Macro Photography Workshop

Level: Beginners – Intermediate
Date: Saturday 12 August 2017
Duration: 11.00am – 5.00pm
Cost: $199 inc GST
Instructor: Craig Franke & Seng Mah
Location: Venture Photography Workshops Studio, Suite 5 (Upstairs), 133 High Street, Fremantle & Wireless Hill, Ardross.
Maximum participants: 12 (4 places available)


The Macro Photography Workshop


Macro photography takes us to a world that is often hidden to the human eye. Come and join macro photographer Craig Franke on an incredible voyage into the world of small things. “The Macro Photography Workshop” is aimed at photographers who want to delve further into macro photography — this workshop will get you seeing and thinking macro and knowing how to set up and take amazing images of tiny things using your dedicated macro lens, flash speedlight, extension tubes and a bevy of other tools of the trade! This workshop will have you taking macro photographs that will astound viewers with their detail and intricacies!

More than just setting your camera to the “flower mode” or using a long telephoto lens to zoom in on a flower, true macro photography is about taking your camera and lens close to the action and discovering the wonders of the macro world – whether you enjoy photographing plants, flowers, insects, spiders, garden grubs, rocks, pebbles and other objects. You’ll learn how to shoot true macro in this very hands-on workshop that includes two practical field trips where you’ll learn with the full support from Craig and Seng.

What you’ll learn in “The Macro Photography Workshop”:

  • How to think like a macro photographer.
  • What true macro is and why it’s awesome.
  • The macro lens – what it is and what it isn’t. Macro technicalities (including ratios) explained.
  • Other equipment if you’d like to get serious with macro photography, including tripods, macro rails, diopters and extension tubes.
  • Controlling sharpness in macro photography – how to avoid blur and off-focus accidents.
  • Depth of field in macro photography – what it means and how to control it.
  • Using extension tubes effectively in macro photography.
  • Composition in macro photography – how to create interesting, balanced compositions when shooting macro.
  • Using natural, available light in macro photography.
  • Using your flash speedlight with a diffuser for macro lighting.
  • Working with higher magnifications in macro: what challenges will you face and how to overcome them.
  • Focus stacking in macro photography – what is it? Why do it? How do you do it?

We begin in the studio where we’ll cover the fundamentals of true macro photography in an interactive presentation. You’ll learn the key tools and techniques of the trade from Craig, as well as become familiar with your macro lens and other macro photographic equipment. We then head out on our field trip to practise macro photography. Craig will guide you on this trip as you discover the world of macro and how you can best shoot using available light. We will spend the afternoon chasing great macro images!

Sounds good to you? Then join in and learn how to shoot great macro images!


  • A interchangeable lens camera such as a DSLR or compact system camera.
  • A dedicated macro lens (not a telephoto lens). Examples include the Tamron 90mm macro, the Sigma/Nikon/Canon 105mm macro, the Olympus 60mm macro (for OM-D cameras), the Canon/Nikon 60mm macro, the Sony 30mm macro and so on.
  • Memory cards and a spare battery.
  • A flash speedlight.
  • Optional: Extension tubes, diopters, tripod and remote shutter trigger.



Last weekend I attended the macro workshop by Craig Franke and Seng Mah and had a great time learning a lot… Even made myself a light diffuser on Craigs prototype. Thanks guys for a great weekend. Would highly recommend to anyone. (Ann Leaver)

If any of you are keen to learn this genre, don’t hesitate to book yourself in to this course… Thanks again to Seng and Craig for imparting your knowledge in an incredibly friendly environment and thanks to all on the course that were there to have a great time and learn. Loved it! (Paul Irvine)

Fully recommend this course to anyone that is interested in Macro. Thanks to Seng and Craig for all their helpful advice. I now feel more confident with my macro lens… Just need to get out there and practice! (Leigh McKay)

This workshop was very instructive and I am now much more confident in using my macro lens, thanks to you and Craig. (Wendy Jacobs)

Hi Seng and Craig! What a great workshop, just loved it, so well presented and laid out in simple terms just loved the helpful tips, Craig. I have spent my morning reviewing my shots and post production in Lightroom. Thank you for the simple definition of a ‘close-up’ and a ‘macro’ I now look at my macro photography very differently. Prior to the workshop I had problems with the DOF, now with the workshop information and in the field assistance I am able to apply my macro photography more effectively with wonderful results. (Bronwyn Falconer)

Hi Seng and Craig. I attended the Macro workshop on the weekend and loved the interactive information sharing from you both. I was apprehensive that I may not keep up with information overload, however you are both extremely inclusive and generous with your teaching. (Kerry Binks)

Thank you Seng and Craig for the Macro Workshop. What a wonderful surprise to find in one of the photos – of purple flowering creeper with a tiny bug (which I knew about) and then a dew drop caught in a lower petal with a reflection of the flowers around it. Thank you for being so patient I really picked up such a lot about shooting in Macro and my camera. Looking forward to getting outside in my garden and also revisit the wildflowers down south or even out Mt Gibson way. (Jacqueline Traeger)

Totally enjoyable workshop that was well presented by Craig and Seng in the studio and then an extremely pleasant session chasing insects and anything else that moved! (Keith McQuiggin)



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