Meet Your Teachers

We'll show you how to get better and more creative at photography!


Photography is one of the most accessible forms of creative expression, and many of us have used cameras since we've been old enough to hold one in our hands. Venture Photography Workshops is here to show you how you can get the most out of your camera, by taking creative control of it and getting you started on your own image-making adventure!

All our workshops are hands-on and full of activities and shoots. We explain everything in everyday language to make sure you understand all the key ideas and concepts you need to learn. You learn by doing and you'll get plenty of opportunities to put what you have learned into practice and to refine your skills!

Let's meet your teaching team!


Meet your Teachers


Seng Mah

Seng is owner and lead instructor at Venture Photography Workshops and Tours. He has an extensive background in teaching and mentoring, having taught in schools, universities and designed courses for educational institutions. In Venture Photography Workshops, he combines his love of photography and teaching into a job that's rewarding for him and great for photographers wanting to learn from someone who is an experienced educator.

Seng enjoys traveling, so much so that he takes photographers on tours so that he can share his love of these destinations with other like-minded people. He is an accredited professional photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP). Seng is also involved in many community-based photography projects and events -- including FotoFreo, CanTeen, Propel Youth Arts, and is much sought-after judge at photography exhibitions and competitions.

Seng is a committee member of the West Australian Photographic Judges Association (WAPJA) and was on the organising committee for the Fremantle International Portrait Prize 2017. He has won multiple photography awards in both the professional and creative arts arenas and recently won the Award for WA Documentary Professional Photographer of the Year in 2018, and was a finalist in the WA Travel Professional Photographer of the Year Awards in both 2017, 2018 and 2019. For more information about awards and exhibitions by Seng, look here.


Craig Franke

Craig Franke is a wildlife photographer who can often be found exploring bushland and wilderness in search of subjects to photograph. He is also a photography judge who has judged at numerous photography group and camera club competitions. In macro photography, Craig specialises in the photography of insects and arachnids. He runs our macro photography workshops and our 1-on-1 wildlife photography workshops. You'll have a great time learning from him in these hands-on shoot-and-learn events.

Craig runs Jarmat Wildlife Photography, and you can follow his work on Instagram.


Erica Serena

Erica Serena is a professional wedding photographer, based in Perth. She fell in love with photography when a photography class was offered at her school. She aced all the lessons and, when she was 20, started her wedding photography business, which she has been running for seventeen years.

Erica is an award-winning photographer and has achieved Master of Photography with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. She loves sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge with beginners who are just making their first steps into digital photography.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is a fine-art photographer who assists Seng in keeping the business running like clockwork. She's responsible for our activities on Facebook and is involved in planning, organising and marketing new workshops and tours. Jenn's photography has an inspirational and fine art sentiment to it, where she finds remarkably dreamy and tender moments in everyday, a style that's perfect for children's portraiture in which she specialises in her photography business, The Cucumber Walrus.


Brian Kinson

Brian Kinson is our landscape photography instructor, and he hails from the beautiful South West town of Busselton via the northern English county of Northumberland. Brian photographs many iconic and classical landscapes of the South West, producing fine art prints for homes and businesses in the region. He is an enthusiastic outdoorsman, who is often found chasing the light and dramatic skies during inclement weather at some of the most epic settings in the south west. Brian is an experienced photographic guide and tutor. His landscapes are images that evoke emotion and draw a response from viewers, something which he is passionate about sharing with those who join him in our landscape workshops.

Ty Stedman

Ty Stedman is a multiple award-winning landscape photographer based in Busselton, Western Australia, who shoots landscapes from both on the ground and in the air (aerial photography). For Ty, landscape photography is a great excuse to explore new horizons and escape the trap of a modern sedentary life, a way to see the world that is unique the way most of us see it, whether it is from the elevation of a plane or the addition of time through a long exposure. Ty is an instructor on our landscape photography retreats and landscape photography tours. Ty has won many accolades, including the Prix de la Photographie (Paris Prize) Fine Art Photographer of the Year, Landscape Emerging Photographer of the Year with Capture Magazine, the Western Australian Professional Commercial Photographer of the Year and Winter Sports Photographer of the Year at the International Photography Awards. You can follow more of his work on his website.