Macro Photography Workshop

Open up a whole new world of photography with our Macro Photography Workshop and learn how to take GREAT picture of SMALL subjects!

Level: Intermediate
Date: 14 October (back-up date in event of inclement weather is 15 October)
Duration: 9.30am – 11.30am
Cost: $190
Instructor: Craig Franke
Location: Wireless Hill, Ardross.
Maximum participants:  8

Course pre-requisites: You need to be familiar with key concepts in photography, including Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Depth of field.  You will also need a dedicated macro lens (not a telephoto zoom lens).

Many photographers dream of capturing great macro images but struggle with techniques, settings and set ups. If you’ve ever wanted to gain understanding and confidence in macro photography, then join us for a workshop that will open up a whole new world to your photography!

This workshop is a practical introduction to understanding how to best shoot macro photography with a dedicated macro lens. You’ll learn about the differences between shooting in true macro vs close-up and get the chance to try out the techniques you have learned by shooting a range of subjects macro-style!

This hands-on learning experience will show you how macro is different from other types of photography. Find out what real macro photography is about and learn all about how you can capture amazing detail using your macro lens. Learn about controlling focus, depth of field, composition, lighting and working with the challenges of the outdoors (eg. wind).

You will learn in the field as, led by macro photographer Craig Franke, you’ll explore the Wireless Hill nature reserve and enjoy the opportunity to practice what you have learned. Craig will be available to answer your questions or assist you if you ask for help or guidance during the field trip. 

You’ll have a ball discovering a whole new world in the amazing macro-verse.

  • Your interchangeable lens camera
  • A dedicated macro lens (eg. 90mm macro, 105mm macro etc). Note: this workshop focuses on giving you the skills to use a true macro lens (1:1 magnification). If you’re not sure if your lens is a 1:1 macro lens, please contact us.
  • Notebook and a pen.
  • You don’t need to bring a tripod to this workshop.

NOTE: Should the weather be inclement on the 14th October, the workshop will be rescheduled for Sunday 15th October. Please make sure you are available on both dates.


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