Bunbury Special Event Shoot: Film Noir Glamour Lighting

Level: Any
Duration: 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Date: 23 December 2017 (Friday)
Cost:: $150
Venue: TBA
Maximum participants: SOLD OUT!


Film Noir Glamour Lighting Workshop


This lighting session is dedicated to the creation of dramatic lighting, and we’re doing it by setting up a film noir glamour theme. You’ll learn about lighting fall off, and how to light to emphasise shadows and to create a range of different moods – from intense and dramatic to sultry and glamorous.


The “Film Noir Glamour” workshop will let you grow your portfolio with very unique images as well as give you a solid grounding in the use of lighting techniques for chiaroscuro — the interplay of light and shadow. You’ll be shooting high contrast black and white imagery to create photographs that hearken back to the “detective thrillers” of 1940s and 1950s Hollywood. You’ll be working with our glamour model (female) throughout the shoot and will be maximising your shooting opportunity by working with Edgelight LED constant lights.


Places are limited to only 8 photographers to make sure you have the best opportunity to shoot.


  • A camera that allows you to shoot in full manual exposure (eg. a DSLR, micro four-thirds camera, mirrorless camera).
  • One or more lenses that can cover a focal range of around 70mm- 100mm for a 35mm equivalent sensor (ie. 50mm on a crop frame, 45mm for a micro four-thirds sensor).



This event is SOLD OUT.

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