Tripping the light fantastic at LightPlay

Tripping the light fantastic at LightPlay

Ten photographers. Six models. Five shoots. That’s LightPlay! And what an awesome event it was!

We all had an absolute ball at LightPlay on Sunday May 1. The premise of this workshop was a simple one: let’s get funky and creative with light!

Without light, there is no photography, yet lighting is something that is often ignored by photographers new to the art. Because it’s all around us and we take it for granted, we often don’t pay attention to the way a scene or person is lit. And our images suffer because of this.

LightPlay was all about getting photographers to notice light, and to do creative things with it. Whether it’s natural light in an outdoor environment, low-light indoors or a studio setting where the very control of light is at your fingertips, this workshop had participants develop an understanding of light and how it can be used to create extraordinary photographs.

The day was split across five shoots, each designed to explore one type of light.

We started outdoors, using natural light and fill-flash to create outdoor portraits of the gorgeous Laura and Tarryn, and then retired indoors, into the dim and smoky confines of our little “den of iniquity” for an exotic boudoir shoot with our very exotic and evocative boudoir model, Kat. Then, a change of space with a studio shoot using only a one-light set up to photography physique model, Brad, before we headed back out into the sun with fashion models Jen and Michelle, with Brad completing the trio, to look at outdoor strobing with off-camera flash. Finally, we were treated to a spectacularly fiery finish by Jacob McGrath of Dream State Circus, whose blazing extravaganza was captured using slow synch flash.

It was a long day (nearly 10 hours of shooting and learning) but judging from the excitement, smiles and laughter, all participants had a great time and came away with fantastic photographs.

Here are some photographs from LightPlay followed by behind the scenes snaps by workshop assistant, John Leonard (thanks John!).

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Behind the scenes

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