The Art of Brawn: Lighting the Optimum Male Nude Figure

Level: Any
Venue: Venture Studio @ Upstairs, 133 High Street Mall, Fremantle, Western Australia
Date: 16 February 2017 (Thursday)
Duration: 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Cost: $249 (inc GST)
Maximum participants: 6


The Art of Brawn: Lighting the Optimum Male Nude


This is an exclusive lighting workshop dedicated to exploring the lighting and posing of the optimum male physique. I’ve been working with a male bodybuilder in peak physical condition and shooting a range of images for his portfolio, and this is your chance to shoot powerful and unique images of the male nude in optimum condition for your own portfolio!

We will look at lighting techniques that will shape and sculpt in the bodybuilder’s physique and approaches to posing that to create images of ripped musculature and superhuman build in the nude figure (while also maintaining modesty, where required). This workshop is deliberately limited to only a small handful of photographers to allow more shooting time for all participants and to ensure that you are able to nail powerful, impactful images of the human form.

“The Art of Brawn” is perfect for photographers looking to include something unique and very different in their portfolio and who want to learn how to light and pose the figure in the bodybuilding/optimum physique context.



  • A camera that allows you to shoot in full manual exposure (eg. a DSLR, micro four-thirds camera, mirrorless camera).
  • One or more lenses that can cover a focal range of around 85mm- 100mm for a 35mm equivalent sensor (ie. 50mm on a crop frame, 45mm for a micro four-thirds sensor).



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