Instant fix

Instant fix

I picked up a Fujifilm Instax 210 instant camera a couple of days ago on a whim.

I was actually down at Valentine’s Camera House in Market Street, Fremantle, dropping off some workshop pamphlets, when Mike (hi Mike!) at Valentine’s showed me their recent “stock” of lo-fi plastic cameras. In amongst the Lomo Action Samplers and Holga Pinholes was this big, black plastic thing.

“What’s that?” I asked in all innocence.

The Instax 210 is a nifty instant camera. It’s easy to use — as follows:

  • Turn the camera On
  • Set the focal distance (you have two choices: focus between 0.9-3m OR 3m-Infinity — EASY!)
  • Decide if you want to set the exposure to N(ormal), L(ight) or D(ark). Each over/under exposure is +/- 2/3 stop.
  • Decide if you’d like the flash to be turned on.

Frame and take the picture!

It’s like taking digital photographs, but the images are small, in print and just slightly more lo-fi than your usual super-tack sharp digital pics.

The Instax takes wide-frame photographs (about 16:9 ration I think) and comes with a snap on close-up “lens” which lets you close focus (40-45cm).

I’m really drawn to the colours in pictures produced by the Instax. They’re kind of rich, but cool (typical Fuji colour). After years of looking at yellowy Polaroid instant pictures, it’s refreshing to find colours that seem just a wee bit more natural.

I took the Instax out on a little photo walk in Freo with some friends from the PIP group. Here are the results. Judge for yourself!


  • Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant Camera – $149 at Valentine’s Camera House, Fremantle.
  • Pack of 10 Instax film – $29.95 (yes, that’s almost $3.00 per frame… expensive snapshots!)
  • Luke Valentine

    19/02/2010 at 12:44 pm

    Hi Seng!!
    Plastic fantastic is great!
    We now have the Holgawood range of Holgas in store in a variety of colours. A tudy in plastic imperfection in deed!! haha.
    Glad you like the Instax 🙂


  • Luke Valentine

    19/02/2010 at 12:44 pm

    err study… 🙂

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