Intermediate & Advanced Digital Photography

“Learn the skills and techniques used by pros!”

Intermediate and Advanced Digital Photography Poster

Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Date: Saturday 29 January 2021
Duration: 10.00am – 1.00pm
Cost: $200 (CHRISTMAS 2021 SPECIAL: Use the promo code VENTUREXMAS21 and get $30 off the price; pay only $170)
Instructors: Seng Mah
Location: Digidirect Cannington – 12 Cecil Avenue, Cannington
Maximum participants: 10

Get a better, deeper understanding of your camera at this workshop, which is dedicated to extending your photographic knowledge base and giving you more confidence in taking professional quality images. Whether you enjoy portraits, landscapes or just photographing for the joy of it,  this workshop  will show you the techniques used for a range of photographic situations.

This workshop is perfect for people who have completed our “Beginner’s Digital Photography” workshop or a similar entry-level photography course. You’ll build on what you have already learned and will focus on mastering the use of Manual Exposure on your camera, along with a host of other skills, including using different exposure modes, shooting action or moving subjects, landscape photography settings, using circular polarising filters, shooting light trails, and more! 

  • Setting your aperture, shutter speed and ISO manually in Manual Exposure Mode.
  • Adjusting for exposure compensation manually.
  • The different types and uses of exposure metering modes.
  • Obtaining spot-on exposure using spot metering.
  • Shooting action/moving subjects by using continuous focus modes.
  • Techniques for attaining a deep depth of field in landscape photography.
  • Using filters circular polarising filters.
  • Exposure bracketing: when, why and how.
  • How to best use a tripod.
  • Shooting light trails.

You’ll learn by practising and shooting, so that you reinforce and consolidate your new skills and understanding. 

  • Your interchangeable lens camera.
  • Your lens/es, from wide angle to telephoto.
  • The manual for your camera.
  • Notebook and a pen.
  • A tripod.

This workshop is suitable for digital cameras with manual controls (P, A/Av, S/Tv and M modes) including DSLRs and interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras.  


Bookings for this workshop are managed through Eventbrite. To book your place in this workshop, click the button below. Remember to use the promo code VENTUREXMAS21 to get your discount!