Travel Photography Stories

Date: Saturday 5 December 2015
Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: Team Digital, 268 Lord Street, East Perth
Cost: $11


Travel Photography Stories


Photography and travel go hand in hand, and in this special event at Team Digital, you’ll join three professional photographers who will take you on their photographic journey through countries and landscapes as diverse as Burma, Canada, Greece, Italy, Cambodia, India, New Zealand, Africa, Australia and Nepal.

You’ll find out about their techniques and approaches for travel photography and learn how you too can shoot inspiring images of your memorable travel experiences. You’ll also have the opportunity to test drive new photography bags suitable for travel, as well as cameras, lenses and tripods courtesy of Team Digital. Plus, there will be door prizes and specials on offer!

Speakers for this event are:

    Seng Mah – “Travelling Light”

    Tips, tricks, suggestions, recommendations and advice on travel photography — from what to bring with you to how you can maximise your photographic opportunities by “chasing the moment” and “looking for the light”. Seng’s practical, real-world approach to travel photography will show you how you can make the most of your travel without lugging 15kg of photographic equipment with you!

    Lynn Gail – “Photographing Cultures and Traditions”

    Lonely Planet/Getty Images photographer, Lynn Gail, specialises in the photography of traditions and cultures around the world. She shares her approach to photographing people and cultures — how you can best connect with local people and communities and learn more about their culture through your photography.

    Aaron Dowling – “The Landscape of Travel”

    Award-winning landscape photographer, Aaron Dowling, will show you how you to photograph landscapes during your travels. Covering tips for researching locations, to working with weather, light and geography, you’ll learn how to think like a landscape photographer and how you can best capture stunning landscapes in your travels.

There will be time after the presentations for a Q&A with Seng, Aaron and Lynn, where you can have your travel photography questions answered.

This event is limited to only 40 seats and costs $11 per person. You can book your place at “Travel Photography Stories” by clicking the Add to Cart button below (payable via credit card or Paypal).