The Art of Lighting with Flash

The Art of Lighting with Flash - Steve Wise and Seng Mah



The flash is one of the most powerful and creative lighting tools in photography — it lets you introduce and create stunning light with artistic flair and absolute control. Join Magmod Ambassador and multi-award winning photographer Steve Wise and travel photographer and photography educator Seng Mah for “The Art of Lighting with Flash” workshop and discover the power and potential that lies in flash lighting.

This is a hands-on workshop for wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographers who are looking to add a different dimension to their imagery with creative flash lighting. Steve and Seng will be at hand to make sure you have your questions answered and are fully supported in your learning of creative flash lighting. You’ll learn to love your flash and be inspired to take your photography further with your new skills and understandings about flash lighting. You’ll enjoy the practical photography events we have planned for this workshop and will spend a fabulous autumn afternoon immersed in a field of creative photography.

You’ll come away with a solid understanding of flash lighting and confidence in your ability to use your flash across a range of different lighting contexts — from using the flash to deal with lighting challenges to creating magnificent, studio-quality portraits on location with your flash.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The creative thinking behind lighting with the flash.
  • Controlling light and shadow to create mood, story and emotion.
  • The effects of on-camera and off-camera flash lighting.
  • Fill flash and flash exposure compensation.
  • Driving your flash speedlight in its TTL and Manual modes.
  • Using bounce flash to create directional light.
  • Using the flash power zoom for controlled lighting and fall off.
  • Creating hard light and soft light with flash modifiers.
  • Flash lighting options with different modifiers, including Magmod diffusers, softboxes, stripboxes and octaboxes.
  • More powerful flash lighting options, such as the Elinchrom Quadra Ranger.
  • Using feathering and fall-off for different creative lighting effects.
  • Creatively balancing flash with ambient lighting.
  • Off-camera flash lighting – Steve and Seng’s favourite approaches to lighting with off-camera flash.
  • The tools, thinking and approaches when lighting with off-camera flash.

Expect to fall in love with flash and off-camera lighting once you have completed this workshop. It will change your photography forever.



Venue: Team Digital (268 Lord Street, East Perth) [map]
Date: Sunday 8 May
Time: 11.30am – 5.30pm
Cost: $360 (includes refreshments and a light lunch)
Maximum participants: 16 (1 SEAT LEFT)




Steve Wise


Steve Wise of 27Creative is a Magmod Ambassador and one of WA’s most awarded professional wedding and fine-art portrait photographers (WA AIPP Photographer of the Year, WA AIPP Portrait Photographer of the Year and WA AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year). His love of flash lighting is evident in his visually compelling and award-winning wedding and portrait photography. With more than 15 years in photography and graphic design, Steve shoots and lights with an artist’s eye, painting with light and creating depth and drama with shadows. Steve is a Master Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and is a Registered Biomedical Illustrator (RBI) with the Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustrators.

Seng Mah


Seng Mah’s years of experience as a photography educator and involvement in the development of WA photography initiatives has earned him local renown as the go-to person for photography training and the provision of photographic professional development to WA companies and organisations. He runs Venture Photography Workshops in Fremantle and Cultural Connections Photography Tours, which takes photographers keen on immersing themselves in cultural experiences to places as diverse as Madagascar, Sardinia and the Yolngu Homelands of the Northern Territory. He was coordinator of the FotoFreo Fringe Festival and was involved in the running of FotoFreo across three festivals. He has also conducted photography workshops for the likes of CanTeen, Propel Youth Arts and the Edmund Rice Institute of Social Justice.



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