What Participants Say

Anita Grewal – Flash Speedlight Workshop

Thank you for presenting the Flash Speedlight Workshop.  I am so glad I was able to attend.  The mix between theory and practical activities both in the studio and outside at the park was perfect. You explained the skills well and your teaching approach was easy to follow. I appreciate your patience in sorting out participants problems with no fuss.  The class size was just right. Practicing the new skills with a live model and getting instant feedback from you was an excellent experience. I enjoyed the session and learnt a lot about how to use a flash speedlight both indoors and outdoors.  I now feel much more confident taking photos of people in different locations and lighting environments. 

Rosi Katich – Flash Speedlight Workshop

Your Flash speed light work shop was fantastic. One of the best I’ve been to. I went from zero use/knowledge/skill to practical know-how! Thanks so much!

Renae Turner – Beginner’s Digital Photography

I had the best time at your course, I loved the course and cant wait to do another one.

Irma Ferreira – Flash Speedlight Workshop

Thank you Seng for an excellent workshop. For the first time my speed light makes a bit more sense.

Andrea Vose – Flash Speedlight Workshop

Great workshop today Seng and Venture Photography Workshops! I learned heaps! It’s amazing what a couple of hours with an expert trainer can do versus hours of searching YouTube!

Alison Thornburn – Cape Leeuwin Landscapes Workshop Weekend

Just completed an amazing Venture Photography Workshop in Augusta with the masters Seng Mah and Nathan Dobbie. From Cosy Corner to Skippy Rock to Hamelin Bay then Sarge Bay and finally the Waterwheel. Thank you so much for all the helpful advise and mentoring. A wonderful bunch of ladies (10 of us) and new friendships made. We battled the wind and rain but at least it wasn’t too cold. I really appreciate everything you have taught me…

Dilip Sharma – Shoot, Sip & Savour: Swan Valley Photo Day

Dear Seng, It was a pleasure to have met you. And Jas and I, truly had a lovely time on the day. I really enjoyed the portrait shoot and also thanks for your expert tips. Once again, thank you for the great effort.

Bev Dawkins

I have done quite a few workshops with Venture and can highly recommend Venture for learning many areas of photography… I always learn so much from you, no one else knows photography like you!!!

Bec Davie – Beginner’s Digital Photography Workshop

Beginner’s workshop was fab! Everything was explained in a way that made sense to a complete novice. Would recommend to anyone!

Loraine Atkins – Beginner’s Digital Photography Workshop

Just completed the Beginners Workshop it was brilliant. Seng made it interesting and easy to understand. Would highly recommend!

Amanda Walters

I’ve just completed my second workshop with Seng and have booked in for a third. Seng is a very patient and generous teacher and the classes are fun and not at all intimidating. I’ve been amazed how much I’ve learned so far (stuff I’ve been trying to figure out on my own for ages) and cant wait for the upcoming portrait workshop.
Thanks Seng!

Nhung Hulkes

I LOVE Seng’s workshops! He makes things so much more clear and awesome in a short time! Highly highly recommend!!!??

Alison Thornburn

Since restarting my photography passion I have relied on Seng at Venture to help get me going again. I have since done a few workshops (portraiture, creative portrait, landscape etc) I was very nervous at first but now feel comfortable and very welcome at every event. On Saturday I did the Fujifilm workshop and left happy knowing that what I had learnt at previous seminars, I was actually “up on it”. Thanks Seng and Team for your valuable help and advise – very much appreciated.

Richard Plumb

Seng combines his fun personality, deep technical knowledge with his award winning photography to deliver engaging, fun and inspirational workshops. I recently attended his FujiX workshop, coming away inspired and with an understanding of how to apply the cameras features in image generation, not just a camera feature dump as other workshops tend to be. Thanks Seng. Highly recommend Venture Photography Workshops.

Matt Cook

I’ve attended many events held by Seng and the Venture team and could not recommend them highly enough. Seng’s ability to teach all levels from beginner right through to advance whilst keeping people engaged is phenomenal. No matter where you are in your photography journey you will always take something away from these workshops and meet some fantastic people along the way.

Sue Doble

I have attended several of Venture’s workshops and will definitely be doing more. Seng is very knowledgeable, informative and patient, and his workshops are a fun way to take your Photography to the next level. I would thoroughly recommend these workshops to any Photographers wishing to improve their skills.

Marie Yau

If you want to learn about photography without being bamboozled by highly technical jargon and the confusing concepts, then Seng is your teacher. He simplifies and teaches in a friendly, relaxed and engaging manner without the waffle! I have done many workshops now with Venture and will continue to keep coming back because they are excellent value for money and my photography skills have improved out of sight. Seng is one of the best teachers I’ve had and his team at Venture are all wonderful and talented photographers in and of themselves, who provide invaluable support.

Mike Richards – Intro to Flash Speedlights

Seng’s enthusiasm for photography and teaching others about it is full throttle and contagious. His delivery his wisdom in a simple and enjoyable fashion. I highly recommend any budding photographer do one of courses you won’t regret it.

Clarissa Human – Taking and Making Stronger Photographs Seminar

The wealth of knowledge and experience shared by Seng, Craig and Johannes was incredibly insightful and informative. Their enthusiasm and passion for photography is contagious and inspiring and the seminar as a whole was a great success! Thank you gentlemen!

Ash Kinsella – Intermediate Digital Photography

I attended the intermediate workshop today and was extremely impressed. Song and Craig were so helpful, friendly and supportive and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and I think will stick even in my hopeless memory. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a workshop to attend and hope to join for workshops to come! Thanks so much guys! Cant wait to get out shooting now!

Jon Stout – Intro to Flash Speedlights

These guys are brilliant at getting the information across no mater what level of photographer you are. I could recommend this company all day long

Paul Giovanetta – Online Communications Officer, St John Ambulance WA)

Seng’s charisma and passion for photography were more than evident when he delivered his course for beginners to our Marketing and Communications team. Not only is he well spoken, knowledgeable and amusing, he put the entire class at ease and made everyone feel comfortable enough to put their hands on a camera. If you’re looking for someone who knows his craft and has a great teaching style, Seng’s your man!

Theresa Pitter – Black and White Street Photography Workshop

Thank you Seng! It was my first workshop with you and I must say, it was fabulous!! I learnt so much in a short time and can’t wait to put these new skills into practice. Look forward to joining you in further workshops,

Margaret Pollard – Black and White Street Photography Workshop

Thank you Seng!! We had such a great time and i learnt so much. So pleased I now have a back button focus.

Nathan Harding – Intermediate Digital Photography

This was the best value course I have ever done! I know that this is a big statement to start off a review, but I honestly believe in what I said.I was given the course as a birthday present and when I reviewed the course outline I was filled with a sense of dread as to how could they possibly cover all the topics that they listed and make it relevant so that I could digest all the information? Would my knowledge of photography be sufficient to keep up with the ambitious course outline? Though once I settled into the course I was amazed at how quickly they were able to pass on their knowledge to all of us in the class with differing levels of knowledge (and camera equipment). If you want to get comfortable with shooting in manual across a range of different styles I’d highly recommend this course.

Alison Maxwell – Beyond 30 Seconds: Using Ultra-Long Exposures

Huge thanks to Seng for this excellent workshop. His style of teaching is very confidence building, and he showed incredible patience even though I hadn’t brought one of the required items with me. I will certainly be booking another course with Venture. Many thanks

Lien Ho – Landscape: Lighting, Composition and Photography Workshop

I really enjoyed myself & learned some great tips. Seng and Brian were both very helpful and patient in the blustery conditions! I am looking forward to practicing when I get back to Canada! Thank you very much Seng and Brian!
Lien (Vancouver, Canada)

Julie Hilin – Landscape: Lighting, Composition and Photography Workshop

The theoretical component of the workshop was particularly valuable. Covering the elements of this genre of photography both presenters shared their knowledge and experience explicitly and comprehensively. Can’t wait to start putting theory into practice. Thank you.

Mike White – Landscape Photography Inspiration Weekend

Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic weekend. Every speaker was inspirational in their own rights and they gave me the ‘recharge’ I needed. Big respect to you also. Your passion comes across so clearly and it makes everyone just want to get up and go.

Amanda Blanksby – Landscape Photography Inspiration Weekend

Great workshop and very inspiring to hear everybody’s personal stories about their photography… all using a camera but in so may different ways to still produce a landscape image. Well thought through and organised as always Seng!! Thanks very much.

Irma Fereira – Landscape Photography Inspiration Weekend

It was an awesome inspiring and educational weekend. Thanks to all the speakers for sharing their knowledge

Mariza Olivier – Landscape Photography Inspiration Weekend

Lots of hard work goes in behind the scene and I would like to thank you for organising such a truely inspirational weekend. Not only did I learn a lot about landscape photography but the journey each one shared made the weekend remarkable. There was something personal me to take away and build on.

Amy Loffler – Landscape Photography Inspiration Weekend

What an amazing day. Thank you Seng and your team. Was not quite what I was expecting but it exceeded my expectations!! The speakers did a fantastic job and I certainly learnt a lot from them sharing their experiences.

Susan Moss – Landscape Photography Inspiration Weekend

So glad I did the Landscape Inspirations weekend with Seng Mah, six totally inspirational speakers over two days. An early start Sunday morning at North Beach Jetty and our leader Brian Kinson, we all nearly got blown away! Thanks to friendships shared and to Seng for a well run weekend

Sandy Colegate – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Thank you for an excellent workshop, Seng and Julie. Loved the day. The beginners workshop was exactly what I needed to gain the confidence to go out and use my camera more. The workshop was informative, clear, easy to understan and presented in a fun way. I would definitely recommend this beginners workshop to anyone wanting to learn about photography

Britt Ingerson (City of Gosnells Library Activity Officer) – Travel Photography Presentation

Seng is a fantastic presenter – he is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. His presentation was engaging, informative and visually stimulating. The information was comprehensive and the participants learnt a lot about different photography techniques like capturing light, contrasting colours, etc. Seng was able to easily present and adapt the information for audience members with a range of photography experience. He brought warmth and a sense of humour to his delivery that helped to put everyone at ease and he answered audience questions well. During the photo walk he kept everyone focussed and engaged in the activity. I would highly recommend Seng for future photography sessions.

Katherine Davenport – Film Noir Hollywood Glamour Portraiture

Just wanted to let you know that I had so much fun last night at the Film Noir Hollywood glamour workshop. And learnt a lot!! I ended up with loads of pics as Monica was the most amazing model.

Michelle Young – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

This course was great! Seng and Julie were both so helpful and informative not to mention great teachers! I learnt so much from this course and would definitely recommend it to all. From not knowing how to use my camera out of auto function, I am now excited to take my camera out and use it to its fullest! Will definitely be signing up for another course! Thanks again.

Barb Hetherington – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Fantastic hands on course. Seng was great at explaining what our cameras can do and followed up with us trying it out in real life outdoors and talking us through it as we went.

We also had a “Model Shoot” out on “location”with Oliver who was great and a very photogenic young boy, I dont think you could take a bad photo of him 🙂 It was a lot of fun.

I would highly recommend this course if you have a camera and are not sure (or didnt have a clue like me) of the different modes and functions other than Auto.

There is a lot to take in but you are given comprehensive, easy to understand notes to take home and i have used them a lot for reference while practising what Seng had taught us. Seng is also a very patient man and never made you feel like your questions were silly or trivial. I am not so scared of my camera any more ha ha ha

I cant wait to go away again, just so i can get some great landscape shots, putting all i learned into practice!

Highly Recommended.

Sylvia Cavanaugh – Natural Light Portraiture Photowalk Mini Workshop

These mini workshops are fun, excellent value and I always learn something new. Seng is generous with his time and extensive photographic knowledge and as a bonus shared some excellent portrait locations around Fremantle. Sign me up for the next one Seng.

Shannon Carnegie-Smith – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Seng and Julie were incredibly helpful and full of knowledge. Ive always loved photography but have always just used auto. This is a great start to understand your camera and all the incredible things it can do. I love how we actually went out of the studio and used everything we learnt was taken into play and we could always ask questions if it wasn’t working the way we were expecting it to.

Peter Padovan – Flash Fast Track Workshop

I’ve done three photo workshops with Seng from Venture Photography. His approach is thorough and methodical. Having started photography very recently, I did require extra help during the classes and Seng genuinely offered to assist providing additional guidance. I would highly recommend Seng and his team at Venture Photography for anyone considering learning photography. They are one of the best at what they do!!!

Helen Tsakaris – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

The beginners photography class was very informative and very easy to understand. I thought I would be lost in the class and wouldn’t understand anything, but the way you taught the class was very easy to understand. Thank you so much. I have learnt heaps hope to do another course in the future.

Marlene Ashley

Wonderful afternoon with Seng in his relaxed studio in Freo. Inspiring hands on practice with a professional presentation and knowledgeable guidance. Lots of laughs amidst all the fantastic information, backed by reference notes. Thank you Seng; I look forward to experimenting!

Elaine Goh – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I just want to say a huge thank you to you and Julie for an amazing day yesterday. I’ve learnt so much and can’t wait to put it all into practice! Will definitely be back to attend more of your courses, especially your night time ones. Very happy I managed to squeeze into the group. Thanks again for what you do – you’re awesome!!

Adam Reid – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I had a wonderful experience attending Seng’s ‘Getting Started in Photography’ workshop. Seng has a brilliant way of explaining the basic fundamentals of the camera and how to use it to it’s full potential. I am very much a beginner but came away from the workshop feeling more confident that I can navigate my way around (what use to seem like) a complicated device. The objective was to come away being able to take the camera off the “Auto” function and felt I certainly achieved that – thanks to the brilliant guidance of Seng and his colleague Russ! I would truly recommend this workshop to anyone who is just starting out and wanting to learn more about their camera.

Sylvia Cavanagh – Flash Fast Track Workshop

I have previously attended a couple of flash photography workshops (not with Seng) I’ve also researched and read some books but I just could’t grasp the whole concept of flash. All that changed after attending this workshop. Seng has a way of breaking the subject into bite size pieces and explaining things so they make sense. Don’t waste your time and money on other courses go straight to Seng and learn all you need to know in one day.

Barry Duck – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

The best investment I have made in my Photography journey. Seng’s relaxed instructional style coupled with his structured learning program, enhanced with clear and practical examples, ensured easy comprehension,of the principal photography concepts. These concepts coupled with his expert explanations of how to use my camera as a “tool” and the “hands on” practice and professional support during the workshop provided a wealth of embedded valuable knowledge. Seng’s objective of “using your camera as a tool to assist your photographic creativity” was further advanced prior to the close of the workshop with the opportunitiy to then shoot a live model at an “offsite” location. This provided numerous opportunities to practice the multiple concepts and shooting modes introduced during the workshop session.
I would fully recommend this workshop as I believe it provides excellent value and a great launching pad for everyone new to Photography.

Liz Conlan – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Yesterday I completed the “Getting Started in Photography Workshop”, I loved it! Seng is amazing, he equips you with so much information. Say goodbye to the auto function feature on your DSLR. At no time did i feel my questions were too basic. Seng and Russell are very knowledgeable and very encouraging of everyone. I went into the day with no clue on what to do with my new camera and come out very confident. Highly recommend Seng and any of his workshops. It was a great day, will definitely be back on one soon!

Nancye Miles-Tweedie – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Thank you for today’s workshop. It’s exactly what I’d hoped for and it has filled in ALL the gaps for me! I’ve attended quite a few photographic workshops this year around Perth and you’re by far the best. You make it so clear and easy to understand.

Tracey Mountford

Seng, you’re absolutely an amazing and brilliant photographer. I learn more and more off you every time I do a workshop. I wouldn’t have more passion for photography, if it wasn’t for your knowledge and experience.. Thank you so much!!

Paul Gatopulosz

Hello Seng, I would like to thank you again for the Creative Portraiture Workshop and encouraging myself to enter the FiPP 2017. I have honestly found the process both extremely rewarding and challenging, particularly as it has been the first time I have used Photoshop. You have definitely sparked in me a newfound interest in creative photography and I look forward to the next workshop to further develop my understanding and skills.

Romola Nocum – Balingup Autumn Photography Workshop

Dear Seng,

Thank you for such a fun and informative “Autumn Photography Workshop” at Balingup Heights Hilltop Forest Cottages on the weekend. I learnt so much and tried some photographic genres that I had never previously considered, such as portraits.

I am absolutely delighted with my photos from the “ Natural Lighting” Portrait Photography session. Having never taken a portrait, I was quite apprehensive. However, in just 3 hours you taught us how to capture the true beauty and personality of our model Kirra.

“Its all about focusing on her eyes” you taught us… and what amazing eyes Kirra has!

Thank you once again.

Peter Baughan – Flash Fasttrack Workshop

The Flash Fasttrack workshop was just what I needed to get a better understanding of how the use of on or off camera flash can enhance my photographs. The workshop provided a nice balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.. Seng’s explanations and practical demonstrations, together with the inclusion of a professional model and interaction between participants certainly aided my learning process.

At the end of the workshop I felt more confident about using the various features my flash unit has to offer, which in turn will allow me to shoot in light conditions I have previously avoided or when I have, ended up with less than satisfactory results. The off camera exercises demonstrated how improvements can be achieved by adding or just repositioning the flash unit/s.
Thanks for a very enjoyable and informative day Seng.

Hugh Thomson – Flash Fasttrack Workshop

I enjoyed the Flash Fasttrack workshop and appreciated your explanation of the material and attention to individual needs throughout the practical sessions.

Take care and I dare say that I’ll see you at another workshop in the not too distant future.


Brenda Tilley – Getting Started in Photography

Thanks so much to Seng and Russell for a great workshop on Saturday. Very hands on and full of practical information, which I loved. Would recommend it to anyone who is a true beginner or someone who needs a recap.

Steve Bowler – The Art of Portrait Photography

Your Portrait Photography workshop exceeded my expectations. The structure and blend of learning and practical application was a perfect balance. It’s a course for photographers and artists alike.

Sarah Matheson – The Art of Portrait Photography

Hi Seng,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop today, and how much I got out of it. We covered so many different lighting scenarios in such a short time, the models were amazing, and you are very gifted in the way you communicate complex concepts in wonderfully clear ways. I will learn as much from the pictures I took that didn’t work as the ones that did because of your explanations.

I also wanted to say how important I think it is that working professionals such as yourself give people the chance to learn from you. I don’t know if you realise what a gift that is to us, but I hope you do. Your models were amazing, inspiring in fact. Your choice of them speaks volumes.

Mary Jo Jackson-Gomez – South West Landscape Photography Workshop Weekend

I have attended a few workshops with Seng and once again, many thanks for an epic workshop at South West Landscape Weekend at Dunsborough. I have learnt much on the techniques, tips and approach into landscape photography during this weekend. Both Seng and Aaron are two talented and amazing photographers and down to earth guys with great experience in the art of landscape photography. During the workshop both Seng and Aaron were approachable and made themselves available at location shoots. Special thanks to Aaron for inspiring me on the thinking process when on location shoot and to Tiffany for all general support given on this weekend. Finally, I have photos worthy of the wall and perhaps enter for competition. Thanks again.

Bettina Jacoby Ticerhurst – Flash Fasttrack Workshop

The Flash Fastrack Workshop with Seng, yesterday, was very interesting and thought provoking. Thank you to the very nice group that attended the workshop and to Seng for an informative day. Additional thanks to the lovely model, Lay Yin.

Under Seng Mah’s tutelage the workshop was well managed, interesting and easy to follow. The level of detail and the way in which Seng goes through each set up was engaging, most interesting and made for good interactions within the class. The workshop was not intimidating even in the areas that took a little more concentration. It is a credit to Seng’s patience and ability to teach. The small class numbers, means that each person feels very involved and it is personal. There is a lovely feeling in the class which I believe, is important, so one can relax and get the best out of themselves and the information they are being given. The follow up detailed notes and diagrams are most helpful and very informative. The considerate group of fellow photographers and the management of Seng Mah, made the day, highly commendable. I would recommend this Flash Fasttrack Workshop to both, people who feel hesitant using flash and also, to those who are happy to utilise the flash for night shots and the occasional party, however, are really yet to unleash the flash’s true creative potential, using it as an additional light source that is portable, affordable and creative. Understanding flash and its many uses, really frees you to obtain what otherwise, you may have thought was unobtainable. For me, it opens up great possibilities. Thank you Seng.

Kaisha Pember – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the workshop on Saturday. I found the workshop really informative and will hopefully now be able to use my DSLR to the best of its ability! I enjoyed the fact that the workshop was practical and very hands-on but also the fun and related to the style of teaching you offered, this made it easy to stay focussed all day and learn in detail. I will definitely be recommending Venture in future.

Marie Yau – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Thanks so much for a really great day! I feel way more confident in handling my DSLR and Penelope and I are busily planning when we are going to get together to practice the skills we’ve learnt. I really appreciated all the support and advice from you and Russ. Lay Yin was exceptionally patient and I found it really made a difference in actually having a model to practice shooting. I’m sure I will see you again for another workshop in the future.

Grant Mead – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write back and say thank you for the course on Saturday, I really enjoyed it and felt I learnt a lot during the course, it really opened my eyes as to just how deep you can delve into the photography and how much I have to learn, it really was a fantastic introduction and has given me more confidence in what I am doing with my camera.

Lesley D’Marton – Landscape Photography Workshop

Great informal and informative day. Learnt some new tricks and skills from two experienced photographers genuinely willing to share their knowledge.

Angela Scott – Getting Started in Photography

Thank you Seng. The course was great! Gerrie was an excellent presenter and Russell was so patient with me – much appreciated.

Des Craik – Getting Started in Photography

Great relaxed class and I personally got a lot of information from this class thanks to Gerrie and the big guy. Regards, Des.

Brenda Thompson – Studio Portrait Lighting Workshop

I REALLY enjoyed your workshop; it was exactly what I wanted and was so well delivered. I often find that I go to workshops and it’s either too advanced and I am shy to ask ‘dumb’ questions or it is not quite as organised. Your workshop was so well presented and informative, delivering exactly what I needed to improve my lighting techniques. I’m sure it was also ideal for others who may not have ventured into much lighting yet.

Steve O’Halloran – Flash Fasttrack Workshop

Hi Seng, once again another fantastic workshop. I just wanted to say thank you for passing on so much information in such a clear and concise way during the Flash Fasttrack Course. My confidence to go out and use my flash on and off camera has increased exponentially and a lot of fun was had throughout the day. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about taking it. I look forward to doing some more in the near future.

Kane McIntosh – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I had a great day at this workshop. I learned a lot and now I have more confidence to use manual mode to get results that I had created, not my camera. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to move on from auto? 5/5, well done!

Paul Irvine – The Macro Photography Workshop

If any of you are keen to learn this genre, don’t hesitate to book yourself in to this course… Thanks again to Seng and Craig for imparting your knowledge in an incredibly friendly environment and thanks to all on the course that were there to have a great time and learn. Loved it!

Steve O’Halloran – Advanced Photography Techniques Workshop

Thanks to both Seng and Russell for an excellent workshop. From the start to finish the advanced workshop was both interesting and informative. Seng, you pitched the course at a perfect level, and no question went unanswered throughout the day. For anyone who wants to take full advantage of their camera, I would thoroughly recommend the Venture Photography Advanced workshop. Russell, great modelling mate and you are the application guru. Without a doubt; I will only be using my camera in manual mode from now on.

Heather Warren – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Thank You to you both for a brilliant day on Saturday. Seng you have a very methodical and step by step way of teaching. You explained things simply and logically and for me it demystified my camera Olympus OMD 5 and the settings. At the same time the way you explained the functions etc. for the different brand of cameras gave me confidence to know what to look for in the other cameras.

My husband bought me a Canon 7D a few years ago and whilst I loved it, I found it quite complicated, and as a result I got put off using it, as there were so many ways to get to the same place. Your straight forward approach on Saturday really taught me what steps I needed to take to achieve the type of image I wanted.

Thanks to you too Julie you had so many helpful practical tips that just made the pieces fit.

So when I got home I picked up the Canon 7D and found my way around it no problems…AND took the attached photo and I’m proud to say after playing with the different settings got it the way I wanted it to be. I played with the White Balance so as to see first hand how different the image would be, therefore really consolidating what you had taught us.

So thank you very much again for Saturday. You have given me the confidence to learn more But also to not be frustrated as a result of not really knowing how to get the best out of my camera.

Ann Leaver – Shooting the Night Fantastic

Thank you Seng once again for a fantastic workshop. I like the way you teach as everything comes across so clearly and you are so approachable to ask any questions if people are not sure about anything. This is also evident in your follow up. Well done. Also thank you to John for your support and encouragement at the workshop. It was great working with you

Gary Browne – Natural Light Portraiture Workshop

Thanks for a very well run workshop I have always wanted to be able to take a decent portrait shot but never seemed to be able to get it right, after spending the afternoon with you and the lovely Mandy I learnt how to position the model, make use of the available light, use of reflectors where necessary,use spot metering, use widish aperture etc
I now have the confidence and knowledge to get started with taking portraits Thank you.Also thanks to the other photographers who participated in this workshop it was great to meet other photographers with a similar interest.

Penny Berkhout – Mastering Digital Photography Short Course

Thank you for all your help Seng. I have done a similar course before through someone else and found it a little confusing seeing as it was all jammed into 1 day. I found this course very helpful as it was set over 5 lessons and I really enjoyed the field trip aspect which allowed me to put what I learnt into practice. Seng is a fantastic teacher and I highly recommend this course.

Sonja Neuebauer – Mastering Digital Photography Short Course

So pleased to have completed this workshop. I am now on manual mode thanks to this workshop.

Mary Jo Gomez-Jackson and Ron Jackson – Balingup Heights Photography Workshop Weekend

We recently attended the weekend workshop at Ballingup Heights in May 2016. It was an epic weekend. We had loads of fun trying out new techniques. Thank you for your teaching Seng, you have an amazing way to make people feel at ease and your presentation made it so easy for us to understand! We learnt about focus stacking and bracketing – what a treat! Thanks also to Craig for the macro workshop – now I understand between a close up shot against a macro! An awesome weekend away for us and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (rain or shine)! And oh! what a hidden gem Ballingup Heights is! Thank you for introducing us to this piece of paradise! We can’t wait to do another workshop with you Seng!

Glenda Scott – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I learnt an awful lot in 6 hours. The auto function on my camera is now permanently deselected! Very enjoyable day.

Wendy Jacobs – Shooting the Night Fantastic Workshop

Thank you so much for the night photography workshop. You and John managed to teach me a great deal about the correct way to use my camera to obtain the desired results. I would rank it as the best workshop I have ever attended and I feel more confident to try night photography on my own.

Ray Harris – Advanced Photography Techniques Workshop

I just finished my Advanced Course and went straight home to process my panorama photo. (It looked fantastic.) So easy with the way Seng taught us. Seng also made HDR photography easy and I am now using spot metering.

Keith McQuiggin – The Macro Photography Workshop

Totally enjoyable workshop that was well presented by Craig and Seng in the studio and then an extremely pleasant Sunday morning chasing insects and anything else that moved!

Shaune McFadden – 1-on-1 Portrait Photography Workshop

Thanks for the lesson yesterday in Fremantle. Your explanation of the different processes helped me understand what and were I was going wrong. When I got home and checked out the photos I was amazed at the difference in the look of them compared to the ones that I had taken previously. Your way of teaching makes it easy to understand the different settings, which is what I was lacking… A big thank you for yesterday and I will recommend you to anyone I come across that is looking to do any courses.

Stacey Illman – 1-on-1 Photography Training/Mentoring

I booked the three hour session with Seng as I felt that there were a few concepts I needed help with. I wasn’t a beginner but felt I needed a one on one session and Seng allowed me to send through a list of what I felt I was struggling with and what I was interested in learning. I also sent through a bunch of photos in Raw and edited. He also offered to do a quick hands on shoot in Fremantle to cement some of the concepts I was asking about.

Best thing I ever did. We started by looking through my photos, which Seng had already looked over before I arrived. We talked about things I was struggling with (handy to have my photos there as a reference) and he also offered some helpful constructive critique in areas I hadn’t even thought about.

Everything was delivered in easy to understand language and Seng cleared up all the issues I was having. From there we went through the concepts I wanted to learn and had asked about (such as an intro to basic flash use). I also picked up a lot of very handy tips that I didn’t know previously that makes shooting more streamlined and effective.

When we had discussed and resolved all my concerns and learnt some new techniques we headed down to the beach and did a quick afternoon beach shoot to put the concepts into practice. It was a really enjoyable session and Seng was very patient with me! I learnt SO MUCH!

I came away from the session with a clear idea on where I was with my learning and where to head to from that point which really helped. I felt completely inspired. It was like a series of lightbulb moments that brought me a massive step further in my learning. I can’t recommend a one on one session with Seng enough… Even if you are not a complete beginner! (He was also kind enough to send a few photos through that he took of my models which I thought was really kind).

Thank you so much Seng. I can’t wait for the next course.

Ann Leaver

I would sincerely like to praise and recommend Seng from Venture Photography for his skills as a photographer and a teacher. Since I have been attending Seng’s courses, gone on his tours and had some personal training my level of skill has gone from a bronze standard in our club to a Gold Award.

Seng is a very dynamic, skilled, patient and practical teacher who has an amazing ability to get the message across to all levels of audience. His willingness, patience and commitment is to be commended. I have only heard praise from other students. I am proud to be your student and your friend. Thank you.

Ann Leaver BASc (Nursing) BEd (Education) Registered Civil Celebrant

Rebecca Jackson – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I recently attended the Getting Started in Photography workshop with Seng and Julie. The workshop was fantastic! Seng is a very entertaining speaker and uses metaphors to drive the theory home. We had our cameras in our hands the whole day. There was a lot of information to take in but I felt I needed to hear everything in one day to understand how light works and the relationship the ISO, shutter speed and aperture have with each other.

I did a photography unit at university years ago and had some knowledge, but wasn’t able to piece it all together when I was asked to take photos for work. My camera was stuck on auto! This workshop helped me have a greater understanding of the camera I’m using for work and help me to be able to take the image that I see in my mind. Thank you Seng and Julie, for a really fun day 🙂

Irma Schnecker – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Thanks so much to you, Gerrie, and Russell, for a fabulous workshop. I honestly felt like I got a lot out of the day. Gerrie, you have a good knack for getting information across and that’s exactly what I needed. A bit of spoon feeding to start me off so that I can learn the very brand new and alien stuff and then I’m usually on my way. So thank you both. I’m very pleased I attended and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who might like to up their skills.

Linda Shaw – 1 on 1 Mastering your Camera Workshop

Dear Seng,

One week after the informative and well paced one-on-one session I find that most of the information is still in my brain and I have been able to put much of it into practice immediately. Already the results are speaking for themselves and I couldn’t be happier.

Many thanks for making the ‘difficult’ turn into usable and practical information. I am off and running on full manual mode!


Sarah Ricardo Tousa – Mastering Lightroom (1-on-1 workshop)

I thoroughly enjoyed the 1-on-1 Lightroom Workshop with Seng. I learnt so much in the one session with Seng than I could ever learn from YouTube videos. In the workshop I was provided with technical detail with simple explanation, and shortcuts that would have saved me hours on post editing work!

Seng encouraged me to think more creatively when editing the photos and he also provided valuable critique to some of my images which I was not expecting but I felt added a lot of value to this workshop. I will definitely be returning to Venture Photography for other courses that are on offer.

Alan Tulloch – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic workshop. I discovered there was so much more that I can do with my camera once I turn the auto button off! It was a really interesting class and your hands-on approach was brilliant. Now it’s time for practice !! Thanks!

Jane Lee – Mastering your Camera 1-on-1 Workshop

I had a private workshop with Seng because I wanted to understand my new DSLR and how to best operate it for my photography needs. He was extremely knowledgeable and was able to translate everything in layman’s terms – making it easy for me to follow and understand. There was a lot of information provided during the session which was a little overwhelming, but he provided me with notes to take home which really helped me consolidate what I had learned. In addition, he was understanding of the information overload and was happy to repeat himself when I was unsure of some items. I had a few questions following the workshop which I emailed him and he replied promptly! Thanks so much for the useful workshop, I’m much more confident with using my DSLR in manual mode now and can’t wait to go up north to try take some amazing landscape photos!

Bronwyn Falconer – The Macro Photography Workshop

Hi Seng and Craig! What a great workshop, just loved it, so well presented and laid out in simple terms just loved the helpful tips, Craig. I have spent my morning reviewing my shots and post production in Lightroom. Thank you for the simple definition of a ‘close-up’ and a ‘macro’ I now look at my macro photography very differently. Prior to the workshop I had problems with the DOF, now with the workshop information and in the field assistance I am able to apply my macro photography more effectively with wonderful results.

Kerry Binks – The Macro Photography Workshop

Hi Seng and Craig. I attended the Macro workshop on the weekend and loved the interactive information sharing from you both. I was apprehensive that I may not keep up with information overload, however you are both extremely inclusive and generous with your teaching.

Jacqueline Traeger – The Macro Photography Workshop

Thank you Seng and Craig for the Macro Workshop. What a wonderful surprise to find in one of the photos – of purple flowering creeper with a tiny bug (which I knew about) and then a dew drop caught in a lower petal with a reflection of the flowers around it. Thank you for being so patient I really picked up such a lot about shooting in Macro and my camera. Looking forward to getting outside in my garden and also revisit the wildflowers down south or even out Mt Gibson way.

Fiona Smallwood – 1-on-1 Mastering your Camera Workshop

My three hour one on one photography session with Seng was absolutely sensational. With a mish mash background in photography myself, gained from reading books and very little professional input, I was looking to take things next level. The time I spent with Seng I found to be the best thing I have done – technically and creatively with regards to my photography. Seng made sure the time was tailored to what I needed to know and was able to answer and more importantly show me things in a very clear and logical way. He also continually made sure I understood by checking in with me after each explanation. Creatively, my favorite part was that Seng had this knack of talking about ‘telling a story’ with a camera, and he was able to verbalise this so it really resonated with me and I could see (imagine) what he was talking about because his experience and examples were so vivid. I have no doubt I will return for more time with Seng to further my knowledge. I cannot recommend Seng’s teaching highly enough.

Sally Rogers – Getting Started in Photograpy Workshop

Thank you – a great one day presentation covering so much & making it sound simple and fun and then being able to pull it all together with a practical component was very helpful. Looking forward to the advanced course (after lots of practice) and more! Thanks Gerrie and Seng!

Nicole White – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Thank you to both yourself and Gerrie for a fantastic workshop. I got a lot out of the session, and I really enjoyed the live shoot with Mandy. I’m going to head back down to Freo next weekend to practice. I didn’t realise how many great photo locations Freo has to offer. It’s definitely a great place to practice.

Lance Myers – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their photography to the next level. Both Seng and Denis were fantastic instructors, providing very clear and concise information at a steady pace that suited all attendees. They also ensured that everyone was comfortable with the operation of their cameras, no matter what the brand and prior knowledge you have of its operation.

After some fundamental photography principles and hands on training with your camera, the workshop moved outside into the heart of Fremantle, where our newly acquired skills could be applied using real models! It was a little daunting to begin with, but what a fantastic way to apply and consolidate the learnings from the morning. The guidance and feedback from Seng and Denis was excellent, rounding out what I would rate as one of the best workshops I have attended. I will certainly be attending others in the series at a later date!!

Gayle MacFarlane – Getting Started in Photograpy Workshop<

Hi Seng and Gerrie. Thank you for your great workshop on Saturday. I had a great time and learnt a lot. I went out on Sunday photographing my granchildren with great success. I was worried about not remembering anything but have remembered enough to use my camera more effectively. Your notes have also been helpful.

Sonia Linkston – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I attended your course on the weekend and was so impressed with what you were able to teach me. I was able to put together what I had previously taught myself and your class helped me put the pieces of the puzzle together. Already I can see a difference in my photographs.

Paul Gatopulosz – Getting Started in Photography workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was inspired to delve into the world of photography and realising how much I have simply dabbled over the many years.

Elena Diener – Getting Started in Photography workshop

Excellent workshop (Beginners). Special thank you to Graeme for making it so user-friendly, enjoyable and patient! Worth every penny, and very helpful.

Mary Jo Gomez-Jackson – Shooting the Night Fantastic Workshop

Venture Photography night workshop was so good. I enjoyed the night and learnt much more about night light! Seng and John, thank you for a fabulous night!

Michelle Purcher – The Epic Landscape Photography Workshop

This was my 3rd workshop with Venture Photography and it didn’t disappoint. Seng and Aaron worked really well together. Everything is explained in a way that is easy to understand. Looking forward to going out and shooting an EPIC sunset and putting in to practice what we learnt.

Marlene Ashley – Mastering your Camera 1-on-1 Workshop

The 1-on-1 was very informative and motivational. Seng is eloquent and teaches calmly, with indepth knowledge and experience. An absolute must for anyone who wants to learn how to capture memories and events, utlising all aspects available from their equipment. 3 extremely valuable hours of education!Thank you Seng.

Glen Bishop – The Epic Landscape Photography Workshop

I found the course to be very helpful and informative. It was well presented and covered a wide range of topics from equipment, composition and lighting through to all the technical aspects and post processing. Finishing the day down at Cottesloe was a great way to put the days lesson into practice.

Kim Frost – The Epic Landscape Photography Workshop

Hi Seng and Aaron. Thank you both for a really fabulous Workshop. I feel I benefitted a great deal – and now I just need to practice LOTS. I feel inspired to do so and hopefully by the time my Africa trip comes, I will be able to take some decent landscape shots.<

Ann Leaver – The Epic Landscape Photography Workshop

Once again thank you for a great workshop. I love coming to your classes as you are able to impart the information better than any other class/workshop I have been to. Well done I will be promoting you to my friends.

Richard Hobbs – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

An excellent course for the total novice. Friendly, expert education pitched in a way which will fire anyone’s interest in photography.

Jit Loi – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

Thank you so much for the informative, hands-on workshop. I enjoyed very much in the relax and friendly environment. You are a great instructor and easy going. Now I have a better understanding in depth of field, white balance, exposure, aperture and shutter priority mode.I will definitely consider doing other course on a later date. I will highly recommend other beginners to attend your workshop.

Natale Ricciardi – 1-on-1 Advanced Photography and 1-on-1 Mastering Lightroom Workshops

Seng is flexible with the curriculum and effortlessly adapts the content to suit the student’s experience level. I found these workshops to be the perfect way to translate theory that I have gleaned from the Internet and from books into practical skills. Also the comprehensive notes provided by Seng will serve well to reinforce the large amount of information covered. I look forward to practising the skills that Seng has taught me and shall return to Venture Photography to further my knowledge.

Trish Mathees – Natural Light Portraiture Workshop

Really had a great day. Relaxed atmosphere, easy to communicate with Seng. No question he won’t answer. Very professional set up with studio, lighting, refreshments and of course an experienced professional model. I have already booked into my next course. Thank you, Seng.

Martin Quinlan

I have attended workshops run by Seng which were outstanding in the instruction and information given to me as a participant. I cam away knowing that I had learned valuable skills which I could reproduce.

Jodi Thomas – Getting Started in Photography Workshop (Bunbury)

I have just completed the “Getting Started in DSLR Photogrpahy” course in Bunbury and thoroughly enjoyed it. Seng is an excellent trainer who delivers the training in a manner which allows you to understand the technical aspects of your camera in an interactive but relaxed environment. I was ecstatic that during the hands on component of the day I could produce excellent images using full manual mode. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about their camera and how to start shooting in the manual modes. Thanks so much Seng!

Sharne Pretorious – 1-on-1 Mastering your Camera Workshop

For anyone who permanently has their camera on ‘auto’ mode I definitely recommend this workshop! After reading my manual several times and trying to teach myself how to use my camera properly for over 2 years, I FINALLY feel like I have an understanding of how it works and how to get the most of of it. Initially I was nervous of appearing like a real camera dummy and worried that the workshop would be too technical or difficult for me, however Seng immediately put me at ease. He has a way of explaining everything (even complex technical points) simply and clearly in a way which actually made sense to me, and tailored the content to suit my photography requirements. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and after a bit of practice I will certainly be coming back for one of his other workshops.

Frank Bonaccorso – Shooting the Night Fantastic

Seng has done it again! Great workshop. Fully hands on, functional and easy to follow. Seng and John tended to our every need, no matter how trivial. Their choice of locations was fantastic. I now feel pretty confident about my ability to shoot in the dark. This is the second Venture Photography course I’ve attended and I’ll be back for more. Thanks again, Seng.

Jane Fraser – Shooting the Night Fantastic

Thank YOU Seng and John. What a blast that was last night in the wind and cold but so much fun. I am so keen to do some more so I will see if I can enrol in your advanced course.

Philip Dalton – 1-on-1 Mastering your Camera Workshop

For anyone contemplating photography and who want to make use of the camera settings then I highly recommend you attend this course with Seng Mah. He will guide you through most of your camera settings but more importantly get you to put them to good use enabling you to turn a reasonable shot into a great shot. In my view you cannot beat a hands on approach, when Seng says “Ok, take a portrait of me with a blurred background” the moment of truth arrives, you have to set the camera up and take the picture, taking into consideration, the available light, contrast, aperture settings, shutter speed and ISO as well as focus points and composition. After a couple of attempts it starts to fall into place. Of course that is just one example there are so many other types of shots you will learn about. If you are keen to move on from “auto” then contact Seng, you will be surprised and have a heap of fun.

Michael Lee – Forest and Falls Photography Retreat

Loved this retreat. The whole concept is built around enjoyment of photography. There is no rushing about changing locations and time is spent getting the images you want to take, not ‘have’ to take. The locations are stunning, the retreat is inspiring and the weekend is heaps of fun. All in the beautiful surroundings of the South West.

Jana McGeachy – 1-on-1 Advanced Photography Workshop

I did the Advanced Techniques One on One Workshop with Seng; it was incredible. I learned so much in those 3 hours, it was worth every penny. Can’t wait to get out there, experiment and enhance my photography career. Thanks Venture Photography. Very professional, exactly what I wanted!

Trish Edwards – South West Landscapes Photography Retreat

Thanks for the epic weekend Seng Mah & Aaron Dowling; it was full of adventure, discovery in locations, new skills and knowledge. I prepared myself prior to the weekend reading the extensive notes you provided and mapped out what I wanted to achieve to ensure my experience and learning was maximised. I was not disappointed; the mentoring, advise and knowledge imparted by both of you over the weekend was brilliant. I achieved my outcomes and more. Anyone looking for a top notch photography tour/retreat experience Venture Photography retreats/tours are not to be missed!

Taryn Johnn – South West Landscapes Photography Retreat

It was a great weekend Seng. Thank you so much to you and Aaron Dowling. I had a great time, am very happy with my effort and photos and as always it was an amazing experience where I learned many new things and cemented my growing knowledge of others. If you haven’t joined a Venture Photography Adventure I suggest you do. Just get in quick cause I’ll definitely be back for more!

Kristieanna Stewart – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

What a fantastic workshop. Seng you are extremely easy going but full of knowledge. You present yourself well and even with your artistic expressions you made it all appear clear and simple. Look forward to going to many more of your workshops. Denis, you also made it clear and simple without to much complicated (yet to learn) tech talk. Thank you for encouraging myself to get closer to my model in the correct way. I now will take my new skill to next level in all areas of photography.

Lance Myers – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their photography to the next level. Both Seng and Denis were fantastic instructors, providing very clear and concise information at a steady pace that suited all attendees. They also ensured that everyone was comfortable with the operation of their cameras, no matter what the brand and prior knowledge you have of its operation.

After some fundamental photography principles and hands on training with your camera, the workshop moved outside into the heart of Fremantle, where our newly acquired skills could be applied using real models! It was a little daunting to begin with, but what a fantastic way to apply and consolidate the learnings from the morning. The guidance and feedback from Seng and Denis was excellent, rounding out what I would rate as one of the best workshops I have attended. I will certainly be attending others in the series at a later date!!

Marilyn Chin – Getting Started in Photography Workshop

I just wanted to write to thank you and Denis for the workshop – it was fantastic! I definitely feel much more confident about using the manual modes on my camera. You guys made the workshop fun and everything was really easy to understand. I’ve finally understood aperture and depth of field, something I could never get my head around before! I’ve also written a review about my experience at the workshop here (it’s a positive one!) 🙂 Thanks so much again and I’ll definitely be signing up for more events in the future.

Rob McDonald – 1 on 1 Mastering your Camera Workshop

I had neglected my photography for a couple of years, and needed a refresher course to not only come back up to speed with my previous knowledge, but also learn further skills. Seng was excellent in both regards, and further showed me how to easily use worthwhile features on my Canon I had not used before. Finally, Seng not only knows all the tips and tricks, but importantly knows how to convey it in a really easy to follow and understanding way. Grouse stuff!

Kelly Hutton – Cape Naturaliste Photo Safari

I attended the last south west retreat and it was fantastic! Packed full of photo opportunities, gorgeous locations, sunrise, sunset, astrophotography and a kickass post-production session to end the trip. I met and got to know a bunch of great people over the 3 days of whom I still catch up with. With the independence to go and do your own thing combined with the knowledge and helpful tips and tricks, it was the perfect photography retreat. The only downside was that it went by way too quickly! You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! Wish I could go again Seng!

Jane Gregson – Getting Started in DSLR Photography Workshop

I just wanted to thank you very much for an inspiring workshop. I had a great day and you are a wonderful teacher. I feel much more confident to explore the options on my camera. Also I very much appreciated your advice re which camera to buy and I am thrilled with my Canon. So thank you again.

Sarah O’Flanagan – Studio Lighting Fasttrack Workshop

Seng was awesome! We crammed a lot into the day, and I felt like it was value for money. We had a great model, Brooke, to work with all day. We had a small group which meant we could take loads of photos each and it was nice and easy to interact with everyone. Really great day, I will be back for more! Thanks Seng!

Karen McConnell – Natural Light Portraiture Workshop (Bunbury)

I would just like to congratulate and say a very big thank you to Graeme and Christian for a great day we had with the natural light workshop in Bunbury, its very relaxed and and fun atmosphere. I am a lot more confident with portraiture photography.

Amanda Blanksby – Advanced Photography Workshop

I throughly enjoyed this course and I am looking forward to putting the things I learnt into practice. I got to understand certain aspects that I had read about on the internet but didn’t know what exactly what they were including HDR and hyper focal distance. Seng is a great teacher, with lots of knowledge and patience.

Emma Dee – Cape Naturaliste Photo Safari

Thank you so much Seng and Graeme! This weekend was the best weekend of workshops I have ever had!! I learned so much – reinforcing skills I already had and adding to them with new ones. Your patience and love of what you do, makes it a thrill to learn from you! Thank you so much. I can’t wait for the next one!

Julie Brooker – 1 on 1 Kick Start Studio Lighting

I asked Seng for a 1 on 1 lighting session, as I had ideas in my head, but wasn’t sure how to set up the image. Seng provided exactly what I asked for, in an easy to understand manner. I felt really comfortable about asking any questions, and Seng took the time to explain and made sure that I understood. It was a terrific session, and I would recommend chatting to Seng about personal workshops. Thank you, Seng.

Sue Atkinson – Advanced Photography Workshop

My husband and I would like to thank you for the Advanced DSLR Workshop yesterday. We both learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed our day. Seng’s teaching manner & style makes everything so easy to understand. We will definitely attend more workshops with Venture Photography in the future. A wonderful way to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Thanks Seng!

Mick Lee – Advanced Photography Workshop

FANTASTIC Workshop. Just when I thought I knew my way around my camera, there is more.

Seng has this wonderful ability to make what others seem complex into simple to understand tips and techniques that will not just improve you images but how you look at subjects and go about your photography.

Don’t waste time and get on the Advanced dSLR Workshop. It’s tops!!!

Kerry McLeod – Cape Naturaliste Photo Safari

I have learnt so much this past weekend, and I am so proud of the photos that I was able to produce. And the fact that I actually climbed over some rocks!! (something that I haven’t done in a very long time!!). Other than the awesome photos that I have taken, I have come away from this weekend with some new friends too. I will always remember this weekend!

Pascaline Owers – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Great workshop! Thanks Seng for explaining things clearly and simply. Now I feel like I can put all of this in practice…

Craig Hyde – Advanced Photography Workshop

Having now completed my journey through the photography workshops with Venture Photography, I highly recommend the Advanced Photography Workshop to any photographer with a sound knowledge of photography. Seng delivers an awesome workshop detailing all aspects of advanced techniques which both consolidated and helped me correct some bad habits. Overall this workshop is a definite must to polish off you photographic techniques.

Taryn Johnn – Flash Photography Fasttrack

Thanks Seng, and Dave. I thoroughly enjoyed the Flash Fast Track workshop. Before the workshop I didn’t know much about how to use my flash but now I can say I feel fully confident about how to use my flash to bring out the best in my photographs and how to effectively use my flash in tricky lighting situations. Once again you hit the mark in making a tricky subject very easy to understand and apply. Thanks to the models too – you guys were great especially on such a hot day.

Kate Burke – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thank you so much Seng and Dave. I have to say I was apprehensive about joining the DSLR for beginners group as a ‘sucker-for-auto photographer’ but the way that everything was explained so thoroughly and clearly honestly has kicked started my photography career and solidified my passion for it. I am looking forward to joining another group and participating in events where I can now that I have a new found confidence in myself and respect for my equipment. I have already recommended your workshop to a few people (actually my friends and family are probably sick of me talking about it). Cant wait to use your high quality services again.

George Coldham – Flash Photography Fasttrack

Thanks for a fantastic day Seng! I have the confidence to use my flash on camera, and had my eyes opened up to huge possibilities off camera! You provide such good service it makes me want to come back and do more workshops in the future! I can’t wait, and I’ll be contacting you soon!

Lincoln Trager – Advanced Photography Workshop

Thanks for a great day Seng, I learnt a lot and your style of presentation and engagement with all in class is what makes you a great presenter. Will definitely be on the lookout for further workshops to attend.

Kellie Hansen – Advanced Photography & Shooting the Night Fantastic (Bunbury)

Thank you Seng and everyone at the day and night workshop in Bunbury yesterday. Had a fantastic time and have learnt heaps, looking forward to getting out there and practicing more. Thanks!

Natallie Bitsounis – Getting Started in Photography

After purchasing my first decent camera, I did the beginner’s course at Venture. I switched my camera to manual on the day and haven’t switched it back, so for me, the course was an awesome start to my journey into photography. The course was well structured, fluid and interactive. Seng was extremely helpful, both throughout the day as well as before the course in helping us choose our new camera, and afterwards too when I needed some advice about a new lens purchase. I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has purchased a DSLR camera and is keen to get out of auto mode and start to play around with photography. It will open up a whole new world for you.

Carole Peterson – Introduction to Lightroom

Many thanks guys for a very good workshop. I had no previous experience with Lightroom before but learnt a lot. Now I can get on with using Lightroon to my advantage. Great workshop, very clear and to the point. Cheers to you all.

Steve Marijanich – Getting Started in Photography

Thank you Seng. We had a great day at your DSLR Photography Course today. Aaron was a great help and the models, Rebecca and Tashi were fantastic! Totally opened my eyes to real photography.

Rosie Peterson – Getting Started in Photography (Bunbury)

Wanted to say a big thank you to Seng and Graeme and model Mandy for the workshop on Sunday. It was very informative and done in a such a way I didn’t yawn once. They kept us interested and I left with so much more knowledge and the confidence to try anything and not be scared to experiment. Feeling confident in taking snaps of grandkids and family photos now. Thanks guys!

Ben Griffiths – Flash Photography Fasttrack

Hi Seng, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for passing on so much knowledge at the Flash Photography Fasttrack Course. I learnt so much and had a lot of fun. I will highly recommend your courses to others and I look forward to doing some more in the near future.

Mike Disbury – Shooting Stars at the Pinnacles

We totally recommend this workshop, two of us booked in to do the workshop in Cervantes, to ensure we had the Pinnacles in the foreground, what a great location, and what a fantastic workshop this turned out to be. I’ve long been fascinated by some of the beautiful star trails and Milky Way images to be seen on the Internet, and have often thought “how did they do that”? Well, think no more, Seng Mah teaches then shows you exactly what you need to know, from the right techniques on site to post processing. I have to say I was pretty happy with my shots prior to processing, but was completely amazed following the subsequent Lightroom / PS workshop. It now all seems so easy. Thank you Seng, we’ll tell all our friends and we’ll be back for more excellent instruction.

Chrissy Lampitt – Getting Started in Photography

Excellent workshop to take if you really want to understand aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and exposure – in other words, if you’d like to start shooting in A or S mode on your DSLR camera. By the end of the workshop we were shooting in manual (and understanding what to do!). Well paced session, great tutors who were patient and encouraging.

Steph Walker – Advanced Photography Workshop

The Advanced course was excellent the other week. I put everything I learnt into practice tonight, taking shots of dogs at an obedience /agility class in really poor light conditions for their club website. If I hadn’t been to your course I wouldn’t have ended up with any usable photographs at all! Thanks again for being an awesome teacher.

Michelle Purcher – Advanced Photography Workshop

Thank you Seng for another awesome workshop. The advanced DSLR course was really informative. I really enjoyed the whole day and came away feeling that little bit more confident to use my camera. The way you present your workshops is a credit to you. I would recommend any of Venture Photography workshops to anyone.

Petra Bombeck – Advanced Photography Workshop

This comprehensive workshop takes you to your next level in your affair with photography. Diving into the all important technical side of it, Seng explains and teaches in easy to understand steps what you need to do and know to produce photographs on a more advanced scale. This course will certainly lead and get you there. It is very good value for money and I highly recommend it.

Penny Lord – Studio Lighting Fasttrack

Thanks for the great course – it was just what I needed and as usual fantastically taught! I’ve managed to get my RX-4’s to work with the speed lights which is pretty exciting!

Christina Lee – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

This was a fantastic workshop for DSLR beginners. Seng and Dave were extremely knowledgeable, patient and good-humoured in helping us to venture outside our ‘Auto’ comfort zone. No question was too silly to ask. By the end of the workshop – which was well-structured and practical – I feel I have gained the basic knowledge and confidence to experiment with the other settings. I hope to attend a later workshop once I’ve mastered my camera a bit more. I’d highly recommend this workshop. Thank you Seng and Dave! 🙂

Ebony Frost – Studio Lighting Fasttrack

I attended the Studio Lighting Fasttrack workshop and was really thrilled with the quality of content and Seng’s hands-on instruction style. I learned a huge amount in only one day, but did not feel overwhelmed with information, as most of it was practical and thoroughly explained in the context of each different situation. This is definitely the best photography workshop I have attended in Perth!

Yvonne Hill (from South Australia) – Natural Light, Natural Portraiture

And I want to say a big thank you to you for all the good information you gave us and your friendly and positive way of teaching – no wonder the locals keep coming back. I learned a lot (never say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks).

Mitchell Adams – Getting Started in DSLR Photography, Bunbury

(Testimonial by Tanya Adams, Mitchell’s mum): Fantastic day had by Mitchell. Everyone was very welcoming. Very well organised and run; Mitchell can’t wait for another one. Thank you!

Allan Ashcroft – The Totally Awesome Wedding Photography Workshop

Hi Seng, I would Just like to say what a great day I had with you and Johannes. The information put forward was well structured, and any question ask was answered and explained well, I think all who attended came away with a better understanding and appreciation of what it takes become a wedding photographer.

Petra Bombeck – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

This course is brilliant. If you like to get more creative, have more control over your camera and steer away from using the automatic settings then this course is for you. I was an absolute beginner and didn’t even know how to hold a camera right. Seng & Dave covered the basics of semiautomatic photography and beyond in a professional, information loaded, yet entertaining way, backed up by helpful course notes. In the afternoon you put the discussed topics into practice and even get to shoot real models. I highly recommend this course to anybody who would like to get to know their camera and its potential.

Tammy Gibbs – Studio Lighting Fasttrack

Thank you Seng for all the handy tips I learned in your studio lighting workshop a few weeks ago. Today I managed to achieve some great high key portraits using just a single studio light and an off-camera speedlight. Super happy!

Vicki Princep – Flash Photography Fasttrack

A big thank you to Seng and David for the great experience that was the “Flash Photography Fasttrack” workshop in Fremantle. This was not the first Venture Photography Workshop I have attended but I think it was the most enjoyable. As with the other incredible experiences with Venture Workshops, I think for me the most valuable part of the whole thing is that it is very hands on. You don’t just get a pile of information thrown at you, you get the opportunity to try it out, & ask questions & actually learn the processes.

The simple, easy to understand language & terms that are used to teach are also something I really appreciate & find very very helpful. No question is too hard or ever deemed silly, & you are always treated respectfully and given as many answers as you like to understand. Seng even interpreted a question I was trying to ask but couldn’t quite articulate, for which I was ever so grateful.

I can thoroughly recommend any Venture workshop ( & frequently do) as a fabulous and enjoyable learning experience. I always come away feeling enriched and inspired.

Linda Temperton – Flash Photography Fasttrack

After attending the Flash Photography Fasttrack Workshop I felt so much more confident using my speedlight. The instructors are so helpful and very experienced, and generous with their time. The workshop structure is planned out in a easy to understand format, with plenty of photo shoots to practise the techniques. Seng & Dave made learning speedlight techniques so much fun too. I would recommend this course to everyone.

Lynn Nagle – 1-on-1 Mastering your DSLR Workshop

Thank you Seng, for the great one-on-one that you did with me at such short notice. The way you explained everything so clearly and showed examples with the camera opened up everything I read and also dispelled a few myths about photography. I would recommend this course to everyone. I tried online courses but without hands on experience it became overload of knowledge and baffling where to start. Seng steered me through and explained everything practically so I am now looking forward to taking great photographs by knowing how and why we use the settings to improve the end photograph. Thank you once again.

Bettina Jacoby – Shoot to Post: The Ultimate Lightroom Workshop

I would recommend the “Shoot to Post: The Ultimate Lightroom Workshop” to those that wish for a personalised workshop experience. The workshop has a casual feel, however the delivery of information both on the shoot and back at the studio was plentiful. The degree of interest and patience shown by both Seng Mah and Tristan Jud made the difference for me. Not one area, be it on the shoot or editing, was rushed over. I have a new concept of “light”.

Lauren Brown – 1-on-1 Mastering Your DSLR Workshop

Thank you Seng for my awesome 1 on 1 session yesterday, I am still so excited with my new found skills! My two dogs and cat however, are not as enthused as I thought they would be. I honestly thought they would love to have their own personal paparazzi following them around the house for hours on end!?!! No!?!?

Mandy Miller – Studio Lighting Fasttrack

I walked into this workshop feeling totally in the dark and walked out feeling illuminated–exactly what I needed from a studio lighting workshop. Thank you Seng — it is always a pleasure to learn from you!

Stephanie Holder – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thank you for making photography look so easy! For me, I was a bit “scared” of the camera, but after your workshop I now definitely feel more confident to have a go and try new ways with the camera. I’m looking forward to getting off “Auto” and experimenting more with it. You taught in a way that I understood and your bright and happy personality made the workshop fun as well. Thank you and Dave for a great day.

Michael Pritchard – Getting Started in DSLR Photography / Advanced DSLR Photography

Both these work shops have been amazing, My son Zakk has done both and he is 11 years of age. He has enjoyed them and learnt so much. They are set out so it is so easy to follow and you come away with the ability to do so much more with your photography. Can’t say enough good things about them just awesome! Cheers Seng!

Coral Emerson – Getting Started in DSLR Photography: Bunbury

Thank you! Thank you! For an amazing day at the “Getting Started in DSLR Photography” workshop in Bunbury yesterday 😀 FANTASTIC!!! I know my camera so much better now and my photography skills have improved in leaps and bounds. Graeme Marsh and Christian Byrt, you guys were great. And it was lovely to meet others who are passionate about photography too! 🙂

David Harley – Getting Started in DSLR Photography: Bunbury

I had been learning by YouTube which gave me some good background knowledge however this course enabled me to fill in the gaps and give me understanding to it all. It was great to interact with other like minded people. Potentially this course may have saved me some significant $ as I am likely to opt for a different lens purchase. One that suits my actual needs and not what I perceive. Thank you to Graeme and Christian for sharing their knowledge and experience. Strongly recommended.

Elena Krylova – Advanced DSLR Photography

Thank you for another wonderful workshop. As usual there were heaps of stuff to learn, but you manage to make it fun and easy to learn, practice on the days helps as well. Truly and thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Garry Johannesen – Advanced DSLR Photography

I did the advanced DSLR workshop run by Seng Mah of Venture Photography in Fremantle yesterday. Even though I was familiar with most of the topics, I still found it very informative and picked up some useful tips, and different methods for achieving a good image.

What did impress me was the great atmosphere of the workshop, but mainly that Seng has the knowledge and the ability to pass on that knowledge at a level that everyone can understand no matter what their ability level is….. A great day.

Nicole Mittan – The Totally Awesome Wedding Photography Workshop

After being asked to photograph a friends wedding panic set in, I set out to find a course to help and came across the wedding photography course held by Venture Photography. I was lucky enough to get a place and I am so pleased I did. The course provided a great outline from start to finish with regards to planning, photographing and wrapping up a wedding. I learnt about not only the business side of wedding photography but how to pose and get those “perfect” wedding shots! I walked away with the confidence that I can do this wedding. Thanks to both Johannes and Seng for such an awesome wedding photography course. I enjoyed the course so much that i signed up for another course with Venture photography the following weekend!

David McHutchison – Northern Exposure Photography Group Collie Workshops

Hi Seng, This is just to say how much I enjoyed your workshops during our (NEPG) weekend in Collie. The light-painting especially was brilliant and I know I will use that technique frequently. Your style of delivery and all other aspects is highly appreciated. Please pass my thanks to your colleague (Graeme) and the models.

Hyden Community Resource Centre – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

We had a great workshop at the Hyden CRC with Seng from Venture Photography who travelled all the way from Perth to run the workshop for us, everyone loved the course and has been raving about it ever since. It was great to be able to see our bushland in a different light and get some wonderful shots from it. We are all madly snapping away and are creating a camera club with our new found skills. We can’t wait for Seng to come back out for additional workshops.

Carol-Ann Cronin – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

I attended the May 11th ‘Getting Started in DSLR Photography’ workshop. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Seng (and Dave!) delivered material in a clear and concise way and by the end of the day I felt more than ready to tackle manual mode. Time at the end of the workshop to put into action what I had learned during the day was fantastic. I will definitely be doing another workshop.

Taryn John – Cape-to-Cape Photo Safari

Thank you so much Seng and Graeme for a fantastic weekend. The Cape to Cape was epic. I learned so much and I could see my photos improve over the weekend. Thanks for making the art of photography so much fun and easy to understand.

Sarah Anderson – Cape-to-Cape Photo Safari

Had such an amazing weekend away with a lovely group of photographers, learnt so much and had so much fun. Tanks for all your patience, Graeme Marsh and Seng Mah from Venture Photography. Would highly recommend any course from these guys; they are very easy to learn from and make everything fun and simple!

Sandie Mallon – Cape-to-Cape Photo Safari

Epic weekend! Thank you both for your never ending patience at being asked the same questions over and over by me and continual guidance… Can’t wait to do it again.

Laura Flaherty – Shoot to Post: The Ultimate Lightroom Workshop

Thanks very much for another great course today. I find Seng’s courses to be really interesting with a great amount of information put in a way that is easy to understand.

Today’s course was brilliant. I was very impressed with the calibre of the models, the quality of the locations and the knowledge imparted regarding Lightroom. (And thanks to Seng and Tristan for their patience in answering all my questions). Not only did I learn the secrets of Lightroom I also picked up a heap of extra tips – from light metering to photo composition techniques to tips for recognizing the better photos. I can’t wait for the next one and recommend Venture Photography to anyone who wants to invest in an invaluable course that improves their photography knowledge exponentially.

Patricia Web – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

I did Saturday May 11th Beginners DSLR in Fremantle. It was excellent. I understand so much that was a muddled mystery before! I am very impressed that I now feel confident and eager to use Manual Mode. Seng is a natural presenter. He explains, revises, uses humour, is hands on and somehow spreads himself around the huge range of understanding and cameras. Well done. I will be taking another work shop later in the year. Great value as not a minute was wasted.

Elizabeth Meehan – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

This really has to be the best possible course for digital SLR. Seng goes to a lot of trouble to make sure you understand everything, ask questions and have lots of hands on experience. He makes a potentially difficult technical subject fun and relevant to getting the very best photos you can from your camera. Both he and Craig know how to use all types of cameras, and give individual attention where needed. A great day, and will keep me learning from now on, thanks so much!

Erica Tonkin – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

I attended the Getting Started in DSLR course in Bunbury back in April 2013. The course covered everything I needed to know about getting off “Auto” and using my camera more effectively. The course instructors (Graeme, Christian & Seng) delivered the information in a clear and fun way, and were always happy to provide some one on one help. I will definitely be booking in for another course in the near future!

Peta Santoro (Peta Joy Photography) – Flash Photography Fasttrack

I attended the flash photography workshop in Fremantle. Seng did an amazing job of explaining everything a photographer could possibly want to know about how to use on camera and off camera flash. I walked away really confident that I could use my flash professionally and confidently in any light situation. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know how to use a flash correctly.

Nikki Johnson – Natural Light, Natural Portraiture

Thank you Seng for such an informative and fun workshop yesterday – “Natural Light Natural Portraiture”. I came away feeling confident enough to start using metering modes, lighting and making my subjects feel at ease. I will be coming back for more workshops in future. Thanks again!

Merrin Campbell (Fantasia Lane Studios) – Studio Lighting Fasttrack

I have recently participated in Venture Photography’s Studio Lighting Workshop at the Fremantle Studio. Seng covered a range of lighting alternatives that produce amazing results with a variety of moods and effects. Seng has a very relaxed, but effective teaching style, which makes you feel welcome and included, no matter what your experience. I would highly recommend Seng’s lighting workshop to anyone with an interest in creating a dynamic and contemporary environment to shoot your photos in.

Raquel Taylor – Studio Lighting Fasttrack

After attending the workshop “Studio Lighting Fastrack” I now know where to place my lights in relation to the client and how to add additional lights to achieve different effects. Seng’s teaching approach is systematic which maximises the learning potential.

Kerwin Bond – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the workshop experience today. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise that has given me more clarity on how to make the camera work for me.

Helen Pearce – Understanding your Flash Speedlight & Natural Light, Natural Portraiture (Bunbury)

Craig and I just loved yesterdays workshops and can’t believe we have gone for so long not knowing some of the simple things like spot metering. The way you guys teach is really to be commended, not intimidating or scary at all. LOL. Just a friendly, happy, fun way of learning which makes the whole experience worthwhile and memorable. Can’t thank you enough.

Kellie Hansen – Natural Light, Natural Portraiture (Bunbury)

Hi Seng, Graeme and Christian,

Just wanted to send a big thank you for making yesterday’s natural light workshop such a fantastic experience.

I was quite nervous thinking that I would never be able to understand things in an afternoon, but you all explained it so simply (and helped where needed), that I feel confident to now take that knowledge when I’m out practicing.

I am definitely looking forward to any future workshops down in Bunbury. Thank you all heaps.

Claire Brooks-Cole – Understanding your Flash Speedlight & Natural Light, Natural Portraiture (Bunbury)

I enjoyed the workshops so much, I wish I could do them every weekend! 😛 You are wonderful people and I learned so many new things! Your workshops reminded me exactly why I want to one day become a professional photographer. You re-inspired me to get out there and take more photos and gain more experience ! Thank you so much 🙂 xxx

Stacey Deegan – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Totally stoked with another great workshop with Seng, Graeme and Christian today. Worth every minute!

Craig Tonkin – Natural Light, Natural Portraiture

I had a great time, it was informative and fun. I am currently doing my diploma of photography via correspondence and this workshop gave me the opportunity to have hands on experience with some of the modules i am learning. Would not hesitate to do this or any other course with venture photography again, loved it!

Glenn Middleton – Kick Start Studio Lighting 1-on-1 workshop

I took the Fast Track Lighting Course with Seng and it was great. The instruction was clear and concise and from the get go it was very hans on. We covered a lot of topics within the 3 hours and I learnt a lot. I would highly recommend the course to anybody who has an interest in learning more about studio lighting. It was also good fun – Seng’s style makes learning entertaining.

Greg Peisley – Getting Started in DSLR Photography (Bunbury)

Did a 1 day DSLR workshop. The info was terrific and well delivered. Lots of interaction with all in the class and nobody got left behind. Would recommend them to anyone interested in increasing their photography skills.

Geoff Mitchell-Burden – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Just a quick note of thanks for the workshop today…loved it! It was so informative, relaxed and such a big help…now to the backyard to practice. Please pass on my thanks to Graeme…he was a huge help to me!!

Getting Started in DSLR Photography

I am buzzing with enthusiasm and inspiration after the course with Seng and Graeme. The course was for beginners, however still a wide range of ability within the group that was brilliantly catered for. I can’t wait to put my new knowledge into practise and then attend another course!

Kathy Matras – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

I did the starting in DSLR workshop with Venture photography. Very informative and patient instructors. I’m more confident to use my camera on manual mode and hardly use any of the other modes and never Auto. The fact that I went back to do 2 more workshop should say a lot about my experience with Venture Photography.

Bob Levy – Flash Photography Fasttack

I have taken a few photography courses but your presentation of Flash Photography was by far the best. I have found it difficult to understand from the number of books I have read on this topic, but after your excellent representational I am now able to go back to these books and actually understand what I am reading. Great informative course which was reinforced by the street photographs at the end of the day. Congratulation so your the presentation…. first class.

Chris Malone – Flash Photography Fasttrack

Thank you Seng for a great workshop yesterday!!! Very easy to understand and learnt some very simple but useful stuff. Thank you also to the very patient models Jacqui and Tyler. Awesome day!!

Julie Gordon – Natural Light, Natural Portraiture (Fremantle)

Attended the Natural Light Workshop on Saturday. What a fantastic day we all had. Seng’s method of teaching would suit any style of learner. Both informative and information rich and super practical experience with two great models. Would recommend to anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of camera techniques. Not only did we all learn a great deal we had heaps of fun and laughter. Totally awesome day Thanks Venture Photography, I will be back for more.

Vicki Yeates – Natural Light, Natural Portraiture (Fremantle)

I have done three courses with Seng now and they are always brilliant. Delivered with humour and able to cater to beginners and the more advanced alike. I always come away with key elements that I apply and therefore see improvement. Very worthwhile. Keep it up, Seng!

Jenni Banfield – Pinnacles Photo Workshop

I went to pinnacles weekend workshop with 3 different shoots, sand dunes, night, and dawn these included pano, bracketing, then wait we also got to make our pics come to life in a photoshop workshop, one word comes to mind AMAZING, I didn’t know going to this workshop if I knew enough to attend, we were assisted by 3 amazing guys who always had encouraging worlds and advise, I would recommend Seng and Venture to anyone beginner of pro, can’t wait to attend my next venture shoot.

Justine Edwards – Albany Photography Workshops

Excellent course in Albany – Seng and Graeme accommodated all levels of expertise and made everybody feel comfortable and catered for in a great learning environment. Would recommend these guys for any level of photographer – and they make it FUN! The best way to learn and remember, thanks guys!

Murray Pollett – Albany Photography Workshops

Being a DSLR novice I learnt more in 6 hours with Seng & Graeme than I had in the 18 months of owning my camera and reading numerous books, Had a fantastic time and had many good laughs with a great bunch of people, would recommend it to any one…. Thanks Guys!

Samantha Oborne – Albany Photography Workshops

I attended the “Understanding your Flash Speedlight” and “Natural Light, Natural Portraiture” Albany Workshops yesterday. Seng and Graeme were incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging. I left feeling far more confident in my shooting and would definitely recommend Venture Photography workshops to anyone looking to expand their skills, meet some like-minded people and have a laugh along the way. I think I’d like to try a landscape workshop next!

Kaylene Stalteri – Getting Started in DSLR Photography (Bunbury)

Thanks so much for all your valuable information at the workshop on Saturday. I had a blast and learnt alot. I cannot wait to attend another workshop with you guys.

Cindy Reinders – Getting Started in DSLR Photography (Bunbury)

I wanted to thank you, Christian and Graeme for a very worthwhile workshop on Saturday. Previously I was too nervous to fiddle around with any settings on my camera as I really had no idea what they all did. Now, thanks to your class and assistance, I’m pleased to say that I do have a better understanding of things and will definitely be experimenting and playing around in manual in the future to see what I can achieve.

I came straight home and immediately downloaded my pictures onto the computer. I must say that there were a number of pictures of Sarah that I was pretty proud of – I can’t believe that I actually took them. But maybe some of the credit should go to her, as she was an excellent and very photogenic model!

Richard Lequaietermaine – Getting Started in DSLR Photography, Fremantle

I attended the DSLR workshop for beginners – excellent workshop with great instruction by Matt and Seng. It was better than I had expected and provided me with a great foundation for getting the best from my new camera.

Lou Peretti – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thanks for yesterday’s workshop. I found it covered exactly what I wanted to know about how to use my camera, and your hands-on help during the workshop was much appreciated. I won’t hesitate to recommend Venture Photography.

David Jones – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

I found the workshop invaluable and I should have undertaken to do a course much earlier. I found it covered a lot of the areas I was previously unsure of and the course conducted at a good pace and held my interest throughout the day. Well done and I will stay in touch for a more advanced course in the coming months.

Heather Grobelaar – Avon Valley Photo Safari

I’ve just attended my first workshop with Venture Photography to Avon Valley. I’ve learnt more in 3 days with Seng compared to 1 years struggling with an on-line diploma! Great location, awesome tuition and easy to understand. I’ll certainly be back for more Venture Photography. I recommend this over and over again.

Vicki Princep – Avon Valley Photo Safari

I recently spent the weekend in the Avon Valley on a photographic safari with Seng of Venture Photography. The attention to detail of the locations & models provided for our tuition were excellent. Seng’s ability to explain technical & creative information in an easy to understand format was great. He was easy going, but responsible & organised & attracted a great group of people to guide into taking better photos. Would definitely recommend Venture Photography for the tuition, knowledge, fun & great atmosphere to learn in & enjoy. In fact we are seriously considering following Seng to Italy on another photographic adventure. It was a fabulous weekend!

Kelly-Jane Trevan – Avon Valley Photo Safari

I had the BESTEST most FANTASTIC time in Northam, loads of fun !! Thank you.

Megan Burnett – Avon Valley Photo Safari

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend yet again – you hold terrific workshops that are so much fun and are a wonderful learning experience. I can’t wait to get out there and practice my new-found skills! Am eyeing out Jarradale as my next location for photographing models! Thank you so much for everything and to everyone who helped put the weekend together. A very rewarding experience!

Doug Packer – Avon Valley Photo Safari

Great course, lovely fellow participants, great weather, good accommodation, food, night shoots, day shoots, extreme early morning Balloon Shoot. Whole experience wonderful!

Kristen Chiera – Flash Photography Fasttrack

I’ve done many photography courses and this course with Venture Photography’s Seng was the best to date. Great value for a whole day and I learnt more new skills in a day than I have in 2 years! Thank you Seng.

Nicole Yardley – Flash Photography Fasttrack

Thanks so much Seng. Really enjoyed you class. Played with my flash again on Sunday in full sun and loved it! Got some great shots. SO wonderful not to be afraid of shooting during the day and using my flash! Whoo Hoo!

Gary Barnard – Mastering Your DSLR 1-on-1 Workshop

Having attended the 1-on-1 course with my new canon 600D, I was amazed at the wealth of information Seng put before me to achieve the total understanding and control of my camera. His teaching was concise and to the point and we didn’t proceed to the next stage until he was sure I had grasped what he had explained thus far.

I couldn’t recommend this course more highly from all points of view and the 1-on-1 facility suited my desire to learn quickly and completely.

His follow up with suggestions on ancillary equipment was appreciated… A1 all round!!!

Alma Sarhan – Flash Photography Fasttrack

I attended the Flash Photography Fasttrack. Seng is a great teacher – clear and to the point. I learned so much in one day. He is also great with follow up questions. I’ve done tons of workshops elsewhere and he is by far the best teacher.

Terry Walsh – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thank you very much for a fantastic introductory course yesterday. While I have been taking photographs for a long time, some of which I am really pleased, I had never ventured beyond Automatic, which is an injustice to the lovely cameras I have. You explained it very well, I did not expect moving to Manual mode to be a straightforward as you have made it. While I have no doubt many mistakes ahead of me, I am on the road now with no looking back, thanks to you. Thank you and Well Done.

Herman Taljaard – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thank you very much for a great workshop yesterday – I have learned quite a bit and will definitely be shooting in Manual mode a lot more now!

Janine Lanigan – Getting Started in DSLR Photography & Natural Light, Natural Portraiture

Had a wonderful weekend at the Getting Started and Natural Light Workshops. Seng is a fantastic teacher and would recommend this to anyone interested in extending their photography experience

Cuong Le – Flash Photography Fasttrack

Just a quick note to thank you for the great insight you provided on sSturday for using flash speedlight. I can’t put it down now….and look forward to joining you in future workshop events when time permits. Oh yes, having Mel there to photograph was AWESOME!!!

Amy Williams – Flash Photography Fasttrack

I had a fantastic day on Saturday, and the penny definitely dropped! You are an awesome teacher!

Heather Jane Endall – Flash Photography Fasttrack

Big bouquet to Seng for a hosting a fantastic workshop Saturday. I really got a lot from the day Seng 🙂 Thank you 🙂

Debbie Stevens-Lewis – Flash Photography Fasttrack

Seng is brilliant at explaining things and I too had the light bulb turn on!! Really enjoyed the workshop and love the way Seng explains the technical side of photography to make it so simple.

Eleanor Hodgson – Flash Photography Fasttrack

It was a good day. Had a few light bulb moments. Seng explains things so well.

Wing Chung – LightPlay: Chiaroscuro

Light Play 3 is over and it was everything that I expected it to be and more. Challenging, educational and fun, wonderful models to work with. Seng, was helpful and engaging, and other participants were a joy to shoot with. This is my third LightPlay workshop and my 8th workshop at Venture Photography; I always come away inspired and learning something. Thank you Seng for organising and running Light Play 3!

Shelley Pearson – Landmarks of the South West Landscape Photography Workshop

Thanks for a great weekend Seng, Greg and Dave. I learned heaps. I am confident now in shooting land/seascapes and really looking forward to doing my panoramas and stitching them. Love the areas that we visited and I have no hesitation in recommending this course to others thinking about attending. Just do it 🙂 .

Jayanta Ray – Landmarks of the South West Landscape Photography Workshop

Thanks Seng, it was such a wonderful adventurous experience… I always did a bit of landscape photography but without understanding really. This course not only taught me what to look for when taking landscape shots but also on how to use my gear effectively and then use post processing techniques to get those WOW shots. I would highly recommend this course to someone who wants to get those jaw dropping shots when shooting landscapes.

Megan Burnett – Landmarks of the South West Landscape Photography Workshop

I thoroughly enjoyed the landscape workshop “Landmarks of the South West”. The knowledge, tips and techniques gained from everyone was invaluable and I will have memories from this trip for a long time to come. I would highly recommend this type of trip – it really is awesome! You are all so generous with sharing your knowledge and helping us. Hope to be on another workshop soon!

Samantha Halls-Klem – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thank you for such an informative and fun workshop today, had an absolute blast and learnt so so much. My camera has not really left my hand since I got home, am so eager to keep learning and stay on manual settings.

Aaron Augustine – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thanks for the awesome workshop on Saturday. It was very informative and easy to understand. It has made me so much more excited to take my camera out and be able to comfortably set to manual mode and shoot away. Kaye the model was amazing too!!

Suzanne Crosbie – Studio Lighting Fasttrack

Thank you so much for the Studio Lighting Fast track workshop. I learned heaps and spent all the next day getting my studio ready for my first shoot tomorrow. I will be back for more workshops and recommend them to my friends.

John Miocevich – Studio Lighting Fasttrack

Seng’s workshops are always very informative and are backed up great hands-on practice. Seng takes the time to explain the concepts involved clearly and simply and works with you to make sure you understand the techniques. He is very helpful and a great teacher.

Ines Canale – Getting Started in DSLR Photography (Northam workshop)

I had the best day and I found you a great teacher and your enthusiasm was awesome.
I love the way you make photography look easy.

I am so passionate about my photography and you have made me even more determined to get better and better. I will continue to use the information that I have learnt from you and I also love the notes you gave us as they are so informative and helpful. I do hope you come back later on in the year to do another workshop.

Charlotte Stalvies – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

I just wanted to say that I had a really good day on Saturday. I was very pleased with how much we covered, and I was very grateful for the patience that you and Dave showed when I didn’t know which knobs and buttons to twiddle and press!

When I got home I took some photos in manual mode of the neighbour’s cat, who is a very handsome fellow, and when I returned the camera to my friend, he said that I had it set up nicely and was amazed that we had got as far as using the camera on manual.

Many thanks for letting me join the course and for your advice on what to buy.


Katrin James – 1-on-1 tutoring/mentoring session

I can not tell you how helpful this was. It is so refreshing to work with a photographer, that makes you feel at ease and can talk about anything in such a down-to-earth and approachable way!

I have really enjoyed this learning time with you and feel that you shed so much light on technical as well as business matters for me. You have such great uplifting and empowering way, it is fantastic!

Even though I feel I still have a way to go on the practical side of things you certainly smoothed the way for me and provided me with some great knowledge and tools. Thanks so much for taking that time.


Lee Raper – Better Travel Photography

Would recommend this course to anyone interested in photography! The tuition was excellent in language that anyone can understand and the shoot afterwards around Freo was brilliant. I liked how we would stop at something and you would explain how to take the shot, get the best of the light/shadows and get the exposure nailed!


Sarah Taylor – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Stoked to have been a part of Venture Photography’s DSLR workshop today. Feeling very informed and ready to grow in my photography 🙂 Thanks guys – what an awesome day.


Christine Curciarello – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

>Awesome Workshop (Getting Started in DSLR Photography) Thanks for a fantastic day!!!


Michelle Baker – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

LOVED the workshop today! thanks for being so patient with me.. =)


Amy Ovans – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thank you so much for the opportunity, it was lovely meeting you and Christian and I learned a lot I didn’t know. I hope you come to Bunbury more often, I would definitely be a regular, thank you again it was great!!!


Doug Blandford – Studio Fine Art Nude Photography

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Venture 1 on 1 Fine Art Nude Photography Workshop. If there are any photographers out there who have an interest in this genre, then I strongly recommend that you get in touch with Seng and enrol yourself for this workshop. Seng is an excellent teacher, the approach is structured, he is very knowledgeable in the subject, and theory is followed by practice. Kat, the model used, makes life very easy for you, particularly if you are just starting out. Well done!


Sarah Le Mare – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thanks again for a great day, I have learnt more in a day than I did on a six-week TAFE course!


Peter Evans – Flash Photography Fasstrack

The flash workshop was excellent !! Solved a number of issues I have been having in balancing the light. Highly recommended !!


Howard Elton – Flash Photography Fasstrack

>Thanks for a very useful and enjoyable flash photography workshop today!


Lee Thompson – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Many thanks for the wonderful relaxed workshop I attended on Saturday, “Getting Started in DSLR Photography”. I really felt that you dealt with the basics at a speed and level that everyone could understand. I never felt hurried or confused and left the course with a MUCH better idea of what I can do with my camera, as opposed to what my camera can do on auto! It’s greatly appreciated.


Shayne Leslie – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

It was a brilliant Getting Started in DSLR Photography Workshop yesterday. You had a very organised and professional approach to the workshop. The content was thorough and delivered in very clear simple terms. The use of Laura, the model, for practicing our new camera skills was fantastic. Thank you very much. I will enthusiastically recommend you and the workshop.


Kerrie Tonkin – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thanks heaps for a great day on Saturday. I’m so inspired now that I am able to manually set my camera.


Samantha Kinkella (Capturing Hearts Photography) – LightPlay 2: Swan Valley Tour

We can see how much we have improved with your courses. The knowledge we walk away is a huge buzz and motivates us to want do more and more… we just love being in your workshops.

Luke Scott – LightPlay 2: Swan Valley Tour

Was my first workshop with Venture and it was awesome. Learnt a heap and the night shots with the light show was amazing. Thanks to all of you for running a great day.

Ashleigh Walker – Getting Started in DSLR Photography workshop

Thank you so much for the course on 27 August. I learnt heaps and am anxiously awaiting delivery of some new lenses to use my new knowledge with! You have a great gift for teaching and have inspired me to learn more.

Richard de Rozario – Practical Portraiture

Thanks for such an educational and practical workshop. I enjoyed it tremendously but more importantly learnt a whole lot more!

Conrad Janerka – Practical Portraiture

Really enjoyed the workshop. I believe I got heaps out of it and its got me even more excited about photography. Advice given by true professionals like yourself, Greg and Dave is priceless.

Auzare Kapadia – Wedding Photography Essentials

I would like to say thanks for a wonderful day of on the Wedding Photography Essentials workshop. I had a great time and learnt a few new tricks and techniques.

It taught me a lot and better prepared me for any future friend’s weddings I may have to do in the near future.

So a big thanks to you, Greg and Dave for a wonderful Sunday.

Bobbie Rogers – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Really enjoyed the day thanks and your relaxed method of tuition, and I now feel much more comfortable with my camera.

Hopefully at some point I will be along to another of your workshops.

Ian Jarrett – Getting Started in DSLR Photography

Thanks Seng. Really enjoyed your course – perfectly pitched for my level of experience.

Tony Watts – Wedding Photography Essentials

I’m on a high; the course was really great! I have been taking photos since I was 9 but I have probably learnt more today than I have over years of photography. Having 3 presenters when out photographing was really great; being able to check with you guys on the shoot was really great. Finally, it was your attitude of we are here to help and guide which was the best part of the course and that no question is stupid.

Chris Riccadonna – Getting Started in DSLR Photography (Beginner’s Workshop)

Thanks for a great day on Saturday 6th August – learnt a lot of new neat tricks that will surely help me improve my photography. Looking forward to upcoming workshops in the future

Carolina Prado – Getting Started in DSLR Photography (Beginner’s Workshop)

It was by far the best workshop that I have ever attended!! Thank you so much!

Yvonne Doherty – Getting Started with Flash Photography

I just wanted to let you know I did my first outdoor shoot today since doing the class with you, and I went in with so much more confidence and knowledge. I am so happy with the results! Lots of good shots! So, thanks again for a great class and I look forward to doing more in the future, worth every cent and many more of them!

Tara McRae – Getting Started with Flash Photography

Just a quick note to say thanks again for the very informative Flash Photography workshop yesterday. You have a way of explaining things in a very simple terms that even I can understand. I took the kids off to the beach in the afternoon and practised with the zoom setting. Love that!!

Brian Ash – Studio Fashion Photography Workshop:

Excellent model and coaching. Totally awesome evening.

Darryl Beer – Off-camera flash model shoot:

Seng, thanks for organising the workshop; it was one of the best I’ve attended. Hope to attend more.

Frank Watkins – Personalised studio photography workshop:

Thanks very much for an enjoyable workshop yesterday – it was well worth it! I have participated in other photography workshops and while they were well run they were nowhere as informative as yesterday.

Kim Batey – LightPlay workshop:

I always come away from your courses feeling more inspired and further educated. Thank you again Seng. Was a fun day with a great team of people.

Tara McRae – LightPlay workshop:

Thanks Seng for all your help and enthusiasm. I highly recommend this course to all wanting to take their photography to the next level. I will definitely be back to do the Strobe courses!!

Mike von Bertouch – Studio Fine Art Nude Photography workshop

Thank you for yesterday’s session. I learnt much more than I expected and thoroughly enjoyed the time with yourself and Kat. I managed to get some images I am really quite happy with; probably more than I expected!

Barbara Johnson – Maximising Your DSLR workshop

I would thoroughly recommend this workshop, I have had my Nikon for 6 years and I have learnt so much in the one day. It certainly helps one to become more adventurous with the camera.

Wing Chung: 1 on 1 Flash Speedlight Workshop

My wife and I were having problems with using our Canon speedlites and needed help to come to grips with their use. Seng Mah of Venture Photography stepped in to provide us with a short, individually tailored and intensive one-on-one introduction to flash photography at short notice.

He made the highly efficient two hour session very logical, practical & interesting. We covered a lot of ground and topics included correct use of the flash on eTTL (aka auto) mode, flash zoom, flash exposure compensation, high speed curtain sync, use of off camera flash, learning to expose for background and flash fill.

The session was well paced and structured with real world exercises to reinforce fundamental flash photography concepts and appropriate use of the basic functions of our 580EXII speedlites. We were amazed at what could be achieved with just the basics & it covered the points that my wife & I were needing help in, plus a litte extra too. Lots of light bulb moments.

We are now off to practice to further reinforce what we learnt and I am now much more confident with using flash in my mini photo project over the Easter weekend. Thank you for your help and well done Seng! Looking forward to Lightplay 2011 and other Venture Photography workshops in the near future!

Erica Urquiaga – Wedding Photography Essentials workshop:

The “Wedding Photography Essentials” workshop with Greg and Seng was brilliant! The combination of theory and practical ensured we could practice and apply what we learnt. The theory component was very informative and the real life stories shared by the instructor helped cement learnings. The models were great as well. Having the chance to practice what we learnt and get instantaneous feedback from the pro’s was extremely helpful and invaluable. A great advantage with Greg and Seng is they work with both Nikon and Canon, both are knowledgeable with the ins and outs of each and this greatly assisted in working with everyone in the class (which was a mixture of Nikon and Canon users).

Dafna Lambert (Facez Studio, East Fremantle):

Thanks so much for the workshop on lighting. I am most impressed with the clarity of your explanations. I will definitely return for further tuition with you,

Louise Burgess – Creative Outdoor Portraiture workshop:

I wanted to thank you for the one-on-one portraiture workshop we did in December. You were so patient with me when I was so nervous – couldn’t remember things that I thought I knew. You didn’t make me feel stupid which was wonderful. I have been taking more photos and got a standard lens for Christmas which I have been having a bit of a play with.I appreciate your efforts during this workshop and I look forward to more workshops with you.

David Winch:

I cannot say enough good things about your workshops and ‘Studio Stay and Play’ sessions.  Every workshop and S&P I have participated in has developed my skills, given me insight into another aspect of photography and built my confidence.  I love the interactive, hands on style and practical focus of Venture Photography.  Your enthusiasm for sharing knowledge is obvious and I always come away feeling excited about the shots I have taken and some of my personal favorite photos have been taken at your workshops :).  I recommend Venture Photography to everyone who is interested in learning how to improve their skills with a camera.  Well done, Seng and thanks!  I look forward to shooting with you again soon.

Wing Chung:

Seng Mah of Venture Photography has a very rare gift; highly passionate about creative photography with the ability to educate and share with others in a very encouraging and fun workshop environment that leaves you inspired to take more photographs.  As a beginner I found his Studio Stay and Play workshops excellent value for money.  Not only will you get wonderful photos for family and friends but you will learn a great deal.  Highly recommended!

Darren Miller:

I got so much more out of the three workshops than I ever imagined I would. Yeah, I’ve done photo workshops and, yeah, I’ve picked up a few things, but I have literally gone from shooting 99% on Auto and using my flash to blind people to being quite happy and very capable of shooting in full manual mode outside and inside both with natural light and in some conditions where I thought shooting without a flash would be impossible.

I have also learned to setup the lighting and shoot in a studio environment with some startling results. In addition I have meet a couple of dozen very interesting and inspiring people and worked with 3 very talented models.

I now have a renewed passion for photography that is seeing me eagerly plan my own (small) home studio (just for kicks). For anyone thinking of attending one of Seng’s workshops, stop thinking and do it, you will not regret it.

Grant Sparks:

I just want to thank you for all the hard work you put into the last workshop. Not only did I have a really enjoyable time, but I also left with a heap of new and useful information, which will definitely help me in the not too distant future (I am hoping) when I go to set my own small home studio up.

Sally Dexter – Sensational Strobing workshop:

Sensational Strobing, the workshop by Seng Mah, offers something for everyone; both for the novice photographer learning to master off camera flash, to the more seasoned photographer looking for new ways to use light both more effectively and creatively.

This workshop offers the perfect opportunity for exploring various off camera flash lighting techniques and scenarios with Seng’s personal guidance and support, in a jam-packed day that is not only educational, but also a whole lot of fun. Having participated in this workshop first-hand recently, I recommend it without hesitation. The opportunity to learn new concepts and practice them in a supportive environment with personalised feedback, leaves one coming away from the workshop with a real sense of accomplishment. Not just for the day, but for every future day. Many thanks to Seng’s Sensational Strobing for opening a new door in my ongoing photographic journey.

Songy Knox – Sensational Strobing workshop:

Having a good camera doesn’t give you good pictures. Seng’s workshop however helped me to finally make good pictures out of my Nikon D700. Now I have the freedom and confidence to shoot with my flash gun (no more blown out highlights!) after a day’s workshop. I had a lot of fun and learned so much in such a short time that I’m hanging out for more.

Kenneth Dreyer:

Add me to the list of people recommending Seng’s workshops. I was surprised by the pictures that came out of my camera. I had no idea my camera was even capable of doing the stuff I did with it on his workshop.

My passion for photography is stronger after this. I’ve learned a lot about light and how to control it. I learned a lot that I know I’ll be using a lot more in the future! Highly recommended!

Jason, CanTeen photography workshop:

>When Seng Mah came in to do a photography workshop with us, I didn’t know what to expect. Starting with showing us of examples to inspire us, it really opened our eyes to what can be achieved with a camera. It was then explained how each photo was taken and tips on how to get the desired effect. Being a hobby photographer, the workshop helped me discover and understand new techniques to become just that little bit better.

Gina Smith

It certainly got my brain thinking again – it’s been a while since it’s had a chance to get back to thinking outside the box… Seng’s workshop certainly renewed my confidence.

Jacinta Mathews

There’s only so much you can pick up from reading online tutorials; sometimes, you just need someone to SHOW you. Had lots of fun!