a lot during the course, it really opened my eyes as to just how deep you can delve into the photography and how much I have to learn, it really was a fantastic introduction and has given me more confidence in what I am doing with my camera. (Grant Mead)

Thanks so much to you, Gerrie, and Russell, for a fabulous workshop. I honestly felt like I got a lot out of the day. Gerrie, you have a good knack for getting information across and that's exactly what I needed. A bit of spoon feeding to start me off so that I can learn the very brand new and alien stuff and then I'm usually on my way. So thank you both. I'm very pleased I attended and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who might like to up their skills. (Irma Schnecker)

A great workshop run by Gerrie. I am much more confident with my camera and also more comfortable with photographic terminology. I would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about the Art of Photography! (Christopher Tutty)

Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic workshop. I discovered there was so much more that I can do with my camera once I turn the auto button off! It was a really interesting class and your hands-on approach was brilliant. Now it's time for practice !! Thanks! (Alan Tulloch)

I had a fantastic day. So much information delivered in a clear and fun way. Hands on was great as was the individual help when I couldn't find a button or forgot what I was supposed to be doing! (Sue Pratt)

Thank you - a great one day presentation covering so much & making it sound simple and fun and then being able to pull it all together with a practical component was very helpful. Looking forward to the advanced course (after lots of practice) and more! Thanks Gerrie and Seng! (Sally Rogers)

Thank you to both yourself and Gerrie for a fantastic workshop. I got a lot out of the session, and I really enjoyed the live shoot with Mandy. I’m going to head back down to Freo next weekend to practice. I didn’t realise how many great photo locations Freo has to offer. It’s definitely a great place to practice. (Nicole White)

Hi Seng and Gerrie. Thank you for your great workshop on Saturday. I had a great time and learnt a lot. I went out on Sunday photographing my grandchildren with great success. I was worried about not remembering anything but have remembered enough to use my camera more effectively. Your notes have also been helpful. (Gayle MacFarlane)

What a fantastic workshop. Seng you are extremely easy going but full of knowledge. You present yourself well and even with your artistic expressions you made it all appear clear and simple. Look forward to going to many more of your workshops. Denis, you also made it clear and simple without to much complicated (yet to learn) tech talk. Thank you for encouraging myself to get closer to my model in the correct way. I now will take my new skill to next level in all areas of photography. (Kristieanna Stewart)

I left my class feeling that I had the knowledge to go and experiment with my camera. The day was relaxed, informative and the practical photo shoot was awesome. Thank you Seng and Gerrie. (Nicki Hill)

I just wanted to thank you very much for an inspiring workshop. I had a great day and you are a wonderful teacher. I feel much more confident to explore the options on my camera. Also I very much appreciated your advice re which camera to buy and I am thrilled with my Canon. So thank you again. (Jane Gregson)

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