Southern Forests Photography Weekend

Immerse yourself in the beauty of WA’s Southern Forests in this workshop weekender designed for lovers of photography.

The Cascades
Karri Valley Lake

Instructors: Seng Mah
Level: Intermediate
Dates: 26 – 28 July 2024
Cost: $750 (This price is for the workshop only. If you are visiting the region, you will need to arrange accommodation in Pemberton)
Location: Pemberton
Maximum participants: 6 (SOLD OUT: Please contact us if you’d like to get on the wait list in the event of a late cancellation).

Karri Valley Sunrise

Explore the magnificent karri forests and the tranquil lakes of the Southern Forests in an unforgettable weekend of photography. If you enjoy uncovering new landscapes and discovering your potential as a creative photographer and image maker, join us for this weekend retreat where you will be exploring, shooting and creating beautiful images of Western Australia’s green heartland.

Pemberton Pool

This weekend retreat takes you deep into the winter forests of the Karri Valley, along the Karri Valley Explorer Trail, as you uncover forest pools and leafy river bends, reflective lakes, glimmering cascades and more. You will also journey to the rugged coast of Windy Harbour and the stunning views from Point d’Entrecasteaux overlooking the Southern Ocean at sunset. It’s three days of splendid photography!

Salmon Beach
Morning lake reflections

Plus, for the first time ever, we will be including a portraiture component in the Southern Forests weekend! Learn how to shoot environmental portraits as you work with our character model, shooting in beautiful and unique local settings in and near Pemberton.

Drew in the bush

This weekend will be based out of Pemberton, so we recommend that you book accommodation for this workshop weekender in Pemberton. 

Highlights include:

  • Sunset shoot at Lake Beedelup, a reflective lake fringed by lush karri forests.
  • Exploring the waterways around Pemberton to capture still reflections.
  • Forest pools and cascades in the Southern Forests.
  • The incredible southern coastline at Point d’Entrecasteaux at sunset.
  • Big Brook Dam and the meandering forest trail of the Karri Valley Explorer.
  • Environmental portrait shoot on location around Pemberton.
Windy Harbour

Shooting and learning on location means that you will develop real world skills and understandings in recognising the way light shapes the landscape and how you can visualise, frame and compose your images to achieve your vision.

Note: We are limiting this workshop to 6 participants in order to give you maximum opportunity to shoot and have 1 on 1 time with your instructors.

The Cascades


  • Your interchangeable lens camera.
  • Wide angle and telephoto lenses; typically, lenses that cover the range from 14mm to 120mm if you are shooting full frame, or 10mm to 100mm if you’re shooting crop frame. Micro 4/3 camera users should look at lenses in the 8mm to 50mm range.
  • A portrait lens around 85mm – 200mm with wide apertures for full frame (or 35mm – 200mm with wide apertures for crop frames).
  • A sturdy and stable tripod that will let you adjust the position of the camera on the tripod quickly and easily.
  • A remote shutter or cable release.
  • Neutral density (ND) filter: a mid-density filter of around ND32 or ND64.
  • A circular polariser filter (essential).
  • A sturdy camera bag that is easy to carry around (backpack or a sling bag).
  • Spare batteries, battery charger, lots of spare memory cards.
  • A large plastic bag to protect your camera gear from moisture or drizzle.
  • Lens cleaning fluid and cloth.
  • Warm, weatherproof clothing.
  • Flashlight and insect repellant.
  • Sturdy, comfortable shoes suitable for walking on uneven and wet surface.

Please dress for the weather and for forest walks (closed hiking shoes or boots with good grip). If you require assistance in hiking on trails (most of them are easy grade trails, there may be some moderate grade trails especially around rivers and cascades), bring a set of walking poles to help you.


Please read the following to make sure you’re aware of other details pertaining to this retreat:

  • You will need to organise your own travel to and from Pemberton and the photographic locations during the retreat.
  • You will need to cover the cost of your own meals and refreshments.
  • The workshop organisers reserve the right to change sessions, venue and locations during the workshop (subject to weather, access and availability).
  • This is an Intermediate level workshop. It assumes that you are able to adjust your aperture, shutter speed and ISO on your camera and are already familiar with shooting in Raw image format.


Your safety is our concern, but it is your own responsibility, so please read the following safety points that will give you a better picture of the types of terrain we will be exploring at this retreat:

  • You are fully responsible for your own safety and the safety of your equipment during the workshop, and should always observe your own health and safety first.
  • Some photographic excursions will require physical travel on uneven or even wet surfaces such as trails and across rocky and sometimes slippery surfaces. You will need a good level of mobility and reasonable level of fitness in order to participate in this workshop. You should only go as far as you feel comfortable and safe and avoid taking risks that may lead to injury.


SOLD OUT: Please contact us if you’d like to get on the wait list in the event of a late cancellation).

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