Wild at Heart

Uncover the secrets of wildlife and nature photography!

Wild at Heart

Date: 15 February 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 2.00pm – 4.30pm
Cost: $70
Location: Team Digital (5 Coolgardie Terrace, East Perth)
Maximum participants: 40


If you’ve ever wondered how wildlife and nature photographers capture their amazing images, then here’s your opportunity to find out!

Come and join three wildlife/nature photographers as they share their photographic approaches and techniques across three speaker sessions!

    Adam Brice is a proud herp (herpetologist) who is addicted to photographing snakes and reptiles. He has amazed his followers on social media with his up-close images of venomous snakes and unusual lizards and geckos!

    Tammy Gibbs is an award-winning photographer of marine life. She has swam with and photographed orcas, cetaceans, sharks and more, and will be sharing her experiences in photographing these majestic and unusual denizens of the deep.

    Paul Irvine chases critters that creeps and crawls and captures ultra-magnified images of arachnids and insects. Find out what tools he deploys and techniques he uses to create jaw dropping super-magnified macro images of bugs and spiders!


“Wild at Heart” delves into what drives three passionate wildlife photographers and the specialist knowledge and techniques that they use in order to photograph these creatures and to produce such unique and evocative images.
If you love nature and wildlife photography, you must not miss this event!

Places are limited to 40 guests, so book in early to avoid missing out.



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