Kick Start Studio Photography (1-on-1 workshop)

Instructor: Seng Mah
Level: Intermediate
Venue: Parker and Stone Studio, 2/10 Tidal Way, Bibra Lake.
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $550 inc GST (model available at extra cost of about $90).


Studio Lighting Portraits 1

Kick Start Studio Photography is an exclusive 1-on-1 workshop aimed at giving you the skills and techniques to undertake studio photography – with an emphasis on studio portraiture. This hands-on workshop is aimed at photographers who have invested in studio lighting, and who would like to learn the ins and outs of studio photography - from obtaining correct exposure, to understanding types and styles of lighting, to balancing lights and photographing groups in a studio setting.

Studio lighting Portraits 2

You will learn how to:

  • Set up and control multiple studio lights: learn about lighting groups, channels and setting up lights as optical slaves
  • Make use of modeling lights to assess lighting direction
  • Use the flash meter to obtain an exposure reading
  • Expose for studio lighting
  • Create key, fill and rim lighting
  • Create and use soft light and hard light
  • Control the direction and angle of lighting
  • Apply lighting ratios to create key, fill, accent (kicker) and background lighting
  • Select and use lighting modifiers for specific lighting effects
  • Use gels for creative colour effects
  • Light studio portraits for low key and high key portraits
  • Light for group photography in the studio by using the inverse square law
  • Set up and make safe and effective use of a studio space
  • Work with models and sitters in a studio setting.
  • Posing models and sitters for best effect.

Kick Start Studio Photography is a great way to get your head around the technical and creative aspects of studio photography.


2-on-1 Workshops

If you have a friend who would like to participate in an exclusive customised workshop, we offer 2-on-1 workshops for $775 (model/s are available at extra cost). 2-on-1 workshops are great for personalised learning as there is still plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and learn on an individual level, while sharing the cost of the workshop with another photographer. If you would like to book in as a 2-on-1 for this workshop, please let us know when you contact us below.




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