Beauty and the Brawn

Beauty and the Brawn

I’ve signed up two models for this weekend’s “Effective Outdoor Portraiture” workshop at Up On High Studio, Fremantle.

Sophie L and Frank I are about as different as chalk and cheese, and not only because she’s a gal and he’s a bloke. Sophie is tall, svelte, with a stylish, continental look. Frank is, well, he’s a big, muscular guy.

Beauty and the Brawn

Sophie came to me via Model Mayhem, the website+networking forum which puts models in touch with photographers, stylists and make-up artists, and vice versa, and has modeled in a couple of my previous workshops.

I photographed Frank with my mate, Dean Newman, earlier in the year prior to the State Bodybuilding Championships in which he was competing (Frank came first in his category). He was in top physical form in preparation for the comp, as is evident from the above shot.

I reckon their differences will make this workshop an exciting and dynamic one!

Oh, and Frank will be clothed in this workshop. (Sorry Ladies!)

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