Studio Portrait Lighting Workshop

Level: Intermediate
Venue: Venture Studio @ Upstairs, 133 High Street Mall, Fremantle, Western Australia.
Instructor: Seng Mah
Duration: 2pm – 5.00pm
Date: 13 August 2016
Cost: $220 (inc GST)
Maximum participants: 8 (2 seats available)

Studio Portrait Lighting Workshop


This is the perfect jump-on point for photographers who want to get started with studio-based portrait photography. It’s a hands-on, learn-by-doing course that will show you how to set up, use and shoot with studio lights to create beautiful and eye-catching portraits. More importantly, it covers key lighting techniques that can be the difference between an average studio portrait and a GREAT one!

The focus of this workshop is the development of your understanding of lighting for studio portraiture. It’s easy to learn the technical aspects of studio lighting; the real challenge is understanding how best to use lights creatively to bring your vision to life. You’ll look at a range of different lighting techniques, from type of lighting, angle of lighting and the effect of lighting in shaping faces and bodies.

What you’ll learn:

  • Setting up and using studio lights.
  • Using the modeling light.
  • Controlling and adjusing studio lights.
  • Creating hard light vs soft light.
  • When to use hard light; when to use soft light.
  • Lighting types (broad lighting, short lighting, front lighting).
  • Shaping with light and shadow.
  • Using fill light and rim light to complete the portrait.
  • Using light fall off for creative effects.
  • Lighting the subject vs background.
  • Adding colour with gels.

If you’ve ever wanted to get started in studio portraiture, then join in!


  • You will need to have a basic familiarity in shooting with your camera on Manual Exposure, ie. you can set your Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO values manually on your camera.
  • Sony Alpha DSLR users will need a hotshoe adaptor in order to use the wireless triggers in this workshop. Contact your local camera store if you need to purchase one.


    Seng was awesome! We crammed a lot into the day, and I felt like it was value for money. We had a great model, Brooke, to work with all day. We had a small group which meant we could take loads of photos each and it was nice and easy to interact with everyone. Really great day, I will be back for more thanks Seng! (Sarah O’Flanagan)

    Thanks for the great course – it was just what I needed and as usual fantastically taught! I’ve managed to get my RX-4’s to work with the speed lights which is pretty exciting! (Penny Lord)

    I attended the Studio Lighting Fasttrack workshop and was really thrilled with the quality of content and Seng’s hands-on instruction style. I learned a huge amount in only one day, but did not feel overwhelmed with information, as most of it was practical and thoroughly explained in the context of each different situation. This is definitely the best photography workshop I have attended in Perth! (Ebony Frost)

    Thank you Seng for all the handy tips I learned in your studio lighting workshop a few weeks ago. Today I managed to achieve some great high key portraits using just a single studio light and an off-camera speedlight. Super happy! (Tammy Gibbs)

    I walked into this workshop feeling totally in the dark and walked out feeling illuminated–exactly what I needed from a studio lighting workshop. Thank you Seng — it is always a pleasure to learn from you! (Mandy Miller)

    After attending the workshop “Studio Lighting Fastrack” I now know where to place my lights in relation to the client and how to add additional lights to achieve different effects. Seng’s teaching approach is systematic which maximises the learning potential. (Raquel Taylor – Luminescence Photography by Raquel).

    Brilliant studio lighting workshop last Tuesday, very informative and everything explained about various lighting techniques, very worthwhile course. (Leslie Dwight)

    Thank you so much for the Studio Lighting Fast track workshop. I learned heaps and spent all the next day getting my studio ready for my first shoot tomorrow. I will be back for more workshops and recommend them to my friends. (Suz Crosbie, Crosbie Photography)

    Thanks Seng for a great workshop I got heaps out of it and you explained it really well. So much clearer now. Thank you. (Samantha Kinkella, Capturing Hearts Photography)

    Thanks for the great workshop last night. My brain thanks you especially for making inverse square law less brain melty than it was before 🙂 (Tyler Crosbie, Crosbie Photography)

    Seng’s workshops are always very informative and are backed up great hands-on practice. Seng takes the time to explain the concepts involved clearly and simply and works with you to make sure you understand the techniques. He is very helpful and a great teacher. (John Miocevich)




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