About Venture Photography Workshops

We'll show you how to get better and more creative at photography!


Photography is one of the most accessible forms of creative expression, and many of us have used cameras since we've been old enough to hold one in our hands. Venture Photography Workshops is here to show you how you can get the most out of your camera, by taking creative control of it and getting you started on your own image-making adventure!

All our workshops are hands-on and full of activities and shoots. We explain everything in everyday language (we're not a fan of "technical photography jargon") to make sure you understand all the key ideas and concepts you need to learn. You learn by doing and you'll get plenty of opportunities to put what you have learned into practice and to refine your skills!


Meet the Team


Seng Mah




Seng is owner and lead instructor at Venture Photography Workshops and Tours. He has a rich background in teaching and mentoring, having taught in schools, universities and designed courses for educational institutions. In Venture Photography Workshops, he combines his love of photography and teaching into a job that's rewarding for him and great for photographers wanting to learn from someone who is an experienced educator.

Seng enjoys traveling, so much so that he now takes photographers on tours so that he can share his love of these destinations with other like-minded people. He is also involved in many community-based photography projects and events -- including FotoFreo, CanTeen, Propel Youth Arts, and is a regular judge at photography exhibitions and competitions. He is an accredited professional photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP)

Seng is a committee member of the West Australian Photographic Judges Association (WAPJA) and was on the organising committee for the Fremantle International Portrait Prize 2017. He has won multiple photography awards in both the professional and creative arts arenas and recently won the Award for WA Documentary Professional Photographer of the Year in 2018, and was a finalist in the WA Travel Professional Photographer of the Year Awards in both 2017 and 2018.


Craig Franke




Craig Franke is a wildlife photographer who can often be found exploring bushland and wilderness in search of subjects to photograph. In macro photography, Craig specialises in the photography of insects and arachnids. He runs our macro photography workshops and our 1-on-1 wildlife photography workshops. You'll have a great time learning from him in these hands-on shoot-and-learn events.

Craig runs Jarmat Wildlife Photography, and you can follow his work on Instagram.


Mick Lee




Mick Lee is a professional photographer and an alumnus of Venture Photography Workshops. Mick now runs his own commercial photography business and is the instructor in some of our mini-workshops at Venture. Mick aims to pass on not only an understanding for photography but a passion for how images are created and the story that goes with it.

You can view Mick's commercial photography at his website.


Ann Leaver




Ann Leaver teaches our Intro to Photoshop and Creative Photoshop workshops. She's been photographing for 10 years and realised that she needed Photoshop in order to take the creative aspects of her image-making to the next level. Ann is severely in love with photography and would like everyone else to love photography as much as she does. Her Photoshop courses are aimed at beginners, with the mission of helping them take their image-making to the next level.

Jennifer Smith



Jennifer Smith is a fine-art photographer who assists Seng in keeping the business running like clockwork. She's responsible for our activities on Facebook and is involved in planning, organising and marketing new workshops and tours. Jenn's photography has an inspirational and fine art sentiment to it, where she finds remarkably dreamy and tender moments in everyday.

Julie Brooker




Julie Brooker is a fine-art photographer whose works range from studio-based fashion and beauty, to macro and nature photography. She assists in our beginner's photography workshops, where she's a dab hand at working out what the buttons, functions and dials on your camera do.

Ty Stedman




Ty Stedman is a landscape photographer based in Busselton, Western Australia, who shoots landscapes from both on the ground and in the air (aerial photography). For Ty, landscape photography is a great excuse to explore new horizons and escape the trap of a modern sedentary life, a way to see the world that is unique the way most of us see it, whether it is from the elevation of a plane or the addition of time through a long exposure. Ty is an instructor on our landscape photography retreats and landscape photography tours to New Zealand. You can follow more of his work on his website.


Russell Nastasi




Russell Nastasi assists in our beginner's photography workshops and makes sure that everyone is able to find the right buttons, functions and menu items on their cameras. Russ is a returned ex-serviceman who has taken up photography in a big way since entering civilian life. He runs Nastasi Photography in Perth and photographs weddings, couples, portraits and events, and loves traveling out of town in search of awesome landscapes to photograph. When he's not shooting, Russ enjoys spending time with his family (he has two young kids) and four-wheel driving.

Paul Richardson




Paul Richardson enjoys photography in all its creative forms. Paul has a Diploma in Photography and has run his own Photography business since the early 1990s.Professionally he shoots Events, Portraits, Sports, and Weddings. Paul loves to talk photography and is always happy to share his knowledge with others. Paul joins us to help us run our mini-workshops, including our portrait photography photo walks and our sunrise/sunset landscape shoots. You can view Paul's work here.