Bunbury Natural Light Portraiture Workshop

Instructors:Graeme Marsh and Christian Byrt
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 1.30on – 4.30pm (3 hours)
Dates: Sunday 22 June, 2014
Cost: $179
Location: Big Swamp Bird Park, Prince Phillip Drive, Bunbury.
Maximum participants: 10

Come and join Graeme Marsh and Christian Byrt for an afternoon of portrait photography, where you’ll learn how to take great outdoor portraits without the fuss of flashes, strobes or reflectors.

The “Bunbury Natural Light Portraiture Workshop” is a 100 per cent hands-on workshop that will show you how to expose, compose, light and pose your subjects for great location portraits!

Bunbury Natural Light Portraiture Workshop


Working with our models and under Christian and Graeme’s guidance, you will learn:

  • lenses and focal lengths for portraiture.
  • how to use Manual Exposure on your camera to photograph natural light portraits
  • the best Exposure Metering mode to use for natural light portraiture
  • how to make the best use of available light on location
  • ways to pose your subject to best make use of backgrounds and lighting
  • creative ways to frame and compose your portraits.

Places are limited to 10 participants, so you’ll need to make sure you book in early if you’re keen to join in!

Note: This is an intermediate level workshop, so you will need to have a basic familiarity with shooting on Manual exposure. You need to be able to set your Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO manually.

Bunbury Natural Light Portraiture Workshop




Utterly fantastic!!! Any question you had about any aspect of photography Graeme and Christian could answer!!! if you didn’t quite understand they would take as much time as needed to help you understand!!! I went from shooting in very very very little manual to full manual! I now understand what each part of the manual settings does and how to change it to suit my style! I will be attending the next workshop for sure! and I recommend to everyone to do it!!!! it has taken my photography to the next level and they have helped me to achieve my long-time photography goal!! Thank you so much for your patience and knowledge Christian and Graeme! (Ashlea Bluett)

This shoot was awesome and capped off a lot learnt the previous weekend in the DSLR starter workshop. I recommend anyone who wants to learn how to use their camera or improve on what you know, spend a day with Christian Byrt and Graeme Marsh. Thanks so much guys. (Steve Delane)

Yesterday’s Natural Light Portraiture workshop was awesome! Thanks Graeme and Christian for so generously sharing your knowledge and expertise with us! (Ineke Kotze)

Hi I would just like to congratulate and say a very big thank you to Graeme and Christian for a great day we had with the natural light workshop in Bunbury, its very relaxed and and fun atmosphere. I am a lot more confident with portraiture photography. I learnt so much more and thank you to our gorgeous model. (Karen McConnell)

Today’s workshop for me tied a few loose ends that I wasn’t completely sure. Thankyou for the afternoon practicing what I have learnt this year so far. (Rachel Atkinson)

Thanks Graeme and Christian I had A great afternoon. I now feel more confident to get out and practice my portrait Photography. (Nicole Vivers)

Just wanted to send a big thank you for making yesterday’s natural light workshop such a fantastic experience.I was quite nervous thinking that I would never be able to understand things in an afternoon, but you all explained it so simply (and helped where needed), that I feel confident to now take that knowledge when I’m out practicing. (Kellie Hansen)

I enjoyed the workshops so much, I wish I could do them every weekend! 😛 You are wonderful people and I learned so many new things! Your workshops reminded me exactly why I want to one day become a professional photographer. You re-inspired me to get out there and take more photos and gain more experience ! Thank you so much 🙂 xxx (Claire Brooks-Cole)

Thank you for the great day at the Bunbury workshop on Natural Lighting Portraiture. (Samantha Kinkella)

The Natural light workshop was really good information and hands on practice. It helped to have models with great personalities that shone through in the shots taken. (Terry-Lynn Wood)




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