Brad the (body) builder

Brad the (body) builder

Brad McMillan, owner of Pure Fitness Gym in Canning Vale, is also a competitive bodybuilder. I had the opportunity to photograph Brad just after Saturday’s State competition (thanks Dean!), and to mix things up a bit, Brad brought his wife Loretta and kids, Portia and Blade for the shoot.

Unlike previous bodybuilding shoots, which pretty much begins with the sitter going through his sets, we started this session with a family portrait.

Brad and Loretta’s kids are a dream to work with — they’re excited, very camera-friendly and a lot of fun.

Brad wanted some photos of himself and Loretta as a couple next, something a bit tasteful, but which also showed their shared history in the world of competitive bodybuilding (Loretta was a world class champion in female bodybuilding).

Finally, we were ready for the real thing. Unfortunately, Brad had left his posing trunks to dry on the Hills Hoist at home! Not to worry; he stripped down to his jocks, tucked in the waistband, and away we went.

Here are some images from the shoot with Brad and his family. Big thanks to Dean Newman for bringing Brad in to Up on High Studio!

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Pure Fitness
280 Amherst Rd
Canning Vale WA 6155
(08) 9456 2266

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